Personal Internet Security 2011 - How to remove

Personal Internet Security 2011

Personal Internet Security 2011 is useless and even dangerous application which is foolishly presented as a powerful security software, capable to protect your PC. However, in reality this software should be classified as rogue anti-spyware which just like Personal Security Sentinel, Internet Antivirus 2011, Internet Security Suite will do its best to steal your money and infect your computer with more cyber threats like trojans, worms and others. It’s definitely dedicated not for computer’s security but for ripping people off by selling its fake license. The trial version of PersonalInternetSecurity2011 applies dishonest methods for its secret infiltration into the targeted computer and then will do many tricky things trying to gain successful purchases of its license. Malware is usually distributed through trojans, so it is capable enough to get on the computer unnoticeably via security vulnerabilities found.

When it’s inside and active, Personal Internet Security 2011 surprises everyone with common features of other rogue anti-spywares what means that it will classically show numerous alerts and pop-up ads telling that your machine is full of malware. All these exaggerated spyware detection reports will be popping up every time your PC is rebooted and then will notify about upcoming malware attack you are incapable to handle unless you purchase the licensed full version of Personal Internet Security 2011 software. You should bear in mind that though this program seems to be a legit antivirus and anti-spyware thing, in reality it is the only malware that needs to be removed. This commercial project aims to get unaware people into paying the money and then leave them with more viruses. However, in reality it reports files that drops just after infiltration, like: %UserProfile%\Recent\DBOLE.exe, %UserProfile%\Recent\delfile.sys, %UserProfile%\Recent\fan.dll, %UserProfile%\Recent\grid.sys, %UserProfile%\Recent\kernel32.exe, %UserProfile%\Recent\kernel32.sys. To convince them that they are infected, scam displays this type of alerts and warning messages:

Warning! Virus detected
Threat Detected: Trojan-Spy.HTML.Sunfraud.a

In should be clear that Personal Internet Security2011 is not capable of detecting or exterminating any malware because it has no antivirus engine. The only thing what can be done is triggering worthless ads that should scare people into thinking their computers are in danger. If you have problems connected with this utility, make sure you remove Personal Internet Security 2011 as soon as possible. These recommendations given below should help you to handle and remove infection called Personal Internet Security 2011 without wasting any time.

To remove Personal Internet Security 2011, try this registration code to disable this scam: U2FD-S2LA-H4KA-UEPB. Additionally, it is highly recommended scanning with a reputable anti-spyware tool, like spyhunter, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Hitman Pro. If you decide to remove Personal Internet Security 2011 using a manual removal guide below, reboot into safe mode at first and then search for its files to delete each of them one by one. Then reboot, download protection software like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or full version of spyhunter to avoid more infections on your PC.

Note: Personal Internet Security 2011 may also disable you from the Internet, so check your proxy settings if you find problems: Choose Tools menu and select Internet Options, Connections, Lan Settings and uncheck the box labeled β€œUse a proxy server for your LAN”

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

Removal guides in other languages

63 responses to “Personal Internet Security 2011

  1. I downloaded Spyware Doctor but it won’t open either just like my other spyware programs

  2. I just started getting the pop ups saying I have trojans and other viruses on my computer from “Personal Internet Security 2011”. I am running my AVG…will it recognize this crap and take it off my computer or will I need to do something more? I just don’t know what to trust right now so I am asking serveral sources….thank you for your help.

  3. I restored my pc to early am before PIS 2011 came into my life, then upgraded my webroot and ran a scan. Took 2 hours to run the scan but it seemed to take care of the Pesty Intrusive Stalker of 2011! πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone and thanks for the advise.

  4. Hi
    Had Personal Internet Security 2011 on my system,and it was driveing me nuts poping up all over the place with everything described in the article above.I eventually Email them with a nasty mail asking them to remove there pop-ups two days ago. They were reluctant to do so, telling me they would stop when the viruses was sorted out(which I dont have any), meaning that I should purchase one of their products to stop the pop-ups.I had to send them a second Email telling them I had no intention of buying any product from them and I wnted their stuff off my system. When I started up to day to check my mail,Personal Internet Security 2011 seems to have disappeared.Their Icon is gone andthe pop-ups are gone. Hope that’s the end of it.
    Happy New Year every one

  5. I was afflicted on 30th December, while I was on line. I tried to install Spyware Doctor, as recommended, but it failed because PIS2011 was not on the list of programs for uninstalling, although it was on the list (twice) accessed from the start menu and the shield with cross was in the bar at bottom left. Following Mary’s (No6) method of System Restore to 29th seems to have been effective. Thank you for your very helpful site.

