Vista Anti-virus 2011 - How To Remove?

Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware

Vista Anti-virus 2011 is scam software, which is also called Vista Anti-virus. Security experts warn that it may also have names Win 7 Anti-virus 2011 or XP Anti-virus 2011 because it belongs to the dangerous group of rogues that act according to OS found running on the infected machine. The malicious activity of Vista Anti-virus is based on making users believe that they have no option and have to purchase the licensed’ software if they want to save their machines. Malware will start triggering falsified system scanners that report multiple infections detected and then will suggest the way of their elimination. Have no doubt that you MUST ignore its alerts and remove Vista Anti-virus which is a dangerous cyber threat.

In addition to fake system scanners, Vista Anti-virus 2011 will also display misleading messages that all will claim that your computer is infected and under the risk of malware. By stating that these viruses are trying to steal your private information, malware may simply push its victims into paying for its fake license. Keep in mind that these alerts are fake:

Vista Anti-virus Firewall Alert
Vista Anti-virus has blocked a program from accessing the internet
Internet Explorer is infected with Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen
Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.

Stealth intrusion!
Infection detected in the background. Your computer is now attacked by spyware and rogue software. Eliminate the infection safely, perform a security scan and deletion now.

Vista Anti-virus 2011 may also hijack your IE and start redirections to its websites that also offer to purchase the same license. However, the real purpose is to get you money and also private information such as credit card details or passwords as well. It goes without saying that Vista Anti-virus offers no PC protection option and will additionally make things worse. It can only display fake warning notifications and run absolutely fabricated scanners that slow down your system and make it vulnerable:

System Hijack!
System security threat was detected. Viruses and/or spyware may be damaging your system now. Prevent infection and data loss or stealing by running a free security scan.

Privacy threat!
Spyware intrusion detected. Your system is infected. System integrity is at risk. Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords. Click here to perform a security repair.

When trying to remove Vista Anti-virus, you may find yourself prevented from installing legitimate and reputable anti-spyware and running it in order to clean the system. So, use this registration code posted by Xylitol: 1147-175591-6550. Just remember that additionally you should read this Vista Anti-virus 2011 removal guide run a reputable anti-spyware (spyhunter is recommended) to kill this scamware completely. If you have already purchased it or any other its relative, contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.


Automatic Vista Anti-virus 2011 removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove Vista Anti-virus 2011 , such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


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52 thoughts on “Vista Anti-virus 2011

  1. The 3-letter file name I got was LKB.EXE.

    I had non problem removing in the register. Make sure to do a complete search in registry entries.

  2. Simply run system restore if your using vista. Why oh why can’t our government execute the assholes who write these viruses?

  3. I can’t even access the internet on my laptop now because the virus blocks it every time. How do I get rid of it without spyware?

  4. AA use the code. Then reboot to safe mode with networking and disable proxy server. OR use another user account on PC.

  5. Hi there, I followed your instructions but was unable to disable the problem…my computer got crazy over the scan you suggested and now can’t locate or execute any programs…another forum said NOT to perform a system restore that this is a no no. I wanted to let you know for your viewers sake that this doesn’t work to get rid of Vista Antivirus 2011…thanks.

  6. Carlie: You will have to restore exe file associations. The malware might be gone now. find regedit, right-click on it and then run it as administrator. Delete/modify keys in guide

  7. I managed to stop the processes and I think I deleted the right files but every time i try to run regedit it starts back up again and I can’t get onto the registry. I don’t know if this is because I’m doing it the Start>search>run>regedit way or if there’s something else wrong. Is there any other way to open the registry without activating the process?

  8. Mine was easy, I noticed everytime i killed this strange 3 letter exe file in task manager the anoying icon in my syatray would go away, then come right back. so i searched the registry for it and sure enough there it was under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.exe keys and deleted the entry every where i found it. that seemed to stop it from comming back and i now can use my browser.

  9. With my modem turned off I clicked on the activasion tab . I let the page load to the detect network problems page of the iexplorer browser I then clicked on properties to get the site that it was going to . I then wrote the site down . I made sure that my system was ok again and then went to and looked up the site info .

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    Rotterdam,Zuid-Holland,NL 3016DK

  10. I had this happen to me last night. I don’t have that much saved on my computer so I freaked and put the recovery disk in and restored it to factory settings. So far, no sign of it. Did the recovery disk get rid of any viruses it put on my system? I did NOT purchase the program, so is my personal info safe, or do I need to check all my bank and credit card accounts to be sure? I am so upset over this!

  11. Hi I suffered from the virus and now my laptop refuses to boot up with an error showing read error occurred every time I restart I get the same message any suggestions?

  12. First of all I wanted to let you know I am not a tech person. I do not have enough knowledge about computers so please bear with me. I had this problem a few hours ago 🙁 I panicked and I don’t remember what I clicked. I knew I had to stop the thing from scanning all these false ‘viruses’ etc. I disconnected my internet connection and I tried to run my anti-malware and my anti-virus. It did run after so many tries while I see these ‘security alerts’ keep on popping up on my screen. I was able to restart my computer after 4 hours and when I logged back in it was gone. Now I’m worried if it is completely gone?

  13. @K’Yera

    I was also able to restore to an earlier date and that seemed to work. So far no sign of it. I have the full version of a virus software and wonder how come this was not found!

