Security Tool - How to remove?


Security Tool is a fake spyware remover with an impressively generic name even in terms of rogue anti-spyware names. This parasite enters the system without the user’s knowledge or consent, usually by employing the use of various trojans. Security Tool might also convince you into downloading it by using the browser hijacker, which is a fake online scan. Security Tool uses misleading advertising to trick users into purchasing it’s so-called “licensed version”.

Once inside and active, Security Tool floods the user with popups and fake system notifications, claiming his system is infected and in need of an anti-spyware program. All of these popups lead to the purchase page of Security Tool. Much like any other rogue, Security Tool will also perform fake system scans, which mark legitimate files as threats. To remove these “threats”  you supposedly have to purchase the full version of Security Tool, which is just as fake as the trial.

Typically, the popups inform about various dangerous spyware, for example :

Security Tool Warning
Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This is spyware that attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other programs.
Click here to remove it immediately with SecurityTool.


Security Tool Warning
Some critical system files of your computer were modified by malicious program. It may cause system instability and data loss.
Click here to block unauthorised modification by removing threats (Recommended).

Sure, these threats do not exist on your PC, as Security tools scanner is not functional and just a decoy.

Popups aside, Security Tool will also significantly decrease system performance and block certain websites, as well as prevent some applications from running. It is a scam and should be treated as such: do NOT download or buy it and remove Security Tool immediatelly upon detection.

Security Tool Removal instructions:

Getting rid of Security tool might be a complex task, as you need to disable its protection against antivirus software. At the moment Security tool allows users to launch processes similar to browser ones, as it needs user to visit its website. We suggest renaming/copying removers as iexplorer.exe or firefox.exe, which should pass through security tools mechanism. Here how to get rid of Security tool:

1. Disable security tool

a)  By rebooting into safe mode with networking  (press F8 just after reboot)

b) by pressing ctrl+shift+esc right after logging in into windows. go under processes tab, stop all numerical processes.

2. Delete security tool files (see under files in our guide)

a) by investigating where security tool shorcut points to (it will be on desktop)

b) by searching for filename with same name as processes stopped, if you went for 1.b

3. Reboot, do followup scan with free spyhunter scanner. This will detect any additional problems or files you might have missed.

Alternately, you might want to try one of registration codes for Security Tool to disable it, for example 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2 this one. These keys were discovered disassembling security tool and analyzing its gateways by malware researchers at . This will disable various popups and likely to allow running various antimalware tools like spyhunter or malwarebytes to remove the remaining trojans and traces for the system. Full version of spyhunter, malwarebytes or decent internet security suite would reduce risk of Security Tool and similar infections considerably.

Another method to remove Security Tool virus is following:

1. Reboot into safe mode.
2. Launch MSCONFIG and clear ALL startup entries. Do not close window.
3. Search MSConfig entries that reference randomly named folders in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), for exampe C:\Program Files\sdgsdgsgsdghs . Delete WHOLE folder
4. Go to your users Application Data folder and delete all executables named by numbers, 2352352.exe or similar. Right-clicking on Security Tool’s icon will show exact place where they are located.
5. Delete all the DLLS listed bellow
6. Reboot Into Safe mode with networking
7. Download spyhunter ( if pctools are blocked). Do a full system scan. You can scan with other tools like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, hitman pro. Delete what they find.
8. You can reenable remaining msconfig startup entries
9. Reboot, do followup scans

There are couple other parasites that replace Security Tool and cause havoc in the end of 2010: System Tool and System Tool 2011. They are a bit more aggressive, and their removal differs somewhat.

Automatic Security Tool removal tools


Other tools

  0   0
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  0   0
    Hitman Pro
Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasite like Security Tool and assists in its removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.   We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual Security Tool removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove Security Tool, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Spyhunter or other tools found on


Security Tool screenshots


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  1. I hope that whoever creates this crap is not only sued out of existence, but also has a massive car wreck that kills them, their children’s children, and even people they sent a text to yesterday. Why would it be considered illegal to kick their teeth in?

  2. Suddenly I got security tool in my laptop. It really disturbs me and makes me spend time, I can’t work and focus on the other my jobs.
    Even though I installed spyware doctor, it requires money to register.
    Are you selling poison and medicine together?
    Endless disappointment and lost trust to this firm.

    • Kevin : you can use manual instructions. There are some free anti-spyware as well. Most of them are community supported and do not update their definitions as fast as commercial ones. But you can try malwarebytes anti-malware.

  3. Security Tool has completley destroyed my system. it won’t let me run any excutibles or even anything. can you help me? since ive downloaded Spyware doctor on another computer and put it on mine, it wont let me run it because i have a popup message from my toolbar saying: .exe is infected with worm Lsas.Blaster.keylogger. and so on. can someone PLEASE help me.

  4. Joe I had the same problem. Security tool is now hiding under a random seven digit number name. If you start the task manager while the computer is still booting you can get it to work. End the number process and then you can download any of these programs. It will then also allow you to open the registry editor.

  5. Rename which file? I’m having the same problem where I cannot add/remove programs, system reboot or download spyware removal because I get a “Security Tool Warning” every time that says “so and so” is infected with worm, etc. etc.

  6. i installed malwarebytes anti-malware but when i try to run it, it says it cant find mbam.exe. ugh this is a pain. i even did the whole rename taskmgr to iexplorer and deleted the string of numbers.

    i get the same error when i run it in safe mode

  7. ok this time after i installed malwarebytes, it actually launched….for about 20 seconds before it closed. then when i tried to reopen it it said the same crap. when i log in all the items on my desktop are gone and its black. is it suppossed to be like that? i dont want to sound rude its just this is very frustrating. thanks in advance for your help

  8. I had to install malwarebytes on another pc.. copy mbam.exe to a pen drive.. boot the infected PC into safemode… load malwarebytes and copy mbam.exe into the directory containing the sofware.. then run in safe mode.. this allowed me to reboot into normal mode with all working… problem is about 10 minutes later it came back.. now searching for the nasty little things regenerating files

  9. John… I found that if I copied mbam.exe onto my desktop as soon as it got installed, I could run it from the copy after the spyware deleted the original executable. Even then, I had to startup malwarebytes a couple of times before it would stay up. And the system still isn’t clean… ran a scan, asked that the bad stuff be deleted, rebooted, and ran a full scan. That’s still running, but it shows I am still infected.

  10. Thanks Devin, the task manager suggestion worked for me. I’d tried everything else, and was near my breaking point. I recommend any one having problems with the others suggestion try it.

  11. @Joe
    joe, as soon as you start your system, before system tool starts hit alt ctrl delete and open task manager, it will be opened before system tool can kill it, and then find the process that system tool is running under (dont delete processes run by the system) and kill it

  12. forget all that… try this move, it worked for me after going nuts over this for a whole day.

    Reboot in safe mode
    browse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data

    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)

    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin

    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

  13. I have the same problem with this Security Tool thing, and I don’t know what to do. It started like last week and I thought it would go away but it hasn’t. I have no clue where it came from and it is driving me crazy. Can somebody please help me

  14. I can’t get malwarebytes to run once I download and save it to my desktop. I get an error message! Will spyware doctor from PC tools work? I really do not want to pay for spyware doctor if it won’t work!

  15. Hitting the CTRL ALT DEL Keys while starting up worked for me, in Taskmgr there is a numbered file that I delete and then I can at least use the computer, but it comes back then next start up. That is why I am here to figure out how to remove it for good. It should be easy to catch these criminals, I have spent easily 3 hours myself getting rid of this. I hope anybody associated with this goes to jail.

  16. Yeah, I’ve been removing more than a few times this weekend, and it keeps coming back! I can remove the 8-digit item, and I’m good for awhile, but it comes back. I’ve used Avast! and even bought Spyware Doctor (chalk me up as another that couldn’t get Malware to run).

    I’ve removed, rebooted, and run full scans, and it keeps coming back eventually. This is maddening! Worse, my PC takes between 5-6 minutes to completely boot up, now.

    Getting very frustrated over this, but thanks for all the suggestions so far, they at least provide temporary relief!

  17. @Azz
    I have the free verson of AVG and I have the same trojan virus that you all have,started yesterday (10/10). So, I guess AVG doesn’t help!

  18. I got this today and I have used Spyware Doctor to get rid of it. Unfortunately it keeps coming back if I re boot, so I have to go through the whole process again. Is there anyway to find and destroy the thing for good???

    • Jeff: update definitions – there might be a new re-download trojan that is reinstaling it. Also, scan with malwarebytes prior reboot, you should be able to launch them once the main virus is removed.

  19. Philly Keith, you are a genius!!!!!! Have been pulling my hair out for days with this. Fingers crossed it stays away. Many, many thanks.

  20. I have had Spyware Doctor for over 4 years now, and my computer is infected with this “Security Tool” virus and I cannot get rid of it. Every time I start my computer, the icon and the pop ups for this virus are still there. I run the scan over and over again, and Spyware Doctor claims to have removed the virus. It is still there! Please help! What do you mean by update definitions? and Scan with malwarebytes prior reboot? I though Spyware Doctor was supposed to take care of all of this?

    • Aubrey : Spyware Doctor uses definitions to remove parasites. When parasite is new or updated, it does not have definitions, till PCTools support add them and roll them out. Once definitions are uploaded, you are protected from particular parasite. Sometimes you get a very new version of trojans that promote rogues and Spyware doctor fails to protect even if he can protect from different strain of trojans promoting same rogue as long as the definitions are not updated. In such cases it is a good choice to scan with another remover, to remove remaining trojans.
      No spyware remover is 100%, and if one claims to be so, it is a sure sign of scam.

  21. Reboot in safe mode I GUARANTEE YOU THIS WORKS
    browse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data

    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)

    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin

    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again I GUARANTEE YOU THIS WORKS

  22. Thank you Philly Keith and Kody112, you’re suggestion works!!! I just took my computer to the Geek Squad and they told me it would cost $199 to fix. Your recommendation works and was quick. However, for me, it was found under C:program data (and not documents and settings). I discovered this by right cliking on Security Tool while I was in safe mode and then going to “open folder location”. This took me right to its location and I was able to delete it. In fact, I had 5 files to delete with the 8 digit code. THANKS, it did work!!! I’m back on my computer again without all the problems of Security Tool.