  6. Chris: Do a rescan (with updated softwares, not only spyware doctor) after system restore. System restore might leave trojan downloader that caused infection in first place, especially on XP (it is a bit better on Win 7).

  7. I need help with is everything I try does not work!!! Have tried restoring back to previou date and tried using SpyDoctor….Please help me get away from this!

  8. Have you tried scanning in safe mode with networking? Do not forget to update all tools before scan. If it fails, scan with malwarebytes or Hitman Pro, then rescan with SD.

  9. Version 7 of SD (link above) works with other antiviruses. Version 8 (alternate download link) did not worked well with antiviruses due to deeper integration of antivirus module into itself.

  10. Personal Internet Security 2011 showed up several days ago and actually killed Norton antivirus. I had to remove Norton and reload. I had to download and install Norton Power Eraser before I could finally remove the malware from my system. Powere Eraser is free from the Norton website, but should be used cautiously. It can remove files associated with legitimate programs.

  11. Last night I began getting pop ups of Personal Internet Sec. 2011. I googled, Did f8…safe mode and all the steps I was told to do and it is still here. Any suggestions?

  12. I tried to find this virus on the McAfee site, but with no luck. Does anyone know the official name of the virus or is it even in the definitions yet?

  13. It belongs to FakeVimes malware family. It might be marked as Win32/FakeVimes as well. However, this is name of family, but not a single parasite. Also, I am not sure that Mafee uses the same naming scheme for this family.

  14. I had a really difficult time getting rid of this one because every time I deleted the files and rebooted my computer, the files and even the desktop icon returned. What I finally did was open the control panel and create a System Restore Point. This did the trick in about 5 minutes. Wish I had thought of it about 3 hour and 2 Tylenols earlier πŸ™‚

  15. I am receiving a pop-up again and again from the “Personal Internet Security 2011” “Warning!Identity Theft Attempt Detected.” I already know that this is a scam. How can I remove this pop-up from my computer?

  16. I started getting these this morning while on the internet. I was not able to delete any of it but it does seem like a system restore worked after updating my mcAfee. Thanks for being here!

  17. I have the same problems as everyone else.

    I downloaded Spyware Doctor but it won’t open, as others have mentioned.

    The solution is supposed to be:
    – reboot into safe mode with networking and run SD from there.
    – Do not forget to update all tools before scan.
    – If it fails, scan with malwarebytes or Hitman Pro, then rescan with SD.

    I am a novice and don’t know what this means. Is it possible to get details of this? Thank you.

  18. ok now let me make sure I am getting this right. I paid 79 bucks for a lifetime internet protection that is actually a lifetime virus? This is rediculous. You are telling me I need to get rid of this?? How?

  19. i have put the code in stated as above and it was successful does this mean i have personal internet security as i don’t want this rubbish

  20. I have windows xp with microsoft office 2003. I was surfing about and don’t know exactly what I clicked on but I cannot ge the (PIS) Personal Internet Security 2011 pop ups off my pc. I want to chose the safest removel option, can you please advise me of your suggestion?

    Thank you.


  21. Safest? Would be either trying system restore and / or removal tools recommended : Spyware Doctor, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, etc.

  22. i recently had removed this program manually, deleted the reg. keys and now its gone but when i try to bring up the task manager it doesnt pop up, i tried running it by cmd and alt shift esc. is there a way to enable task manger again?

  23. My wife’s laptop succumbed to this – spent 3 hours trying to get it off as it was stopping Spyware Doctor from running, even in safe mode.
    Finally downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and that solved the problem with a single scan.

  24. I’ve just entered the registration code to disable it (as given above) and it WORKED!
    Thank you very much!

  25. @Kevin Casiano
    I had this problem and found that malwarebytes (free edition) located a whole bunch of registry hijacks and removed them – then task manager worked again.

