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AssistEngine is new adware attacking Mac computers and causing far more troubles than users could ever imagine. Of course, the creators of this utility claim that enabling its features will essentially improve the web browsing experience and will deliver more relevant search results. Considering the description and the design, AssistEngine may look useful and worth trying. Nevertheless, it is reported as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware by several anti-virus programs and computer-related blogs and forums. These are the typical reasons why such classification is correct:

  • installation without the user’s permission;
  • displaying intrusive ads beyond the user’s control;
  • causing unwanted browser redirections to random pages;
  • tracking browsing activities and collecting personal details.

AssistEngine actually resembles TechNetSearch, TaskFresh and NameSync. They are all united by the same purpose of generating the revenue for their developers and distributors. Instead of helping people find relevant information on the web, these programs create various obstacles for people whenever they try to find the required information online. Additionally, AssistEngine extremely diminishes the system performance and causes high CPU usage on a continuous basis. Removing the application immediately is the only correct solution in this case.

Main symptoms of AssistEngine.

Upon successful installation, AssistEngine begins its annoying activities by permanently injecting unsolicited ads into the attacked browsers. This automatically injects numerous coupons, banners, pop-ups and other forms of promoting certain content. The advertisements are typically brought by means of several tools that make it possible to integrate the third-party graphical content into practically all the websites visited by the people. This means that the intrusive ads will normally overlay other important content without making it possible to concentrate on the important information.

Misleading pop-ups promoted by AssistEngine

Furthermore, AssistEngine continuously redirects the browser to many dangerous pages and may also execute malicious scripts that result in subsequent download and installation of various malicious programs. This fact actually means that performing a single click with the mouse may be extremely risky and may eventually cause infiltration of many dangerous utilities. The group of the adware-type app to which AssistEngine belongs also permanently gathers a lot of private information about the user, for example, the URL of the visited websites, viewed pages, submitted search queries and other private information related to the web browsing. The danger of such data tracking is that the information may be easily shared with third-party companies that will illegally manipulate it. This may result in privacy issues or even cause identity theft. Considering these negative side effects related to AssistEngine, removing the program is the only correct decision.

How did AssistEngine end up on your Mac?

It is important to understand the main leaks through which the AssistEngine adware gets installed today in order to prevent the further unauthorized injection of malicious programs. The research of several ad-type programs reveals that they are typically promoted through the following channels:

  • bundling with other free programs;
  • interconnection with cracked software through P2P resources (torrent downloads);
  • hacked websites containing malicious scripts that stealthily inject malware.

Your personal caution while installing cost-free software matters a lot. You need to be very careful to read the documentation associated with the programs you intend to install, making sure there are no other extra programs suggested in addition to the main application of your choice. Take time to read the EULAs (End User License Agreements) and other details mentioned during the setup process. It is a good idea to switch to the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation mode where you may easily uncheck all the unwanted programs from being installed by default. This is the best way to keep your system free of any junk programs like AssistEngine.

How to uninstall AssistEngine completely?

Taking into consideration the fact that AssistEngine is the adware attacking Mac computers only, you should, first of all, inspect all your available Mac applications. Locate AssistEngine in the list and remove it manually by moving the program into the Trash. Additionally, we recommend you to examine your available browser extension and profiles in the “System Preferences” section. Delete the items that look suspicious, especially if you do not remember installing them directly.

The fact that AssistEngine was brought through bundling with some free utilities means that it may be not the only unwanted software on your Mac. Sometimes it is easy to find other PUPs in the list, whereas there are cases when the adware works stealthily in the background without providing you with any working uninstaller. We recommend you to examine your Mac with the reliable anti-virus software, such as Spyhunter or Combo-Cleaner, for proper identification and deletion of other threats that may continue their negative impact on the computer performance.

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