  23. Okay, this is really annoying, I cannot do anything! Do I download that thing above from my other main computer and put it on my flashdrive? Please help, I need this computer as well as my other.

  24. I did these simple steps and they worked great. I finally got this crap off my computer. These companies need to be shut down and the people need to be gone after. This is outrageous. Anyways, here you guys go.

    1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    2. In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Restore tab.
    3. Click to select the Turn off System Restore check box. Or, click to select the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box.
    4. Click OK.
    5. When you receive the following message, click Yes to confirm that you want to turn off System Restore.

    Now Restart your Computer in Safe Mode with Networking How Do You Restart in Safe Mode with Networking? Right when your computer is booting, press and hold your “F8 Key” which should bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”. Use your arrow keys to move to Safe Mode with Networking and press your Enter key. Then Download Update and Scan Useing Norman Malware Cleaner

    After you Finish Remove Security Tool, Restart You Computer To Be Normal. Once you discover it’s normal, Turn On System Restore.

    Here are the steps to turn it back on

    1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    2. In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Restore tab.
    3. Click to clear the Turn off System Restore check box. Or, click the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box.
    4. Click OK.

    After a few moments, the System Properties dialog box closes.
    Restart you Computer to be Normal.

  25. My wife recently infected my computer and I have spent quite a number of hours trying to remedy this problem as well. As well as deleting the files from Application Data (or wherever the “open folder location” takes you), make sure you write down all of those nasty numbers. Do: Start > Run > regedit and run a search for each of those numbers and delete the keys until it doesn’t return any results. Be careful when doing this though, because deleting the wrong keys could turn your computer into a VERY overpriced paperweight. Hope this helps.

  26. It doesn’t help! I can’t download things anymore, and can’t start a program and my background is completely empty, except for the Start-menu!

    Omg, I’m crying behind my PC. ._.

  27. Yeah Nothing works when i download it so all this is B.S im just gonna let it take over my computer cause all this help is just frustrating me and it wont download!

    • James : download to another PC and move to infected PC through USB disk. Dont forget to copy executable using couple different names, for example iexplorer.exe

  28. No, I totally understand the frustration. I THINK it was Friday I was first officially hit, although I had seen slowdowns before that. I tried a few different solutions (SpyDoctor, Avast!) but couldn’t get Malwarebytes to download correctly. Well, I finally did Monday, by renaming the .exe file as it installed, before the virus could kill it. It helped, and I have run it a few times, but I still get the infection over time.

    I am seeing a TEN digit number in some of the Registry entries (Run, Software, Etc), but it is NOT any of the EIGHT digit numbers I had been infected with. Is it at all likely that the ten digit number should be in the Registry at all? I am leery of deleting it (them) and turning my PC into the aforementioned expensive paperweight, but the RUN command does fit the pattern of earlier eight digit infections (points to the Application data\10 digit number\ten digit number.exe) — and there is nothing there, even with hidden items shown.

    Should I kill the references to the ten digit number in the Registry?

    I’m getting to be an old hand at running Task Manager as the system boots (takes 4-5 minutes now) and killing the number stream as it appears (when it does, as it doesn’t always), so I can work on the PC, but it’s still there. I also know to, if I miss it on bootup, rename any files in the Application Data folder that are numbers only, so it can be deleted on a reboot, but these both just seem to be holding actions. I still see browser redirects, and the Automatic Updates item keeps getting shut off.

    Sorry for all the rambling (typing at work). Thanks for any advice anyone can offer. If not, no worries. Thanks again,

    • Try spyware doctor with updated instructions, then try malwarebytes (prior reboot).
      Yes, it will be these 10-digit executables, as there should be no executables in application data folder – it is for saving data (not executables) . They are hidden as system files probably, or protected by rootkit – thats why you can not see them. You might also need rootkit revealer or gmer (if you run vista) or AVG anti-rootkit tool.

  29. So far this page is the best I’ve found regaurding killing this horrid monster of a virus.
    Just a couple notes:
    1) safe mode worked best for me
    2) Delete your MSN/Windows Live Messenger and re-install. Even after I got the virus off my MSN kept sending the link to people.
    3) set your computer to save a restore point EVERY DAY, this way you can just back it up a day if you get infected in the future

  30. Thanks for the advice. I tried both, nothing new found (something is shutting off Windows Updates, but since I can’t use them ATM, it’s workable), although the 10-digit items are still in the Registry (but I shut one off with msconfig at startup — no changes, but no problems, either) and the PC still takes a long time to boot and sometimes has long pauses.

    Still, better than yesterday 🙂 Thank you so much!

  31. Sorry, spoke too soon, it appeared again 🙁 I killed it in Task Manager before it could act, but it’s still there.

    Last thing I did was try World of Warcraft …

  32. Well, last update (sorry to admin for so many). Tentatively looking better. I removed all the references to the 3175614738 (10 digit) in Registry everywhere except the search area. Bootup is much better, about 3 minutes instead of 5, and no problems so far aside from some minor Google misdirects, which I am not sure if it is the virus, or not.

    Thanks for your help!

  33. For those who can do MS DOS: Philly Keith’s method works perfectly.

    Start by pressing F8 (safe mode)
    move cursor to COMMAND PROMPT

    cd c:\documents and settings\all users\application data
    then cd xxxxxxxx (numbers)
    then del *.*
    then cd \ (go one up)
    mdir xxxxxxxxx

    you’re done.

    Next: restart your computer normally
    discard shortcut

    install malwarebytes and hope for the best (just did it, don’t know how long it holds).

    Great site!!!

  34. @Philly Keith


    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have been at it all day trying to remove Security Tool Warning. Spy Doctor is no good, Malabyte would not run properly (probably because of the rogue app) and was at the end of my rope!!

    Your instructions were easy and quick and WORK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you say to browse the C drive, you can also use the RUN feature in the start up menu and type in C:\Documents and Settings\all users\application data then delete the folder that has eight numbers (ex-92108456) for it’s file name. It could be any eight number combination. I had three files with eight number file names but all that you need to do is click on them until you find that dastardly shield logo then delete, emty recycle bin and make sure all shortcuts are removed.


  35. I forgot one important piece of info for anyone who reads my forwarding of Philly’s advice. Reboot in SAFE MODE to do this then follow his instructions.

  36. what am i doing wrong i did everything even all the help from on this site can anyone help please me and my girl are fighting over this cause we cant get any work done withot pop ups.HELP…………

  37. ok.
    I got given this machine this morning to fix. (wxpp-sp3)
    Found this page, and a page on blepincomputer most helpful.

    I think there are at least two variants of this bug.
    The version I had would not allow ‘anything’ to run in ‘normal’ mode.
    Even stopped the three fingered salute from working.

    Rebooted machine into safe mode (f8 on boot)
    Loaded malwarebytes. Ran full scan found 5 items.
    Seems clear at the moment. – run full avg scan – so far so good.

    Use procexp.exe to check bug no longer running.

    Use hijackthis to check again and clean up system.

    On this machine, I will install firefox and make it the default browser, then
    remove msie from the desktop.

    I had the advantage of my own desktop machine to find info and load programs
    from to a usb stick, to load onto infected machine.
    Good luck folks – the peeps that make programs like this should be shot…….


  38. Hey, i was hack by this security tool virus scam, i just wonder if i reformat my computer, would this help??? or it will only get the situation worse…

    please help me. i have many important information on that computer

  39. Philly Keith,

    Your method works well. My computer starts to behave. Thank you!

    But it seems there is still residual issue. Soon after reboot, a program named
    _ex-08.exe appears in Window Task Manager, which takes over the processor, 99% CPU usage. Is it the leftover of Security Tool virus? Anybody has idea on how to get rid of it for good?

  40. Nothing is working for me. I tried to do system restore, it would not open. Tried to download and even run through USB, other virus scanners – spy docter etc, cant run them at all. I get an error by security tool, saying they are infected.

    I cannot boot in safe mode. When i try to do that it goes to blue screen “your compute is infected…please restart”. Anyone any ideas please?

  41. I tried that, saved them as iexplorer.exe and firefox.exe. But when i try to open them i get the popup – “iexplorer.exe is infected with Lsas.Blogger…” same thing for the firefox.exe too.

    Only success i had was, the “grant access” message appeared once when i tried to run those files. I granted access and back to the error and i got nowhere. What to do now?


  42. I have tried everything and this Security Tool is a nightmare. I have windows Vista and I am unable to do anything. If anyone is familiar with windows Vista, can you please give me step by step instructions.

  43. I got this crap from Youtube. I followed some of your instructions and I believe I have removed it.

    Before doing anything else, disable your internet and/or wireless connection so this spyware doesn’t do anything else weird, then shut down. If you can go into safe mode, do so as soon as your system starts up (press and hold F8 as soon as your computer powers up).

    Click safe mode when the DOS prompt comes up

    Once Windows loads (not sure if this affects Apple OS Users) (it will probably say Safe Mode in each of the corners of your screen and maybe some technical gibberish at the top. You will want to go in as Administrator if the user prompt shows up) go into My Computer, select Local Disk or C Drive, then Documents and Settings, then All Users, then Application Data. Make sure that youu are able to see hidden files (go to tools, then Folder options, then click the View Tab on the pop up and check the circle next to show hidden files and folders) otherwise you won’t find it, then under Application Data you’ll see the weird folder with the eight digit number you need to delete. YOu might have more than one, so delete all of those that apply. Then, use your search tool under your Start button on the Taskbar and search for “Security Tool” in the search box. Be sure to search in hidden files and folders! This should get this crap out. For anyone unable to go into safe mode, or if your system is really fried, I would recommend going to a PC Repair shop as this is something that most off-the-shelf software can’t delete (this spyware prevents software from being installed from a disk, believe me, I tried previously)

    Best of luck to everyone here. I’m going to have some choice words with both YouTube and GOogle now…


  45. When you install it, it should be under your all programs tab, Right click security tools go to properties and find out where it is located. Once you have done that, restart/relog. Open the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+delete) before programs start up. This should override it, leave the task manager up. Go to the folder it is contained in and delete it. It worked for me.