  26. Went to the file location of the personal internet security and renamed all go. No internet access as well. Downloaded Malware bytes thru a differnt laptop and installed in the affected system. Did basic scan and removed all affevted files. Internet works. Then again tried to update !! Then again the basic scan and found additional affected files removed great…

  27. @terry

    Dude, I’m sorry but I really have to: ROFLMAO, LOL, OMG this is the funnies sh*t I’ve heard this month.

    Yes, you’ve just submitted payment to someone unknown who distributes this virus and who now maybe will try to clean up your credit card. It’s ok, don’t panic. Call your card and stop that payment, if necessary request another credit card and cancel this one.

    If all cleaning methods described here will not work you’ll need to re-install Windows from scratch (or, in your case, you’ll need someone who can re-install Windows from scratch for you, as you don’t know anything about computers). Many computers now have build-in restore partition that will restore your system to original factory defaults. You may need to call your computer maker or you’ll need a local computer guy (we’re rear breed nowadays). Good luck

  28. thanks for all the good advice i had personal internet sec 2011, so i download malwarebytes free edition and ran scan and i put it in quarantine along with several other viruses. up to now my computer is running as it was before and thanks to all again.

  29. Ok so for the not so IT person which one of these should I use… I downloaded adware but after the 2011 took over so I can now not use any anti spy ware even in safe mode with networking…

    Setting my computer back in time.. would that work? Then running adware?
    What is this code I am seeing used, and where do a place that code to make it stop?

    I can not print from my computer and as the day goes on I get no internet connection at all…

    Help freakin Help

  30. @Ralph

    I went to the customer support portion of Personal Internet 2011 and asked them how to uninstall it. They sent me a email with a uninstall path. It worked,

  31. I tryed & tryed. but Personal Internet Security 2011, keep blocking the downlaod.
    Note I am on a LAN
    got a better way to get that bug off

    without pay a standover man like PCcillen

  32. I ve got the pis now….. what should I doo??? What is sd?? πŸ™
    @bill: can you please post it here??? Please…

    Thanks…. urgently need help:(

  33. I am aged and disabled. I used the internet for news and enjoyment. Then pops up are showing up and I could not delete them. My computer was frozen the whole day. I have no internet connection at all. Personal Internet Security 2011 is in my system. I am glad at around 12:00 midnight I was able to open my internet. Still pop ups kept showing up and the sound is killing me. I am low income and I could not get an IT to help me. Kindly help me to get rid of the PIS 2011, for it makes me more sicker. Your kind attention on this problem would be truly appreciated. Lulu Trayvilla

  34. IT WORKED !!!!!!Go to customer “live chat” in support- I had to wait 5 minutes; he sent me a link to uninstall…told me tu run and reboot… seems to have worked!

  35. great…not even an hour after removing it; I have another one … this one I have no idea how to get to support….. I want to purchase software (from Office Depot); what will work to stop this from happening?

  36. Tough luck: you got trojan downloader. If you remove parasite manually, or with uninstaller, you have to scan with decent anti-malware tool to get rid of trojans that distribute them in first place.

  37. I am another victim. I have downloaded SP, but it does not want to run. I have Windows 7. I also have Kaspersky, it did not pick it up. How do I get rid of this? PLease help!

  38. Fun stuff .. i have 3 users infected by it.
    Managed to remove it manually – but now they cannot surf the internet – all pages appear ‘unable to connect’.

    Anyone have an idea on how to fix?

  39. Thanks..
    Another alternative that worked : delete user profile..
    Takes time to put back all – but crapware is gone πŸ™‚

  40. im stuck out with my pc.. πŸ™ i want to know how can i remove infectted files and how to speedup my internet ??

  41. i no longer have a connection to the internet through my desktop. i cant still access the internet through my laptop though. so how am i supposed to download this malware protection with no internet connection? ive tried deleting files and the desktop icon, but no use. even with restarting multiple times they are still there.

  42. suppose I had erased some of the virus, and yet, can’t get rid of the rest.
    I had tried to install a newer version of AVG but, cant due to the ‘rest’ of that virus. please help me!!!

  43. @shreya
    same with me, Im stuck out on my PC. mouse and keyborad not working πŸ™
    i tried run from safe mode but nothing happen. HOW CAN I DO ? please help

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