Pconverter.com virus - How to remove

Pconverter.com virus is regarded as a browser hijacker, created by Mindspark Interactive. These creators control a lot of browser extensions like TaxCenterNow, CryptoPriceSearch and MyImageConverter. As soon as people activated these toolbars in their Google Chrome browsers, they can notice that their previously selected home pages, default search providers and new tab pages are replaced by slightly modified versions of Hp.myway.com search engine.

PConverter Toolbar is a browser hijacker by Mindspark Interactive

Pconverter.com hijacker is not a new cyber threat: it first emerged in 2012. However, the parasite continues to achieve success, and in 2018, this hijacker is the most active in Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany and India. Therefore, people from these countries might be exposed to unwanted Pconverter toolbar and its deceptive activities. For instance, users’ browsing could be interrupted by malware-laden advertisements that are designed to trick people into installing unwanted programs. Additionally, people could be tracked: browsing activities, bookmarks, recent search queries and other details could be exploited for the purpose of creating personalized advertising campaigns (How does user tracking work?).

Pconverter.com virus

The file-converting feature is very common for products by Mindspark Interactive. They have created such browser extensions like ConvertDocsNow, Allin1Convert and FromDocToPDF toolbars. All of them are similar to Pconverter add-on, and we do not think that one company should produce so many apps that are designed to provide very comparable features. Even though it might seem that Pconverter.com virus will only bother users of the Google Chrome, some users of Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers have also reported to have inadvertently downloaded it.

By completing search queries thru the Pconverter.com hijacker, you might be introduced to a lot of sponsored links. In the results page, it is no surprise that users will notice links to unknown third-party services that are placed at the top of other links. Our concern is that some of these promoted links are going to lead you to low-quality services or even phishing scams (6 Common Phishing Attacks and How to Protect Against Them). You will receive more trustworthy results from Google or other more reliable search platform.

Additionally, if you decide to use the converting features of PConverter toolbar, the files you upload are not encrypted. As you might be aware of already, data which is not encrypted is very easy to steal. In the EULA document of Mindspark, we found this alarming statement:

“This site does not use encryption measures for photos or information you upload. Therefore, information and photos that you upload by use of this site (as with any site that is non-encrypted), potentially could be collected and used by others. This may result in use of such information by third parties for their own purposes, legal or illegal. While we strive to protect your personal information and photos, Mindspark cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information or photos you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk”.

Methods used to spread this Pconverter.com malware parasite

Users might be recommended to install PConverter toolbar during their browsing. Advertising banners, containing recommendations to download this browser extension, could be presented almost to anyone. Therefore, we hope that you won’t decide to get the suggested add-on, especially if it is created by Mindspark. This company seems legitimate, but the facts that they use deceptive means of distribution and do not offer properly-secured features, makes us doubt the respectability of these tools. In addition to these warnings, please be careful installation of other freeware programs. In some cases, you might be recommended to change your browsers’ preferences to PcConverter.com hijacker.

After discussing the features of the PConverter toolbar, we are moving onto its removal. First of all, open the list of active plugins in your browser. If you see extensions that are related to Mindspark, remove them. However, it could be that the browser hijacker will continue to haunt you even after you remove the PConverter plugin. If this happens, please run a scan with Spyhunter. This anti-malware tool will find all suspicious files in your computer device and will offer their quick removal.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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