  46. Add me to the list. I am going crazy with this thing. This is my second full day of trying everything. My biggest problem is that I cannot start in safe mode. I get a blue screen and it reboots.

    Cannot get Malwarebytes to run either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  47. It is nice and maybe helpful for some people to details all the problems they are having with this crappy shit.
    I had them also myself but thanks to a friend of mine he got me out in minutes.
    By the way they must change their numbers every day!
    These people after all are all bandits and they are the ones that creates all these viruses so they can sell their crap.
    They should be all ban.
    What I suggest is this.
    Why someone that is involved into a group or company does not start
    a major petition to ban all these companies.
    Without them we would not have any problems.
    I am too old to do that myself and living way out in the country alone.
    I think Google should do the something about it


  48. for those who can not boot in safe mode, boot from a dos diskette, use this program NTFS4DOS.EXE to get access to your ntfs drive c: then delete all of the sh.. in application data folder

    use another computer to download bootable diskette image and NTFS4DOS.EXE from the net. google them first.

  49. thanks for everyones help here. it might be working…
    heres where I am at:

    I can’t start in safe mode. never had that happen before.
    task manager has been disabled.
    regedit has been disabeled
    folder option is not available to make system/hidden files visible.

    I was still able to search the folder option folder out to find 14834828.exe and delete it (we neeed to see those hidden folders!)… I was able to find out the exact name of the file by looking at the properties of the icon that was conveniently displayed on my desktop… otherwise it would have been hard to find.

    yesterday I deleted advanced virus remover from program files and a shortcut to it from the startup folder. that program has not reappeared since restarting my machine. a lot of pop ups have disappered since then but it seems like overall the invasion still continues. a number of little things are starting to not work right.

    I haven’t restarted yet since deleting security tool so we will see how it goes.

    msconfig is still available.
    there are some programs in the startup tab that I have turned off a whole bunch of times but they always start with the next reboot so I am not sure how to get rid of them since I can’t access regedit.

    I feel like I will probably have to reformat.
    thanks for all of the tips everyone and good luck!!!

  50. Thank you for the best info site yet for this abomination! I have tried everything except the manual removal stuff, for which I do not feel competent to try. Tried Spyware Doctor, which at least got rid of the main Security Fool pop-ups, but the puter still seems to be a very sick puppy. I still cannot re-install Malwarebytes, getting the now oh-so-familiar “error codes”. And now I am beset with “the daily heralds” popups, which suspiciously started once the Tool went dormant. I am sure it is still in there somewhere. Most recently, I got a USB memory stick, downloaded Malwarebytes on another computer, ran in safe mode on mine with the stick and actually got the sucker to RUN!!! Did a quick scan which found all kinds of stuff, but could not delete it without a reboot. Rebooted, did the same operation again with the USB, this time running a full scan, found even more stuff, it could not delete again without a reboot. Did this, and started up XP proper. All seemed well – I tried to install Malwarebytes back on the C drive, got almost to the scan, and Security Tool nuked me. Now it won’t even let me access the USB stick. My sense of this is that Malwarebytes can’t get rid of this effing plague, and until they address these new quicks and superpowers of Security Tool, we are all screwed.

    Please tell me I am wrong! I have spent hours each day this week on this. I could have bought a new computer with the lost time. What a waste! May these bastards rot in hell.

  51. @fritz
    my sysytem too can’t enter safe mode but here is what i did.
    immediately after the system finished booting i quickly hitted alt+ctrl+del keys before the malware started this brought up the task manager, then ended a process with about 8 digit numbers mine was “62062066”. Then on the desktop where the shortcut is i right clikd to get the menu and clikd on properties. On the properties popup i copied the address where the program was installed.
    i internet explorer then pasted the address there. (mid you you have to delete the last file name with .exe so as not to launch the program again and the preceeding quotation mark) you see the folder then delete all in it.

    Hope you get my explanation. I know i suck at explaining but just fuse the pieces together and it should work for you.

  52. Started in safe mode then restored to before this piece of crap took over my computer . So far so good . I run XP Home Edition .

  53. I’m in the same boat as ptropp. It will not allow me to boot into safe mode, computer just restarts. I have tried the “last known good configuration” to no avail. It also has changed my permissions for being able to access REGEDIT. I installed Ad-Aware, during the first run it stopped in the middle and now will not start at all. When I CTRL-ALT-DEL at start up I can chase down and end most of the trouble making processes but there is one I can’t shut down, there are 2 csrss.exe’s there and I’m pretty sure thats the culprit. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  54. My daughters PC got it and here’s what worked for me from reading in this forum…

    Safe mode – ha, would not work
    Ctr-Alt-Del right away while booting and stop the 8 number process – worked
    Search – comes up but would not start any searches
    My computer – hidden files not accessible and would not allow me to change it
    Click on security to get properties to find actual address – worked
    In Search mode, while search would not work, it did allow me to stumble down the address until I finally got to the folder to be deleted.

    Deleted folder, empty recycle bin, reboot and……..

    IT WORKED. First reboot only had a few icons including the security one, deleted that and the link in the start menu, emptied the recycle bin, shut all the way down and restarted yet again and looks like most if not all came back including a bunch of desktop icons.

    Thanks guys and gals, looks like each of us may have to attack the problem a little differently depending on what this nasty lil bug screws up.

  55. download vipre antivirus software. There is a 30 day free trial. Disable your current AV software.Vipre will pick it up and remove it. EASY PEEZY!

  56. Well add me to the list. Problem is Security Tool, or something, has diabled both the keyboard and mouse, so I can not promt into safe mode or any other F# key. When it boots up there is just the desktop( blue) and their faux spyware program. I cannot do anything except look at it.

    Any ideas? Take it out and shoot it? Recycle it? Start over, reinstall XP and lose everything on it?

  57. Add me to this list. Security Tool has taken over mine to the point of disabling both the keyboard and mouse. I cannot promt any F# key or anything else. When I boot up I get a desktop (blue) and the ST’s fake program. All I can do then is manualy turn off the computer.

    Any ideas? Reinstall XP and lose everything? Drop the CPU off at the recycling center? Take it out and shoot it?

  58. This is really getting me down now. It’s been going on since Thursday night and quite frankly I’ve wasted nearly the whole weekend trying to remove this from my system because of these fucking geek hackers writing this piece of shit virus.

    Must have re-started my PC about a hundred times, both normal and safe mode trying different ways to remove it. Since Thursday I haven’t seen the numerical.exe in the Apps Data folder but I still can’t run Malwarebytes or SpyDoctor or several others I have tried so it’s obviously lurking somewhere in the background like a fucking coward….come out you fucker, I’ll take you on….sorry for the rant it’s not really very helpful, just need to get it off my chest…

  59. I got this one on wednesday, spent nearly every day trying to remove it and though my system is not on 100% (I think only reinstalling everything will get me to that) I finally can work again…I used avira-antivir-live-cd zu do a scan and find the trojan base of this; then I used ubuntu-Boot-CD zu get in Linux, deleted the security-tool-files manually and the trojan-files; then I friend helped me re-writing the Master Boot Record. After hat I could start windows and deleted the security tool-base in the registry. Finally I could run Anti-Malware from Malwarebytes, Kaspersky Removal Tool (from that website), Combofix, Spybot, Ad-aware, AVG 9 and now I’m running Zonealarm and Threatfire additionally…

  60. Oh, btw: For those just deleting the digitnumber-folder: That just stops security tool, but security tool entered your PC by using a trojan. That base of the virus needs to be removed.
    Though I still can’t rid of my browser hijacker, that redirects bei google-search and Safe Mode still doesn’t work (maybe some files merged with windows-sysfiles and killing those files killed my safemode); any ideas?

  61. Update – apparent success. Purchased Spyware Doctor, SpyHunter and Security Task Manager. Ran the last first and got rid of some nasty shit. Then SP and SH got rid of more shit. The apparent turning of the tide was downloading AVG 9.0 Free.
    This took out even more stuff and made it so I could INSTALL AND RUN MALWAREBYTES!
    This took out everything. I have purchased the full Malwarebytes and have it running ALL-THE-TIME. Praise Jee-sus!

    • John C. : go with AVAST instead of AVG. AVG has no rootkit protection in free version (as far as I know). And that is a big problem in cases like this.

  62. I’ve been having these problems w/ Security Tool as well. The ctrl+alt+delete, ending the process #s works to stop it from popping up. However, it has removed all of the icons from my desktop as well as made my wallpaper invisible. Any suggestions on how to get them restored.

  63. OK, I have an idea.
    It may be there has been a motherboard failure on the computer, that’s why the mouse and keyboard stopped working.
    How ’bout I pull the hard drive out (because that’s what’s infected) and put it in another computer, then try to run anti-virus/anti-spyware programs?
    I would really like to save the info on this hard drive.
    Any comments?

  64. ty Philly Keith! my roommate bought a laptop & against my advice, uses IE instead of Firefox & didnt install spybot or ad-aware & last night this crap shut it down.

  65. Please help me. I have tried all the suggestions listed in this comment string since Oct. 9th, as well as tips from Spywarefixpro. I am unable to boot in safe mode, unable to access the internet or task manager. I have not lost my keyboard or mouse but you guys are scaring me. I tried downloading an automatic Spyware Remover to a flash drive and run that but nothing happens. I just paid $100 to have someone else clear viruses a few weeks ago from this same computer. I’m trying not to pay again. I’ve been working on this all weekend and the last two nights. Any new suggestions?

  66. I had problem with Security Tool and applied the solution from Philly Keith:
    1-Reboot in safe mode.
    2-go to C:\Documents and settings\all users\application data.
    3-search and delete file with ex 91908431.
    4-empty recycle bin.
    5-reboot normally.
    6-delete all shortcuts.
    7-empty recycle bin.
    It works. thanks a million.

  67. Thanks admin, that worked for me. Was able to copy all the files I needed off the hard drive and paste on to a diferent one. Maybe I’ll rebuild the old Dell.
    I’am using Zone Alarm’s latest anti-virus/anti-spyware and Spybot on this computer.

