Quick Searcher Miner Trojan - How to remove

Quick Searcher belongs to the same category of disturbing online threats like Soft Cores Miner. However, this article will focus on a miner which is distributed through an extension for Google Chrome browser. This strategy is not unheard of, but it is one of the novelties we are yet to fully examine. Just recently, we investigated the first crypto-miner which was distributed via chrome extension. Now, vicious developers are continuing to pursue this trend by producing a new malicious add-on.

More thorough analysis of Quick Searcher Miner

This Quick Searcher rogue extension works similarly to the first mining-extension called SafeBrowse. Both of them deliver CoinHive miner and begin mining Monero crypto-currency. If you open your Task Manager, you should notice that a disturbingly-high amount of CPU resources is being utilized by your browsing application. This trait is clearly suggesting a flaw in your operating system. It will be especially evident if you have very few programs running and your Task Manager is still indicating a high usage of CPU. Security researchers are even comparing mining malware tools to ransomware infections (#).

Quick Searcher miner

Quick Searcher Miner Trojan might display a small message at the bottom of your browsing window: “Our extension uses your CPU power to mine crypto currency. By continuing to use the extension, you are agreeing with the rules”. This means you should check the list of active add-ons. If you notice Quick Searcher extension, please hurry up and remove it.

As we have always reminded our users, crypto-mining is a legitimate activity if program or website owners receive consent from users to initiate it. If this permission is not granted, then the mining occurs without approval and users are not informed of it (Cryptojacking lets strangers mine). This is the same for Quick Searcher extension: it does not inform its potential clients about a crypto-miner. Crypto-Loot is another miner that might compromise your browsing experience.

Users are informed about a miner after it is injected. This is not an appropriate method of delivering crypto-miners. You might think that it is no big deal that your CPU resources will be used for mining. However, you will soon notice that this feature is complicating your browsing activities.
Infected browsers will require more time to be launched.

Also, the active windows can frequently freeze because of Quick Searcher mining malware. In fact, the entire browser might crash. If you regularly launch a multitude of programs, your it will be very difficult to switch from one to another. Overall, the device will function more slowly than usual and you should try to notice such changes in your operating system. To address the problem of growing number of crypto-miners, Google has explained to have a solution in their mind. The corporation plans to develop a permission to block crypto-miners and put an end to in-browser mining Trojans.

Put a stop to crypto-miners and other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)

Currently, users can block crypto-miners via AdBlockers. This is a very convenient feature to consider if you do not want to have your CPU resources exploited for illegal purposes. In addition to this, some antivirus programs are also starting to feature miner-blockers. If Google succeeds and provides users with an ability to block miner, then avoiding these vicious Trojans will be way easier.

On the other hand, you might be offered to install a malicious or potentially unwanted tool via Setup Wizard of another program. Choose advanced/custom modes to be able to properly review the installation process. If additional programs or browser extensions are proposed, please refuse them.

This is one of the easiest ways to transmit low-quality or malicious products. In some cases, crypto-miners can be delivered thanks to bundling strategies. Please read EULA and Privacy Policy documents to be guaranteed that no malicious activity will take place after a specific tool is installed. For more protection, install Spyhunter and trust to find malware threats.

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