Wpformb.com Virus - How to remove

Wpformb.com is a virus site that spams pop-up ads to all the people who have allowed notifications. It has been active for months, advertised mostly on alternative (pirate) stream sites like Kissanime and Swatchseries. Wpformb.com works on desktop and mobile devices. Its ads are really annoying because they appear relentlessly, and they’re also potentially dangerous.

On Wpformb.com virus in short:

Type of threat Adware,

browser hijacker.

Wpformb.com virus symptoms If your browser, notification pop-ups appear constantly and are labeled with “Wpformb.com”.
Causes of the virus Misleading redirect ads from streaming sites to Wpformb.com,

search result ads for Wpformb.com that promise unlimited HD streaming,

malicious applications or notifications messing with your browser.

Stop the pop-up ads Block notifications from Wpformb.com,

scan your computer with an antivirus program (Combo Cleaner for Mac, SpyHunter for PC, etc.),

uninstall bad programs, apps, and extensions.

How Wpformb.com starts sending you notifications

Wpformb.com is a website and it is purely a browser problem. Whether you’re on your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet – the browser is mostly the same: it displays webpages, saves your favorite links, and it can show notifications from websites.

Some sites are honest – they offer notifications to you honestly and they only use them for things like new emails, new posts, or flash sale updates. But other sites, like Wpformb.com, misuse them to send endless advertisements.

This starts happening when you visit Wpformb.com and agree to its notifications. Wpformb.com is opened often by ads on alternative streaming websites (which are already pretty infamous for spreading malware). Wpformb.com shows a picture of a loading video and tells visitors that they must accept notifications to watch it.

This is kind of like if Amazon was showing ads for fake Amazon sites or something. Of course people are tricked – they often don’t realize that they’re on another website. Wpformb.com has absolutely no video content and can’t pay any videos, but because streaming sites forward to it, it looks like it’s the same site still.

Don’t ever trust sites that ask you to allow notifications to access a file, a video, or some other content. Or, if you do, immediately block them afterward.

Another possibility is search results ads. We can see from web analytics that some of the people who visit Wpformb.com have got the Searchdimension or Searchmulty hijacker in their browser. These alternative search engines are installed by various malicious browser extensions. They often advertise adware and Wpformb.com may have appeared as a search results ad – boasting of HD streaming and unlimited downloads.

Wpformb.com pretends to be a streaming site.

How are Wpformb.com ads dangerous?

Beyond just being incredibly annoying, Wpformb.com’s ads are not safe. There are a few examples of content that this site advertises:

  • adult sites,
  • gambling sites,
  • medical items,
  • investment scams,
  • fake surveys and competitions,
  • other adware.

Basically, Wpformb.com (as well as Worldmylife.info, Download-alert.com, and others) is a platform for those advertisers whose content is too dangerous to be accepted by mainstream networks, such as Facebook ads. Normal and safe ads, like Aliexpress, make it on there, but a lot of the content is potentially dangerous.

Many adult sites that Wpformb.com promotes have no checks for age or anything, so opening these ads at work would be pretty bad. And the ads are often disguised as, for example, a new email, so it’s easy to open them by accident. Then there are the gambling sites that don’t check for age and are really vulnerable to fraud. Fake giveaways that are designed to steal from your credit card. Fake news stories and fake testimonies that lure vulnerable people to invest their savings in a scam.

Don’t trust any of the ads from Wpformb.com because some very effective scams use this virus site to spread.

How to stop Wpformb.com pop-ups

To stop any pop-up ads from Wpformb.com, you need to do this:

  • access your browser’s site notification settings,
  • find the list of all the sites that can send you updates,
  • find Wpformb.com and open its options,
  • choose “Block”, “Disable”, or a similar option (depends on your browser),
  • find other addresses that can send you notifications but you don’t want them to – block them a well.

You can find the notifications section by following these instructions:

  • Chrome – type “chrome://settings/content/notifications” in the address box.
  • Safari – in the Safari menu, choose Preferences, Websites, Notifications.
  • Edge – open Settings, Advanced settings, Notifications, Manage.
  • Firefox – type “about:preferences#content” in the address bar, find the Notifications section.

After this, scan your computer with your antivirus program, or with something like Combo Cleaner for Mac OS or SpyHunter for Windows. If you find a suspicious program or browser extension, remove it.

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