    • Phill D. : Throw away spybot 🙂 It is not too good with latest parasites. Do occasional scans with malwarebytes or get superantispyware if you want free tools, but I do not thrust in spybot’s updates.

  68. Philly Keith is right! Their way i s best. Just be sure to goto tools/view/show hidden files , then look for application data in ALL USERS! Delete the 8 digit filename folders and empty recycle bin. ALso remove all shortcuts and links from start up tab.

  69. I have installed Norton which is working ok but somehow in the process ‘Security Tool’ has appeared!!! It is awful & pops up allllll the time!
    I have looked up on google to try & find how to delete it but I just can’t seem to delete it! Why isn’t Norton version 3.0 getting rid of it??? Can anyone tell me in very easy steps how to remove Security Tool from my laptop. Thank you.

  70. After my earlier rant (message #88)I think my system is now clean. I tried all the ways suggested including manual removal, some of which was successful although I still couldn’t run Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware or my AVG anti-virus so the trojan was still there in the background.

    What I did was post all my problems on a relevant forum and a Hijackthis specialist (even though at this stage I couldn’t run a scan without it shutting down) gave me step by step instructions to remove. Most of these were unsuccessful so as a last resort used a program called Combofix. It is a very aggressive malware removal tool but it seems to have done the trick. However, I would not use it without instruction and again the analyst will walk you through what to do. I hope this in some way helps because I was as frustrated as some of you clearly are.

  71. got this crap on my system tonight. And my problem is that as soon as security tool kicks in, my whole desktop goes blank/gray and all of my icons dissapear. I’m gonna try the recommendations others have provided and see if it works.

  72. Success! success! I finally got this shit off of my computer. What I finally did was open the windows task manager, and click on the proccesses tab. And then I highlighted and deleted the 8-digit number that security tool was hidding under (the number in my system was a number that started with a 7, not 9).

    Then I was able to follow the steps that Philly Keith suggested (except I wasn’t in safe mode), and restarted it. Now its back to the way it was before. WOO-HOO!

  73. Ok, I’m not sure who suggested it, but when Security Tool was eating the exe for Malwarebytes I made a copy and renamed it F-U-SECURITY-TOOL.exe and the infection didn’t eat it. Then I was able to update it and scan the pc that is infected.

    The ‘people’ that are wasting our lives with this garbage seem to be reading this blog. I can’t get to Safe Mode, the fix worms are getting smarter and this is getting more aggrevating. I don’t think that this is only hoaxware but more like a test bed for worse attacks to come. For those that are struggling with this issue, please be patient and keep being resourceful. For those that are reading this stuff to see what holes we’re all finding in their software, please reference the rename of the file as mentioned above.

    And to those that get mad when they click on something that ends up costing them money, . IF you don’t get it, google it and check the first link that comes up.

  74. i have it too but whenever i download the spyware, after presssing run, nothing happens…Stupid person whoever made “Security Tool”.

  75. i was very close and i dleted the random number and relogged it had most of my icons for a moment then security tool took over.

    • Chucky: You need to disable virus first. Start task manager and stop all numeric-only processes. This should allow spyware doctor to run.
      Andrew : we got a new release of spyware doctor, this should fix the problem. Security tool recently mutated.

  76. I just got the security tool virus and im not sure how to get rid of it can someone help me? I can’t open any apps other than the internet. I’ve read comments that say download spyware manager on another computer and put it on their own but i don’t know how to put programs from other comps onto mine.

  77. whoever made this stupid thing must have go the name Tool from someware deep in there conchance. This is the most ignorant thing, I dont feel like waisting all my time to fix some stupid little joke, I dont have the money for this crap.

  78. I Got rid of this Virusus by copying all the stuff to my hard drive(usb) then i deleted evrythin, n i put aall the setting back on, with my stuff. i go out for a night the week after, and its back. i cba to do wat i did again if i know tht it doesn’t work. im really pissed off any ideas for wat i could do!!
    i’ve download malware but i dont wanna pay for anything. i downloaded spy-doctor but u have to pay. i’ve tried manual script n it just comes back. AHHHH IM DIEING OF THIS VIRUS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  79. Wow… this blankety blank Security Tool virus is almost as bad as the H1N1 Virus! I think I’ve deleted all the suspicious files. Need to reboot to be sure… wish me luck!

  80. please help !!
    when i try to download any programs to delete it they do not appear on my screen (neither does any program there before) and when i click start and run and search it a security tool warning says there is a problem ! does any1 know how to help

  81. I did not order security tool. It just popped up on my computer and ruined my week. After i get off from work, i can’t even read my e-mails because of the constant pop-ups telling me that my computer is infected. I don’t use my computer very except reading e-mail from our church members. I want very badly to get this virus removed from my computer.

  82. This virus has caused my computer to show a dark blue screen on start up saying the system has closed down, there for i can’t get into anything it won’t start up on safe mode either….what am i to do???

  83. This security tool keeps popping up saying i have 39 viruses. i just keep press continue unprotected. and it will go away but there is still the small icon at the bottom of the screen that keeps showing up that different files are infected by a worm. and all my icons that are on the regular screen are only there when i first log on and if i want to open something i have to hurry and click on some of them before the security starts its fake scan. then after a little bit of messing around with it. the screen goes to a blue page that has something about problem is caused by: SPCMDCOM.SyS and says a few other things then toward the bottom of the page it has a few groups of numbers kinda like 00×0000340 and that page stays there for about 15 secs then it restarts my computer. any idea on how to get this off here?

  84. Another question before this security tool thing got on my computer i have been having a problem with starting up my computer. when its turned off and i go and turn it on it goes to a blue HP page that has 4 options F9- diagnostics F10-setup F11- system recovery and Esc-boot menu. and that screen only last for about 5 secs if u dont pick one then it goes to a black blank page with an _ at the top like its gonna let me start typing something but i cant do nothing on that page, i always have to hold the power button down to turn it off then turn it back on and when the blue page pops up i have to hit Esc to get to the boot menu and it has >HDD Group 3rd drive:(E.)hitachi hdp*********CD-Rom Group 4th drive:optiarc dvd rw ad-*******< bunch of#s and if i have my external burner on it will show that on there to. but i always pick the 3rd drive (E.) and then it starts up. anyone know how to fix that so it will start up regular again.

  85. The easiest way to rid computer of security tool.Start computer press f8 as it is starting. this lets you start in safe mode. In safe mode using the arrow pad go to networking. Push enter.Only the things needed will start.Then open internet explorer Type in trends micro housecall.Go to this web site and download housecall.Close window and agree to there terms Scan computer It takes about six minutes to scan Then click to remove security tool. Then run a registry cleaner to remove any icons or remnents of this trojen.Its very easy to do. The whole things takes about 20 minutes.And it cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time This works on all Trojens,Adware,or any other nasties out there

  86. To keep the malwares from stopping your anti virus from working,you will first have to remove your anti virus .Then reload it and rename it with a few key strokes of anything you may like to use.Then the virus can’t shut down or disable your anti virus program.It works

  87. If you can’t start in safe mode,try this.Go to a friends computer and download a disc of a anti virus program rename this program..Disconnect your computer from the internet.This will slow security tool down.First try to run a scan with your own anti virus to get rid of security tool.Always run a registry cleaner after removing.If this doesn’t work Put the disc in and download.Now run your scan from the new anti virus program This should remone it Run registry cleaner to get rid of it for good.

  88. Heres how I fixed my computer (I hope its all gone but its working fine now). After reading a few posts here I tried going into Safe Mode but was unable to so before Security Tool could load I hit Ctrl Alt Delete to bring up the task manager. I found the eight diget process and shut it down right when it was loading. I then went to the desktop icon and went to properties and find target location and deleted the file. This allowed me to actually run a full scan on my virus program which came up with an additional 18 infections. My computer seems to be working fine but then again actually being able to use my desktop icons and programs is 1000 times better than a few hours ago.

  89. The security tool was downloaded to my computer. I have Windows Vista, could not get it off at all…tired the regedit (didn’t work)….I had to start in safe mode then do regedit and search for the numbers it gave as the title and delete them and search again about 4 times then load back up in regular mode and now my computer is fine.

    I hope this helps someone out there…I was ready to throw my brand new computer out the window (not really but damn)

    Thanks for the help from the people here!!!!!!

  90. Took your advice. Immediately after start up Control Alt Delete to end task. End process with an 8 digit number (I located mine by scrolling across the security tool icon on the bottom of the screen 23374928.) Found it in the process menu and end the annonying lil thing. Clicked on startup was able to search the web and downloaded malwarebytes. Ran a full scan and fixed the problems. Reboot and thus far havent had a problem. Hope this helps because believe me I was ready to pull my hair out.

  91. what peace of shit it disturbing i cant use my computer it says many viruses infenct my computer hahahayz

    guys how get this off?

  92. Chrfles, followed your above, downloaded Housecall, removed Security Tool and cleaned my reg. All back to normal now. I would like to see the Security Tool people put before a firing squad!!

    Thanks Again,

  93. Try intalling malware byte in a usb flash drive using a non infected comp. recommended on an 8g drive. Hook it up to the infected comp and run it. Disable the processes before the actual run

  94. Philly Keith :forget all that… try this move, it worked for me after going nuts over this for a whole day.
    Reboot in safe modebrowse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data
    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)
    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin
    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

  95. Hi I’m Ashley. I’m a fifteen year old girl. I as of about two hours ago aquired security tool. At first i thought it was legit. I mean I have technology. But unfortuantely I didnt quite understand the danger this program held. It loaded and repeatedly bothered me. But i saw nothing wrong yet as my norton does this because i have not updated it. (and yes i know i need to.) Until my computer manually shut itself down because of viruses. It was not until i turned my computer back on that i had problems. It would let me access anything. Not even my Task manager. I came to the conclusion that it was a virus itself. So i tried to delete. Originally opening its file up and trying to delete it. That failed. Becoming so frusrated I restarted my computer and tried to delete it before security tool could load. Still didn’t work. Finally after third reloading I went ofr reasearch on then net. After waiting for minutes for internet to load i stumbled upon yahoo answres where upon a link and another five minutes it led me here. and after reading other comments teling me to go to safe mode and then deleting it I decided to try for myslef. It worked. I thank you so much. If not for you I probably would have thrown my laptop. Thank you once agin.

