Allegedly based in Cyprus, Polarity Technologies LTD is a company responsible for distributing a great number of PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). Most of malware released by this company can be categorised as browser hijackers - they all look pretty similar and have the same purpose, i.e. to hijack new tab on various web browsers. Searches submitted to those websites usually are tracked and users using infected browsers can get redirected to other websites randomly. Full list of malware by Polarity Technologies LTD can be seen below: Redirect is a privacy-conscious search engine. It’s usually spread by a browser extension called Encrypted Search. It’s extremely similar to but separate from¬†, another privacy search engine. Some people find that when they attempt to use Google, DDG, Bing, or another search engine, they’re always redirected to That’s because a potentially unwanted browser extension … Continued Browser Hijacker is the name of a browser hijacker that can take over your Internet browser and cause all sorts of inconvenience. In fact, it is not only inconvenient but dangerous as well – keeping installed on your computer can lead to some cyber security problems, such as leaked data or computer infected with other … Continued Hijacker

File conversion is useful for people who work a lot with documents, but installing a browser extension to help with regular file conversion is not a good idea. Especially when that extension is Free Converter Hub, an extension that forces the page on the users, causes them to see more ads than before, and … Continued

TheCookingClub Hijacker

“Search TheCookingClub” being displayed in your address bar, your searches being redirected to Yahoo, and unwanted pop-up ads being shown to you are all symptoms of a mild malware infection. Browser hijacker — that’s the label given to applications like TheCookingClub. TheCookingClub hijacks your address bar to direct your searches to the Yahoo search engine. … Continued Hijacker might not look like much but it is a part of an insidious trend of unintrusive little add-ons¬†hijacking our browsers to force us to visit certain websites and collect data about our activity online. Our web browsers are amazing programs which allow us to interact with the internet for everything from chatting with friends … Continued

View Recipes For Free

View Recipes For Free — the extension that sets as your home page. This extension is classified as a browser hijacker by some, as adware by others. View Recipes For Free infiltrates people’s browsers by pretending to be a harmless and useful add-on, then takes control of which sites you visit and fills them … Continued Hijacker always appears on your new tab page? That can mean only one thing – your computer is infected with malware and the web browser you are using is hijacked. Even though it might look like not a very serious threat, you should definitely take it seriously because operating on your computer might lead … Continued New Tab Search is presented by its developers as the extension providing you with a chance to find name meanings, family history, and even your ancestry. These features are part of its Family Tree Builder tool. Additionally, the extension shows weather forecasts and the latest news. The services by may become interesting for some people, however, … Continued

PDF Converter by Safely

PDF Converter by Safely is a hijacker promoted by means of adware installed in your computer right now. PDF Converter by Safely specifically attacks Google Chrome. It is classified as a browser hijacker because it modifies a lot of default parameters, such as the home page and search engine settings. It is additionally involved in … Continued virus stands for a fictitious search engine that promises to furnish its users with more rapid searches and more relevant search results. It is promoted by means of the Earth And Satellite Maps extension that claims to help you find the information based on Earth and Satellite Maps by giving you access to some GPS … Continued Virus seems like a regular, reliable web service, but in reality, it is a filthy computer virus that you should avoid at all costs. Actually, website is just a consequence of a malware, which operates as a browser add-on and is called Free Converter Hub. It is supposed to take care of your files … Continued Browser Hijacker is a website that might appear on the new tab page on your web browser out of nowhere. Usually, it is a result of malicious extension actively operating on your computer. To be more exact it is a browser hijacker developed by Polarity Technologies LTD. If you are familiar with this company, you will … Continued Hijacker is a browser hijacker. The site acts like an online tool that lets users convert documents from and to different formats, as well as links to weather, news, and two search bars. does link to a couple of different online document conversion tools but doesn’t itself do anything useful like that. In reality, … Continued Hijacker is the first thing you see when you open a web browser on a computer? Well, that means your machine is infected with a browser hijacker. Even though there are a lot of more severe viruses that can cause various damage. However, shouldn’t be looked through, because it can still deliver various unwanted … Continued Hijacker is occupying your web browser? Well, that means one thing – your computer is infected with a virus. Don’t be too scared, it’s just a browser hijacker. Nevertheless, you should take it seriously, otherwise, some severe cybersecurity problems will wait ahead. You will surely notice one of the main symptoms caused by this infection … Continued

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