  14. Tried to delete the entry in the registry and stopped the running .exe file in the Task Manager, did not help, even in ‘safe mode’. Restoring to an earlier restore point stopped this malware. I was running Windows Defender before, now I installed the Internet Security version from Avast, hope that this works better!

  15. I installed microsoft windows essentials, once installed it will update and a scan will be performed right after. Microsoft security essentials will detect this virus and will remove it from your box.

  16. I cannot get onto the Internet at all… My computer pops up with vista anti-virus 2011. How do i remove this considering i can’t get online AT ALL!

  17. Vista anti-virus2011 make my laptop crashed. I can not open web browser now.
    How many more victims due to this criminal act? Why the government let these criminals make the great damages to the whole society?

  18. i got this stupid virus last night. has anyone had any personal details hacked/stolen???? i’m really worried.

  19. There is a way to get online once this virus takes over the system. It is by trying to send a word document by email through the Microsoft Word Menu. Internet Explorer then opens up and this is the only way to get the browser to open for access to the internet that I’ve found.

  20. OK, I got rid of it. Malwarebytes Anti-maleware was on my computer but the virus wouldn’t allow me to open it. I was able to right-click on the program and click start to get it started and do a search and only 1 registry problem was found, removed it with one click, system restarted and problem solved.

  21. I had this problem and the virus would not allow me to access the internet to download the spyware removal(i used spybot, it worked excellent) however it would allow me access to my email. So from my other computer i downloaded the executable file and emailed it to myself. However most email services, including mine will not allow the user to email executable files because they often contain viruses.So i had to trick the email into thinking it was not an exe file. To do this on vista, open up the classic view of control panel, click on folder options, click the view tab, and then uncheck the box that reads “Hide extensions for known file types”. You will now be able to change the name of the file that may originally read program.exe to program.exe1. You will now be able to email it to yourself and then simply change it back to program.exe on the infected computer and run the program to remove the virus. Hope this helps

  22. Hi, I think I’ve got rid of the virus as the warning pop ups have stopped but now all sorts of odd things have happened, e.g. the left and right keypad buttons on my laptop have been reversed and when I click on the mouse menu in control panel it says the application does not exist. If i click on internet explorer (or virtually anything else) it asks me which program I want to open it with and won’t let me use them. I tried to go on system restore, but it did the same thing. Also, when i tried to search in a search engine, it typed the words back to front. I’m not good with computers and very confused.

  23. It blocked everything on my PC, even in Safe mode with net ….and i mean EVERYTHING.. BUT u can use this serial 1147-175591-6550 to upgrade “vista antivirus 2011” manual. Its not gone but u can use ur Brower etc. to download a Software to remove it …. it seems like its gone. I used Spybot

  24. Ok, spyware doctor, what is going on here? I just bought your program, because you advertise on this page that it gets rid of the visa antivirus 2011. So far, no good. Why on earth do you advertise here if you can’t solve the problem? I don’t want to jump through all sorts of hoops to solve this. I already did that. I just want to push a f*cking button on your program and have this problem solved. That is what I paid for, and that is what you advertised!

  25. Alex
    Contact PC Tools support at – if it is a new version of malware, they will help you with custom fix, if they cant – money back time.
    We do not work at PC Tools ourselves, and we never recommend purchasing ANY program if it can’t detect parasites in free mode and does not show exact file locations where parasites are located.

  26. Admin, I used the registration code for the manual registration and this did get rid of all the pop ups and unwanted messages but I still have the program in my computer. I already ran several scans and got rid of the trojans but the program is still there. I can’t find the files to uninstall it or detect it with my antivirus. Can you help me?

  27. Chris : Try running other anti-malware programs (EEK, MBAM, Hitman), or post hijackthis/hijackfree log in contact box in this website.

  28. first used AVG to remove worms and the restored to an earlier date. It had hijacked my window defender and window fire wall icons. You click on the and this malware would open.

  29. Can anyone tell me where to enter the registration code (1147-175591-6550)? Every time I try to access the registration page, Internet Explorer can’t seem to load it. I would like to get rid of this virus without having to download any spyware removal software, and was hoping to disable it using the code, but I have no idea where I’m supposed to enter this.

    Please help, I’ve never messed around with things like registry keys and I’m worried I’ll do something wrong!

  30. Sorry, I was commenting on Candice P’s post. Charged my account 59.95 and never even downloaded. Took both my laptop and desktop to my “computer wiz” to have this removed and swept. Does anyone know how to contact these people and get money back?

  31. @admin
    I can’t get remove vista anti-virus 2012. i tried to restore from an earlier date but i didno dates in the past. can i still restore? u know a way to get the virus off? i can’t track what these other guy’s sayin. lament terms plz.

  32. After stopping the virus from task manager and removing it from my computer, all of my .exe files stopped working. New .exe files won’t work either, I’ve tried downloading the recommended program to fix them from the Windows site. Well, they are all in .exe files.

  33. Well I thought that spyware doctor was free… Is it dangerous if I purchase spyware doctor while my computer is infected? Or can deleting those registry things work just as well? If so, where do I find those at?

  34. Quoux: SD is legitimate anti-malware program. So it is not dangerous, you can also check the files it detects and remove the infection manually.

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