Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. is a famous American online marketing business based in Yonkers, New York. Mindspark produces tons of mobile apps and system utilities but is most famous for the browser toolbars and extensions. MyWay.com hijacker is the most popular browser plugin, which over the years has earned an ambiguous name, just like any other browser application, because of the virus-like spreading methods and features. This, however, did not stop Mindspark Interactive Network from releasing tons of new applications, which because of the inappropriate marketing strategies are at the top of malware infection list. Browser hijackers and PUPs from Mindspark are often installed in systems’ without any warning or users’ consent, making it hard to spot the spyware, furthermore uninstall it. Below you will find the creations of Mindspark Interactive Network:

TelevisionAce Hijacker

TelevisionAce (or Television Ace) is a browser extension released in order to make TV easier to watch online, or so its description claims. In reality, it’s a browser hijacker that tries to control how you search the web and to monetize that. TelevisionAce is a type of mild adware that causes you to see more … Continued


BigGameCountdown (or Big Game Countdown) is a browser hijacker and a newtab virus. It’s distributed as a helpful add-on for fans of sport, promising to make highlights and real-time scores to be available in one browser extension. But instead, BigGameCountdown tries to hijack users’ search, display pop-up ads, and spy on them. This hijacker should … Continued

TestOnlineSpeed New Tab

TestOnlineSpeed is a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) plugin that was released by Mindspark Interactive to, supposedly, help users test their internet speed. This is far from the only internet speed measuring plugin that they’ve released, which reveals something about the real goal of this extension – hijacking and advertising to users of the TestOnlineSpeed … Continued

FileSendSuite Hijacker

FileSendSuite is a browser extension that may or may not have been installed in your browser with your knowledge and permission. This add-on uses shady distribution tactics to get installed on as many computers as possible and acts like mild adware. FileSendSuite isn’t very dangerous, but it does hijack some browser settings and can be annoying. … Continued


InternetSpeedTracker is a browser extension that offers “free tips on how to boost connectivity”, as well as an internet speed test. This add-on is popular, with tens of thousands of users on Chrome. Despite that, InternetSpeedTracker is an extremely basic extension that does very little for its users. More than a utility, InternetSpeedTracker is an … Continued

EasyDocMerge Newtab Hijacker

EasyDocMerge is the name of a browser extension for merging multiple PDF files into one. It can also help convert documents to and from the PDF format. Unfortunately, EasyDocMerge is somewhat predatory and uses its access to your browser to get your browsing history, to redirect your search queries, and to raise the popularity of … Continued

RecipeSearch New Tab

RecipeSearch is a browser add-on that takes over your new tab page and may even replace the default search provider. As a result, your browser opens unexpected sites that you might never have even seen before. In this case, RecipeSearch promotes the websites Mindspark.com and Ask.com. RecipeSearch is no malware, but it is an example … Continued

MyNewsGuide Hijacker

MyNewsGuide is a browser extension – a little piece of sr software that can modify how your browser behaves. It promises a sort of live news aggregator right in your new tab page and it also mentions web search. If you think that’s a little vague, there’s a reason for that – MyNewsGuide is kind of … Continued

MyCalendarPlanner Hijacker

MyCalendarPlanner is a browser extension made by Ask Applications/Mindspark. It allows users to manage an online calendar on their new tab page. It also has some browser hijacker features, like trying to make users use the MyWay search provider. MyCalendarPlanner – browser adware MyWay search redirect MyCalendarPlanner is made by the company responsible for dozens … Continued

MySocialShortcut Hijacker

The MySocialShortcut browser add-on has been around for a few years and amassed hundreds of thousands of users during that time. There are a few reviews of this add-on and most of them are very unhappy with the product. Pop-ups, unwanted installation, very intrusive permissions, and difficulty removing it are problems that qualify MySocialShortcut as a … Continued


EasyPackageTracker is the name of a browser extension that also serves as a MyWay search redirect virus. If this add-on gets installed in your browser, Ask.com and MyWay.com can be set as your search providers, regardless of what site you actually want to use to search the web. While EasyPackageTracker is not really dangerous – … Continued


DownloadManagerNow is a browser hijacker that has functions for converting files. Its main goal, though, is to raise the popularity of MyWay and Ask – two search providers that belong to the creators of this add-on. This explains why uses of DownloadManagerNow can’t set their own search engines in browser settings – at least, not … Continued

InternetSpeedUtility Hijacker

InternetSpeedUtility is a Mindspark product that also commonly installs the Ask extension. InternetSpeedUtility exists to promote the MyWay search provider and offers an internet speed testing utility in the new tab page. InternetSpeedUtility is a browser extension that gets installed in the browser. When it’s installed, it forces the browser to use InternetSpeedUtility.net for web … Continued

GetFamilyHistory New Tab

Get Family History (or GetFamilyHistory) is a browser extension that acts like adware and just isn’t useful to keep installed. This add-on might use misleading ads to get installed in your browser and then replaces the home and new tab pages. Browser extensions like Get Family History ar common (My Obituaries App, My Local Classifieds, … Continued

CinematicFanatic New Tab

CinematicFanatic is a browser extension that promises to enhance your browser with quick access to the latest film reviews, trailers, news, and other content for movie lovers. It’s unfortunate, then, that its features are extremely limited and that this extension is nothing but an excuse to force you to use the MyWay search engine. Browser … Continued

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