  96. there might be a few folders with eight numbers i had three folders with eight digits i just deleted the lot and im up and running again touch wood

  97. What I did was download Sysinternals Process Explorer. Extract it. Rename the executable file to iexplore.exe Put the files on a USB Flash Drive. Use Process Explorer to kill the processes associated with it. Download and run ComboFix. Download and run Anti-Malware.

  98. If it takes more than four hours and/or three attempts to find and eliminate virus issues, you may be better off wiping the HDD and re-installing the OS and all apps.

  99. I can not find the location with the 8 digits. I am running vista and cannot find the extension application data. any one with any suggestions

  100. I have downloaded spyware doctor and the security tool still appears. i tried everything to delete it from my programmes and it looked like it was gone however when i shut down the computer and logged back on it was still there!

    can anyone help?…. any ideas?


  102. haha… i clicked “system restore” on my hp windows7 then reboot normally..
    deleted the remaining icons and emptied the recycle bin…
    it worked!!! hope it won’t come back..
    thanks all of you guys for the idea! saved me alot of time and money..

  103. this is crap how does it get n to your computer? i have never seen it before. thank you to all the websigts out their to help you.

  104. It cost me $30.00 for a year contract but it worked. Even running much faster. I used the spy-bot, search and destroy–uniblue

  105. I am ready to pull out my hair. I can’t even run my computer in safe mode cause when I do my password doesn’t work. wierd. I can’t run any programs, open any attachments, so on and so forth. I think it’s a shame that people have nothing more to do with their time but to make people miserable and completely unproductive. These people should be found and punished to the highest extent of the law…whatever that may be. UGH!!!~!!

  106. My roommatre accidentally let this program in and it IS an in-your-face irritant. To remove it I rebboted in SAFE MODE, right-clicked on the SECURITY TOOL icon to Properties, to File Location. Then I deleted all files in that location. I rebooted again in NORMAL MODE and then did a System Restore (could not get there prior)to a couple of days prior. That solved the problem.

  107. @TROY

    Troy. You turn the computer off using the POWER button by holding it down for 15 seconds. Then power on and choose the SAFE MODE at the beginning of the reboot.

  108. I can’t see the C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data. I’m running XP Pro and under all users I see desktop, favorites. shared documents, start menu.

    Is application data a hidden file?

  109. troy..
    click restart on your pc.
    before it opens again, press f8.choose safe mode
    if u are using windows7 its so much easier! look for all the security tool icons,right click and choose properties. once in there,press locate program. (should be at the bottom left)once located, delete it…and all the remaining icons. click restart again, you should be running on normal and your done!
    follow philly keith advice! goodluck man!

  110. @Philly Keith
    I booted up in safe mode but couldn’t figure out the exact steps to reach c:\documents and settings. I am running windows Vista Home Edition. How do I “browse over” to the files you specified?


  111. I may have stumbled onto it. While in Safe mode I searched on Application Data and got a number of matches. I saw a Documents and Settings\All users file folder, clicked on that and saw a file named 77411828 which went right to trash. Prior to that I traced the Security Tool locations by selecting the file name, clicking on Properties and deleting all references / locations.

    Holy smoke, now I’m getting the same crap from a malware package called AntiVirus Pro

  112. I have the security tool on my computer. The only thing it does is sits there and does nothing. I don’t have any mouse control and with keyboard, I just the Task Manager and cannot end any process. Looks like I am in trouble. I try safe mode, last safe mode with networking, last known configuration. Nothing works.

    Does anyone has suggestions.

  113. Please help…. Anyone, I don’t have any control over my mouse or keyboard, except the only thing that pop’s up is Security Tool, I could CTRL, ALT, DLT, but cannot terminate any of the processes. Cannot go into any Safe Mode. Does this sound like re-imaging the computer.

    Your answer would be appreciatd.

  114. Hey I as everyone else on this site… has security tool infecting my comp, I did all the manual stuff and deleted every last damn file with the 8 digit code and blocked all processes I killed every file i found and now i cant find anymore but i still cant run malwarebytes, i cleared the registry i cleared the user apps folders i cleared everything i could think of and the little prick is somewhere deep within the confines of my comp royally fucking shit up… Any suggestions? i need to fix this comp i cant afford a new one..

  115. Thank you so much everyone for your advise…very helpful! My computer is currently unprotected – does anyone have any suggestions for antivirus software? I really gotta get me some!!

  116. Philly Keith :forget all that… try this move, it worked for me after going nuts over this for a whole day.
    Reboot in safe modebrowse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data
    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)
    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin
    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

    what do you mean by all left over shortcuts, and how do you reboot in safe mode?

  117. @Steven the Sad
    Guys I just spent the last 6 hours getting rid of this POS. I tryed all the free ways and ended up getting Spy Doctor ran it in safe mode (Pressing F8 repeatedly upon rebooting system. Security tools wasnt present in my safe mode all the popups were held at bay. I loaded Spy doctor and ran scan. This sucker did lock my internet connection once I was stuck but just rebooted in safe mode and I got back online.Then rebooted in normal mode and had to run another scan. All is write now and im back on working tonite as i lost a day of productivity.

  118. Hey guys, follow Matt advise it worked for me.. but I’ll be checking time to time 🙂

    forget all that… try this move, it worked for me after going nuts over this for a whole day.
    Reboot in safe modebrowse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data
    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)
    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin
    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

  119. Haha, I laugh but I shouldn’t. I think I’m the only one on this site that sais that I PAID FOR IT! ;))) Well, actually not me, my scared mother. Unfotunately I wasn’t home to explain her. Well, the good thing is that now I am scanning my computer using Malwarebytes and actually everything works nicely. My mom said that emediately after she bought it, the viruses listed were “miraculously” deleted and all went back to normal.Now I wonder how much it lasts. Anyway, right now i’m dressing up to go to a store and buy an antivirus, which I thought (from my experience) that I don’t really need, especially that I used to work with computers with less than 512 MB RAM and any antiviruses slowed down my system so much that I wouldn’t be able to open even explorer. Now I learned my lesson.
    Oh, and one more thing, it appears that the most affected program by this virus is Google Chrome, which happens to be my favourite web browser. Right now, even if my mom paid them, I still can’t get any response from Chrome.
    So, I hope we all fix this problem. Good luck!

  120. @kody112

    Hey thanks kody112 i followed your instructions and they were on point i was able to get that junk off my computer i learned a lession from this next i will get have a antivirus on my computer thanks phats456

  121. Philly Keith’s solution worked for me. I went to ‘run’, then entered c:\programdata\, and found and deleted the offending folder. A world of warning, however: I noticed that Security Tool had actually placed 4 such folders on my computer (they were all 8 number names), so make sure you scroll through the whole list and remove them all. I also removed the shortcuts it had placed on my desktop, and emptied the Recylcle Bin before rebooting again. Thanks Philly Keith for the very useful tip. So happy to see my Desktop return.

  122. i need help! ive been reading all these comments from everyone..
    i found the 8 digit numbered folder[there were 2] i deleted 1 but the other one i cnt delete it, what can i do??help!!!

  123. Instead of government putting focus on collecting data and information on all Americans, they should just hunt these characters down and kill them ! This is costing Americans $Billions in lost time and material..

  124. This security tool rogue was driving me crazy………I tried for three hours to get rid of it! Once i followed the instructions via Philly Keith’s solution it actually worked…….Thanks a Bunch!!!!

  125. help, I have tried to download several programs to get rid of Security Tool. The programs aren’t being allowed to work. I’m not that great with computers so I need help. Thanks

  126. @Philly Keith

    tried to delete but comes up with “cannot delete make sure disk not full or write protected and file is not currently in use!!!! Please help i am going out my mind with this s**t


  127. I have Vista and could not find the numeric file anywhere until I used Mark’s method (post 185) and then did what Philly Keith said to do. Seems to have deleted security tool. Thanks a bunch guys!

  128. O.K. guys I came back to this site and registered just to tell you a very easy method to get the Security Tool permanently removed. It’s simple, just boot up in safe mode (F-8) and do a restore to a past date. (OH,just pick one) I Hope they catch those A-holes that did that program. Now that I’d pay for.

  129. This thing is pissing me off. Whats the fastest and easiest way to kill it without downloading stuff? I have an english report due at the end of the week and this thing keeps poping up and getting in the way saying harmful software detected and bull.

  130. keith: folder option doesn’t allow me to show all hidden files? and i cant see any “application data folder” in “all user folder”?

  131. this security tool thing
    is messing with my computer
    i found the source, in my computer
    and when i try to delete it.
    it tells me that i dont have
    permission for this action.
    i need help

  132. The “Security Tool” on my PC just appeared and I don’t know why. I didn’t purchased nor downloaded it. I am trying to follow your instructions but this virus is corrupting your application. What should I do? I have my very important files on my pc. Please help me. Email your response as soon as possible. I am hoping for your positive response.

  133. Everytime I log in the screen and is and than my icons disapear, I keep getting the security tools warnings that i need to register and remove the threat

  134. When i do Reboot in safe mode
    browse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data. I cant find application data can anyone help me

  135. Okay. I am infected with security tool on my other computer and have been for the past week. I have read articles and solutions in the mean time and turned the computer back on for the first time in the last 6 days two hours ago. It starts in what appears to be safe mode offering me all of the options one would hope for but when I try to run it in safe mode (or any other mode for that matter) it just reboots and I go through the same process over and over and over. Any ideas would be gratly appreciated.

  136. @kodykid168
    Hello Kody,
    I tried what you suggested. I went quickly and clicked on ctrl alt delete and I found the numer sequqnce and I ‘ended the process’ because that’s the only thing that comes up as an option. It still did not ‘kill it’ as you mention it.

