Hackers can hack Second Life accounts

Security experts have warned Second Life developers after finding a way to hack into the SL users’ accounts and take away all of their possessions. The trick lies in the players’ ability to embed QuickTime videos on their characters or their property. The flaw is found inside the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) on which … Continued

Loads.cc – by hackers for hackers

Security researchers recently discovered a website, which controls a very large botnet, used to infect vulnerable systems. The website, loads.cc, is based in Eastern Europe, most probably Russia, and acts in a quite interesting manner: the operators charge clients for infected PCs. In other words, anyone can use the botnet, the size of which is … Continued

The Verified by Visa scam

Verified by Visa, a legitimate program that is used to make the security on credit cards more effective, has become a way for fraudsters to steal credit card details from customers. The point of Verified by Visa is that whenever an online transaction is made, customers have to enter a password thus finalizing it. Recently, … Continued

Infected PDF files

A new vulnerability has been found in PDF files. Researches say that this vulnerability exists in the most recent Acrobat Reader version and can be exploited on PCs running Windows XP SP 2. Although no proof was published, such security corporations as Symantec agree that such vulnerability is possible and are communicating with people who … Continued

Blocking Spyware Using the HOSTS File

When considering manual system defense against internet threats, most of the users come to the question of using the HOSTS file for increased anti-spyware protection, sooner or later. However, the problem of apparent complexity involved when using it sometimes turns away even those interested in protecting their systems manually. It is not very hard and … Continued

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