    I also tried to start my computer in safe mode. It would not even open another window after typing MSCCONFIG and clicking ok. I tried to start in safe mode with the F8 Key. It would not work either.
    What can I do?

    This thing is horrible. It is weird that the Security lets me access the internet, so I can write this here.

    My Wallpaper of course is no longer there. The background of my screen is pitch black and it ‘steals’ the desktop icons, so one cannot access the Recycle Bin.

    What is this? And where does it come from?

    I have Avira Antivir (which is usually pretty good) and it would not even let me perform a system scan with that.

    Can any of you help me out with a different solution maybe?

    Also further up on this discussion board there are many files listed under HKEY/Current User/software/microsoft/windows … etc….
    How do I find these?

    Also where would I look for doguzeri.dll and 4946550101.ex when opening the the explorer with the right mouse click on the start button?

    I feel so lost right now!

    Thanks for your all help.


  137. @Mark

    I typed in c:\programdata\ after clicking on ‘run’, but it told me that it cannot find the file.

    I want to try to start my computer in safe mode again, but I don’t know how to make that work, because it doesn’t work via ‘run’ with MSCONFIG because it doesn’t open another window. I tried with the F8 Key and it wouldn’t work either.

    I am so pissed about all this!
    How can one protect oneself of such stupid viruses?
    How many firewalls does one have to put up?

    I do like to go on Facebook and I also like to play games. Can we not even do that anymore without catching a virus?

    Please for some help.
    Thanks a bunch.

  138. @Wakay
    Hello Wakay,
    I went to Documents and Settings/all users/
    The weird thing is that it doesn’t follow with application data.
    Where would I find this maleware file now?

    Can you give me a hint?


  139. dear admin.

    how do I do that?
    where do I find the directory field?

    To tell you the truth, a couple years ago we were hit by lightning and it blanked out my computer. Ever since then I have lost my Windows Office Program. I also don’t use IE anymore, but Mozilla Firefox. I can go into the Control Panel anymore to use the ‘search file function’ because anytime I do, there is this little doggy at the bottom of the page, smiling at me as if so he is saying: “Well too bad, but this page stays blank” 🙁

    Of course I tried to fix things on my own, and I have possibly deleted things that I should not have …. 😉
    After all the computer is working great, but last night I caught the ‘Security Tool’ and it is annoying because I can’t access any icon on my desk top anymore.

    I will try what you have suggested dear admin. 🙂
    Hope I will find the app data folder so I can add it, and hopefully it will let me do it.

    I can open IE, but for example it won’t play any videos nor did it move the ‘dropp down menue’ when Yahoo still had its old page and one would want to see the weather for example.

    Ok. where do I find this directory field again?


  140. Ok,
    here I am.
    I went as far as ‘all users’ and then it gives me the option to add a new folder.
    Yet, what sense would this make? The Security Tool exe would not be in there!

    The All Users – Folder contains, Desktop – Favorites – Shared Documents – Start Menue.

    I just searched through all of them, by opening these folders. There is nothing that sais “application data folder” …. 🙁

    Thanks for any help that you can give.

    I will look out for your response, dear Admin.


  141. This is what worked for me after trying just about everything here.
    ctrl+alt+delete upon start up to
    get task manager up before security tool.
    click on start and scroll up to security tool to find its location.
    right click on it.
    open file.
    find string of eight numbers, and delete.
    permanently delete out of recycle bin.
    remove any short cuts on desktop for security tool.

    Permanently delete out of recycle bin.
    restore computer to a date before infected with security tool.
    Check to make sure that all anti-virus and malware running properly.

  142. Hi Guys,
    I tried it again. I think I was able to catch the ‘safe mode’ on start-up. Anyhow it only worked once, since when I restarted the computer the desktop icons went back to normal size.

    I also clicked on ctrl alt delete to open the window for the task manager.
    I found the number, but all it allows me to do is to end the process. There is no button for ‘delete’.

    It doesn’t help because anytime I restart it is right back on there.

    I see other exe.

    these are the ones that I cannot make out.

    svchost.exe (many times; I have about 6 or 7 of the same on there)
    spoolsv. exe

    Does anyone know what type of exe these are and what they relate to?

    Maybe one or more of them came with the suspicious Security Tool?

    I am so grateful for your all help.

    Thanks for your quick responses.

  143. Hey, i got the Security tool flue, and i have Avast, but every time i set it to scan så i can remove it, it shuts down? Any help ?

  144. @Tom
    Hi Tom,

    WOW, I am so glad that I have a second computer, which I just finished hooking up. Of course this one has minimum Memory, so I probably can’t upload my Adobe Photoshop Program on this one here, but it works for the while being until I find a way to fix my other one.

    Yes, I finally clicked on reboot on safemode, then I went to the suggested applications in ‘run’ and I got as far as clicking on ‘SAFE/BOOT” and ‘BOOT.INI”, guess what? I can’t get the computer to boot all the way to my desktop anymore! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER? … I am so cried-out about this.
    Does anyone know what I can do in order to at least get back onto my desktop?

    I keep highlighting to going back to a point where it was safe, or to start in safe mode, but all it does is is counting down the 30 or 29 seconds to 0, just to start counting down again from 30 or 29 seconds! It also always goes back to ‘start computer normally’.

    Can anyone please help? Thank you.

    I hope I don’t have to take this computer to a store to get it cleaned-out! It costs money, which I can’t free up at this point and time.
    Or, does anyone know how to cean up a computer? I would do it myself, since I do have the Windows XP CD-Rom anyway.

    Hope to hear from anyone, soon.
    Thanks again for you help.


  145. @ Philly Keith,

    I followed your instructions to the letter and problem solved! To think that I almost shelled out 29.95 for Spy Doctor (that’s what’s in store for those who istall it); you saved me money, time, and frustration. Thank you so much, you really are a lifesaver.

    Yours trully,

  146. Thank you so much everyone!!! The Security Tool (on our Vista) was located in
    C:\program data\35840525

    Working on safe mode, I deleted the folder 35840525 & the 2 shortcut icons, then emptied my Recycle Bin… Reboot it normally afterwards… Security Tool’s gone!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  147. I know NOTHING about computer virus scan sites. and I accidently installed this Security Tool.. Is there any way at all to just REMOVE the Security Tool fully without actually installing anything else?? I dont own the computer and I just want it off…. Please let me know if there is anything that is simple steps. Thanks!

  148. okay, this somehow ended up on my new pc and it’s not even installed in my computer and it keeps scanning and telling me i have viruses and files that are infected that i know it’s not true. it keeps me from doing my work on microsoft and other programs. i’ve tried installing the Malwarebytes Anti Malware but everytime i try to bring it up on my cd it says that it’s infected and won’t let me do anything. what do i do? please i just got this computer.

  149. To All Having Problems Searching For Application Data!!

    I have windows xp media center edition, and ealier the Admin said to Yvonne that the app data folder might be hidden!!!

    First off, let me start by saying that every computer may not have the file name (ex 91908431)…I actually came across three files 09204121, 41220112, & 51200987.


    1. start computer in safe mode

    2. go to start, my computer

    3. go to C:\Documents and settings\all users

    **note** you may encounter four folders Desktop, Favorite, Shared Documents, and Start Menu.

    4. Here you right click anywhere in the box, then go to properties

    5. Now you check hidden (near the bottom), then hit OK… a smaller box will appear, make sure you hide the sub folder as well *IMPORTANT*

    6. Now everything has disappeared!! Dont worry, repeat step 4 & 5… but this time you uncheck hidden then hit OK

    7. Now you have six folders!! Application Data, Desktop, Favorite, Shared Documents, Start Menu and Templates…. double-click the app data folders and find them eight irritating azz numbers and then follow the example giving by my man Philly Keith!!


    Hope this helps, if not…. i suggest installing windows again, but of course back up your most important shit 🙂

    P.S. I just turned 20 today!! 11/30

  150. Here’s to all of us who have been victimized by this crap. If you would like to talk with a representative of the company that markets/infiltrates the Security Tool all you need to do is dial 1-800-507-4599. After quite a lot of work I managed to get it off my computer and after a few phone calls I managed to get some of the anger and frustration out also. Enjoy the day!

  151. Security tool has totally messed up my computer. I cant even finish downloading any software that supposedly gets rid of it. Trend Micro does nothing to it. I have a black screen and can’t open any applications. Help!

  152. After I got rid of the 8 number files, the icons on my desktop were dark, sort of when you cut a document or pic so you can paste it elsewhere? What happened and how can I fix it?

  153. a very very easy solution,,,,just kill the numbered process from task manager before sucurity toll starts and then go to c->documents and settings->all users->applications and delete numbered folder,,,also delete from recycle bin,,,

  154. i just got a brand new computer and now i have stupid security tool on it, and my parents are going to be really mad. I need help nothing is working i tried everything. the pop ups are making me so mad… and my computer goes to a blue screen after 30 mins of using it. and then shuts down i dont know what to do… PLEASE HELP ME

  155. My computer keeps crashing over and over again, i have security tool and it turned my desktop blue, i keep trying to go into ‘change/remove programs’ but it keeps telling me somethings trying to get through to my credit dard information. it wont let me download anything whatsoever. i really need help getting this off.

  156. @AMY

  157. When you write ‘kill the numbered process from task manager” what do you mean by ‘kill’? I clicked on END and it would still come back up. How EXACTLY does the process work to ‘kill’ the numbered process?
    Thank you.

    I had tried that and then some other stuff, so now my computer won’t even boot up anymore. I went into bios and even enabled the SUPER BOOT and not I can’t even get back into BIOS anymore!!!

    Can anyone help me to at least get the computer to boot again, so I can go and try the process again to ‘kill’ the Security Tool?, and or to at least save some of my important photographs to CD.

    Thanks so much.

  158. Hi, my lap top was infected with ths securiy tool virus a few days ago, it is absolutely unbelievable and unlike anyting i have encountered, i have Norton pemier 3.0 i have tried deleting ‘securiy tool’ files, running comprehensive virus scans etc. it has somehow gotten itself into my ‘program data’ and will not let me delete it manually saying i need permission to perform the action… i’ve tried rebooting everything i can think of, it shuts my computer down ranomly and has disabled my entire desktop and removed my backgound it also hides my tool bar… after reading the posts on here i have made the decision to get professinal help even if that means paying for it as i would rather pay $100 to get it properly fixed as opposed to damaging my 2000 dollar lap top only 3 mnths old tryin to remove it myself and i would stronly suggest this to ANYONE infected by this virus.

  159. Yes there a many FREE spyware removal programs but are there really any that are free, and you do not have to purchase a programs after you have completed a scan? Are there any really free ones available???

    • Well… There are couple free for home users, namely spybot S&D and superantispyware. Some are semi-free, aka remover is free and real time protection is paid or there are limits on how many parasites you can remove with free version.
      The problem is that maintaining a good anti-spyware product requires money for staff, equipment and malware tests. There is always a catch how anti-malware manufacturers try to get money 🙂

  160. I have a windows Vista and I tried Philly Keiths method but I think it is differnet in Vista. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of it with Vista. I cant download any malware programs etc. It wont let me.

  161. I got a bitdefender total security and It didnt decete the fuking malware called security tool. But my Intenet works fine. All you lot and I can do is press ctrl+shift+esc and click process the end process the 8 digit number (sometimes it closes but keep doing it until it opens!!)

  162. Started it in safe mode logged in as Administrator.

    Did a system restore to a previous date.

    It didnt have any security tool any more

  163. Hi Roxanne,

    you can download Avira Antivir for free.
    I have it on mine, and it works great!

    By the way, after agonizing with my computer, not being able to start it at all anymore, I was soooooooooooooo lucky about 3 days ago!

    A friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in a long time, and never even thought about, helped me to start up my computer again and then we had to take it down.
    Security Tool messed up too much already. At least I was able to save my pictures and some documents since we totally had to upload Windows XP anew.

    This killed it, too but it also killed my computer, you know.
    Since I had this second one here with very little memory, he simply placed the drive from the old computer into this one. Now I am ok, and hope this Security Tool stays away FOREVER! …. lol…

  164. Does anyone know the address of this “Security Tool” place? I think some folks would like to pay them a very personal visit.!!

  165. Roxanne, in Vista, restart your system.
    after logging on, hit alt ctrl delete and open task manager.
    Click on processes
    Be sure check “show processes from all users”
    Find the process that System Tool is running under. Mine was an 8 digit numerical .exe file
    Highlight it, then click “End Process”
    Next go to C:|program data
    Locate the folder, right click and delete it.
    Be sure to empty it from the recycle bin.\
    Reboot…………hope this helps. It worked for me!

  166. I got rid of security tool very easily. I right mouse clicked the security tool icon on the desktop. Went to properties and found the long number with exe after it. I copied that. Went to start on bottom left of screen and opened that on the bottom there is a search screen I pasted what i copied took me to where the number was, I deleted it cleaned my recycle basket and restarted my computer. It hasn’t been back since knock on wood

  167. @Joe
    If you go into safe move look in your application data folder under all users and you will see an exe that has the same icon as the security tool. Delete it and then it will let you install any antivirus or the preferred malwarebytes antimalware which worked for me.

  168. ooooh!….this “SECURITY TOOL” is a big messy thing. i cannot open my programs due to irritating and annoying pop-ups… whoever the creator of that useless system file should be punished. i do hope that all the “finest” IT experts will work on it to trace that genius but useless creator of Security Tool…the PAC-MAN is not happy for that thing… haaaaayzzz…

  169. I cant open anything i got to this website through their customer srvice and cant open anything with it help me i dont know how to reboot it help me!!!!!!!!

  170. Thanks for the numbered file tip, I deleted both of those, but, then again, they were both empty. I think it may have killed itself overnight because there was the Security Tool shortcut last night, and early today (on safe-mode) the same icon was empty, and its properties described it as being re-directed. Also, a curious factoid, on Task Manager, I never saw an eight-digit or ten-digit number followed by .exe, yet my computer was still infected with the rogue anti-virus. This sure has been an odd experience.

  171. Here’s how I killed it:

    1- I have XP, so I keep hitting F8 to start in the safe mode.
    2- In the SAFE mode, do “Run”, type in MSConfig. Here upcheck the process in “Startup” that has a six digit numberic number, in my case, “807999”, click “Apply”.
    3- Re-boot, and startup WILL NO LONGER activate the virus, taking control of your PC, even though the malware is still in the system. Now, you can take control of things to download tools needed to remove the executables, registry entries etc. of the virus.
    4- Download Malwarebytes, free version, to remove what remains in the system.
    5- I separately deleted the “Security Tool” icon on the desktop.
    6- Change the wallpaper back to normal.
    6- Resume work ….

  172. Here’s how I killed it:

    1- I have XP, so I keep hitting F8 to start in the safe mode.
    2- In the SAFE mode, do “Run”, type in MSConfig. Here uncheck the process in “Startup” that has a six digit numberic number, in my case, “807999”, click “Apply”.
    3- Re-boot, and startup WILL NO LONGER activate the virus, taking control of your PC, even though the malware is still in the system. Now, you can take control of things to download tools needed to remove the executables, registry entries etc. of the virus.
    4- Download Malwarebytes, free version, to remove what remains in the system.
    5- I separately deleted the “Security Tool” icon on the desktop.
    6- Change the wallpaper back to normal.
    6- Resume work ….

  173. Instead of downloading the software to remove it just simply follow the steps to remove it in the registry… you should also boot in safe mode and goto Run/msconfig and remove ALL STARTUP ITEMS, this is called selective startup and you disable EVERYTHING, and then windows will only launch what is needed to run, this way Security Tool is not trying to launch and interfering with the removal process, if you are familiar with system registry keys then goto Run / regedit.exe and follow the steps at the beginning of this page and remove the reg keys from the system.

    Also i recommend CCleaner by Piriform to repair your registry and ALWAYS DISABLE SYSTEM RECOVERY otherwise when you reboot the virus’s etc will return.

    Bachelors of Science
    Programming / Network Forensics

  174. @ler

    Sup dude… STool can be a pain in the ass lol….. Try downloading “rkill”… what it does, it temporally terminates all mal-ware program (security tool)… here i will place the link

    Once it is downloaded, double-click on the in order to automatically attempt to stop any processes associated with Security Tool and other Rogue programs. Please be patient while the program looks for various malware programs and ends them. When it has finished, the black window will automatically close and you can continue with the next step. If you get a message that rkill is an infection, do not be concerned. This message is just a fake warning given by Security Tool when it terminates programs that may potentially remove it. If you run into these infections warnings that close Rkill, a trick is to leave the warning on the screen and then run Rkill again. By not closing the warning, this typically will allow you to bypass the malware trying to protect itself so that rkill can terminate Security Tool . So, please try running Rkill until malware is no longer running. You will then be able to proceed with the rest of the guide.

    Do not reboot your computer after running rkill as the malware programs will start again!!!

    If you are still having problems… i will make another video sutible for your cause 😉

  175. This ‘security tool’ has been drving me insane!
    So far, I’ve been able to do the above suggested by ‘KyLO’ (#222) but can’t find my recycle bin to empty it! My desktop isnt showing and my background is a funny green colour.
    I’ve been searching for the last 45min but still can’t find it! GRRRRR!

  176. @Philly Keith
    Dude your way worked perfectly….no buying one spamware tool to erase another, no exhaustive processes, just to-the-point directions…..and results. You, sir, deserve a holiday named after you and a park made in your honor.

  177. kody112 :Reboot in safe mode I GUARANTEE YOU THIS WORKSbrowse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data
    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)
    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin
    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again I GUARANTEE YOU THIS WORKS

    Thank you for this -I was goofing up at the browse stage…I kept clicking Browse after typing in directory – Instead of OK–Press OK…guys/gals

    • Rhys : Have you scanned with any anti-spyware after it was gone? There might be a security vulnerability open by the security tool or some hidden trojan downloader. You HAVE to make sure everything is clean after you remove Security tool

  178. i downloaded the spydoc but the security tool wont let me download it!!! every time i try to open it to install it, it says somthing about sending me credit card deals or something help me FAST!!

  179. @Philly Keith
    Ok, great – I got to the application data and found the file and was trying to delete it to the Recycle bin and an error message popped up saying that it couldn’t delete, access denied. What do I do now????


  181. ok i got this damn virus to and its killing my computer! So you say that there is manual instructions what are they? how do i do it manually? I cant even open my desk top anymore. Please help me i dont want to download anything i just want it off manually! thanks.

  182. hi!! my computer was suddenly infected by security tool. i try too get ridd of it but i didnt make it. what can i do??? its really boring too have it on my computer! please help me!

  183. @securitytoolmurderer

    if you load normally, hit ctrl+alt+del before security tool loads, go to the processes tab and end the process that has a 8 numbered name, this will NOT solve the problem, this will allow you to use the computer to fix the problem.

    open up my computer and in the address bar at the top type the following and hit enter

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

    That will take you to the folder whether it is hidden or otherwise. There should be a file (sometimes more than one) that are also named with 8-digit numbers, Delete these then empty your recycle bin.

    Following this remove any desktop shortcut and startup item for security tools and empty recycle bin again.

    Restart your computer again and it should run ok. I would suggest running a registry cleaning software after to remove anything from there and also a scan with a program like Malwarebytes to hunt out the trojan that put security tools there.

    ::NOTE:: these file locations are for windows XP, if you are running Vista or Windows7 they may be in a different location, if this is the case, right click on the security tools icon on the desktop and click properties. Once this window opens hit the ‘find target’ button and it will take you to the folder housing security tools. Once there delete the numbered folders as in above instructions.

    If anyone is having trouble with the F8 safe mode boot, after killing the numerical prcess via the task manager open your start menu and go to run. Type in msconfig and hit enter

    this will bring up the windows configuration utility, go into the BOOT.INI tab and check the box marked /SAFEBOOT and the box saying minimal (if you want network access check the network box instead of minimal) then restart your computer. Leave it to start and it will automatically boot in safe mode

    ::NOTE:: When using msconfig it will continue to boot this way until you return to msconfig and tell it to reboot normally. when finished in safe mode, before restarting, run msconfig again, on the first screen check the option ‘normal startup’ and hit apply. Next time you restart it will load as normal. (again i have only tested this on XP so someone else will have to confirm for vista/windows7

    Hope this helps you guys as I read through and see a lot of repeated comments about the same things. Just trying to do my part as a previous victim of this wretched program.

    Good Luck

  184. I just did a system restore and it’s no longer on my desktop or in my tool bar or start up menu. Did this get rid of it? Anyone know?

  185. ok this security tool is driving me crazy!! I am scanning my spyware doctor but this thing makes my computer restart in the middle of my scan so.. is there any other way to remove this?? thxx

  186. ok i opened my mozilla firefox internet and it says

    “how embaressing
    firefox is having trouble recovering your windows and tabs
    you can try removing one or more tabs that you think cause the problem or start a new session.”

    Security tool-how to remove

    remove or start new session?????
    what do i do, pleaseee help

  187. I had a problem with this just yesterday i tried a ton of stuff to get rid of it but the popups never went away. i was in the middle of renewing my mcafee virus protection then it started to disable my internet and deleted all my desktop icons and i couldnt open files. It was on my toolbar and hiding in my files too.
    I went to a few sites that showed you how to get rid of it but that didnt work either. I actually had to call mcafee and just pay $90 for them to get rid of it for me. they were cheaper than dells virus removal and others. Im pissed i had to pay so much but at least they have a 100% guarantee that it will be removed. i wouldnt trust doing it myself since the virus can come back after being deleted.
    the safe mode only works for awhile but it will still be on your computer. supposidly the longer its hiding on there the more damage it’ll do. unless you know exactly which files to look in i would just have a pro do it. after getting rid of it i was finally able to renew my mcafee disk and it hasnt been back since. it took them about 20min to fix it. 90 bucks for 20min is crazy but it worked.

  188. Hi Guys
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the information on this page i was infected by this virus last night and after hours of trying found this site. Great and easy instructions.
    Thanks again.

  189. 1. Bootet the pc with Bart PE (windows-environment link:
    2. Removes those 8-10 digits exe-files (under UserData/All User/Application Data – remember to make those folder visible!)
    3. Boot af pc. “Security Tool” doesnt start anymore. (Blessings!)
    4. Doing Malwarebytes AntiMalware and looking for some patterns in registry (regedit)
    5. Have fun.

  190. ctrl alt delete as soon as windows logs on b4 virus boots up,open task manager,end process of the 8 digit number,go to documents and settings,application data delete security tools,get rid of it in start menu,and task bar if its still there,run a virus scan just in case,and yur gud!

  191. Omg i have this virus too omg i want it gone ASAP hellp something freee would do nice!!!! so annying i didnt know there was people out there having the same issues so lame man!

  192. Right:

    This caused me no end of aggro so thanks to all the helpful people who posted advice here.

    I got the number of the offending spyware program when I went to close down my PC – I got a message saying that one program won’t close etc – did I want to end now. The number of the spyware program was shown then – it was an eight digit number beginning with 4.

    I then restarted, hit ctrl-alt-delete immediately on start up, and went into processes, found the process with that number, and turned it off.

    I found that I was then able to run malwarebytes and remove all the related spyware components from my system. That was 15 minutes ago and everything seems okay now (touch wood).

    Thanks to those who suggested the ctrl-alt-delete on start up, if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have been able to open malwarebytes and get any further.

    This has now taken up around 2 hours of my day now…..#%&^*!

  193. Thank you Frank, you are an angel.
    Your directions allowed me to eliminate that devil “Security Tool” which turned out to be the KoobFace worm in disguise. I am certain my children picked up this infection from facebook. Now that my computer has been successfully de-wormed(shudder) I feel I should send everyone to the showers to wash away all traces of slime.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  194. Within an hour of aquiring it, the Security Tool virus quickly rendered my PC unusable, even though I subscribe to a low-end version of Norton Antivirus. Using another computer, I examined the options and decided I felt insecure trying to eliminate Security Tool by myself. I decided to go with Spyware Doctor. They charged me $30 but it may have been the best $30 I’ve ever spent. The trick was starting Task Manager at boot-up to silence the virus temporarily and regain use of the computer to download and run the eradication program. They tell you how to do that. I am quite satisfied with the results. The only thing I seem to have had to restore is the custom background picture for my desktop. They tell you it only takes minutes, and that’s true for the actual eradication once you have and have registered the software, but the download and registration process took me an hour. I’ve had Spyware Doctor less than a day and it has already caught other incoming infections so I feel pretty confident recommending this for folk like me who aren’t particularly technologically savvy.

  195. I was flustered for 2 days with this @&$#ing thing
    then I found this site and did the reboot in safe mode
    went to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data and looked for 8 digit file (ex. 91908431) and deleted it and then emptied recycle bin
    then I rebooted normally and then deleted all shortcuts on desktop and elsewhere to Security Tool and then emptied recycle bin
    that was it gone!!!
    I then ran my registry fixer (iolo system mechanic professional)did registry scan and clean it found all remnants of this Security Tool and removed it
    I installed malwarebytes anti-malware and ran that
    finished and clean

    try this method it really works…..take it from someone that was ready to kick my computer and to hunt down the inventors of this vicious virus and kill them!!

  196. I really hope whoever created this is jailed or seriously prosecuted.

    I can’t believe people have such no life to sit at home for hours on end creating something like this. It doesn’t make you popular.
    Going to try and remove now.

  197. Security Tool eneded up on my computer. I read through this entire forum, deleted the things that people here suggested (I had several instances of the 8 digit numbers in the App Data Folder and in Registry) and then cleaned with Malwarebytes to get what was left of the beast.

    Everything seems to be fine with one exception. If I try to type in something in a search window of google or yahoo, I get no results back from the search. Bottom left corner of pane says “Done”. But, if I type a web address in the top of Internet Explorer it will go to any website. I went to Microsoft site and can search using the “Bing” search window and get results.

    Now my question, did this thing mess up Internet Explorer? How can I fix this. I was going to reload IE8 but wanted to get you guys feedback first.

    Thanks You all so much for letting us know how to destry the Security Tool

  198. Folks,

    For all those Vista users, what worked for me was booting up in safe mode and then restoring the computer to a couple days prior

  199. @Philly Keith

    Philly Keith YOU ARE the MAN!!! It worked! However, idk if anyone else has this problem but my icons and page are huge. I have gone into resize and such but o no avail! Still big icons and the page seems zoomed… Again, I went into everything to re-size fonts and fix page size but nothing. All systems are working great except for this. I also did a simple sytem restore. Should I just back up everything and run a full recovery?

    Help, please! YOU ROCK! btw =)

  200. What the crap is going on?? AHHHHH! I have a spyware terrminator already in my system how do i get rid of this stupid security tool thing, this sucks! Every two seconds the stupid security tool wants to me remove all the “bad” programs!

  201. This had bothered me for 2 days it kept popping up with things saying like this is trying to send credit card info and i was scared but so then i rebooted my computer and went into safe mode then i right clicked the icon in my desktopand went to properties then i put locate file i think and it asked if i wanted to delete it i put yes i did this for about three times and then i went to the start menu and looked for the progrm and deleted it for two timesthen i shut my computer down and turned back on and its fine now i have windows vista
    hope this helps

  202. @Jimmy Lim
    Jimmy Lin, you are my hero. Followed your instructions and they worked beautifully. The world needs more people like you and a whole lot less of the moron(s) that designed the bug. Thanks mate.

  203. I am trouble shooting my wifes laptop which is running Vista. I wasnt able to follow the paths given in some of the previous texts but: I did a system restore and have rebooted 3 times. So far so good. Good luck people.

  204. I`ve downloaded the spyware-doctor and Malewarebytes anti-maleware , but when i trying to install it security tool says it`s infected and i can`t install it
    I can`t reboot in safe mode and task maneger dosen`t work .
    Help me please

  205. I have already found the 8digit file and deleted and this has worked thus far succesfully (1hr). Google search now just goes to a blank screen when searching. Does anyone no how to sort this out?

  206. Red :I`ve downloaded the spyware-doctor and Malewarebytes anti-maleware , but when i trying to install it security tool says it`s infected and i can`t install itI can`t reboot in safe mode and task maneger dosen`t work .Help me please

    I have already found the 8digit file and deleted and this has worked thus far succesfully (1hr). Google search now just goes to a blank screen when searching. Does anyone no how to sort this out?

  207. I have this crap on my laptop. I boot in safe mode but when I access the dir for the Application Data, all I get Volume serial number. There are no files. What now?

  208. ok, I just did restore back to a date before the virus hit. What else do I need to do? I don’t want to touch it until I know it’s gone! Thanks!

  209. @Red: You have to use manual instruction instead, I’ve blocked with this software and I can’t even install my Super Anti-Spyware. To use manual instruction, you have to run windows in safe mode, then right-click on Security Tool properties, then click find target/open file location, then delete the software. After that, you have to open registry editor, then delete the registry folder that has a same name with what you’ve deleted before. Hope this could help.

  210. Hi ^_^ just got infected last night and went through hell all day today. ^_^
    read the tips up a above and did some things to stop it from appearing while I searched for help. I tried windows defender and stopped it from appearing at startup and further on. it hasn’t bothered me now. I’ll try and go on safe mode and do what you guys tried to do to permanently take it out of it’s misery…

  211. Everthing is working and I cant find any more files of Security tool but it is still blocking all download and update sites on the internet. How do I fix this?

    • Steve: Check which error you get on BSOD. You can remove security tool without “safe mode”, for that you have to press couple times ctrl+shift+esc during login phase of windows so task manager launches. Stop numerical processes and then delete them.

  212. well, like you i have Security tool crap. it won’t let me open IE, nor do i have a system restore (not sure if S/Tool disables that? or renders it unusable?) nor am i able to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get task manager. i have vista/32bit home edition. can someone give me a rundown how to rid this POS Security Tool and what i should do to prevent against it or future invasions? i use Spybot and update it weekly. also adaware and use it weekly and i use the Free AVG that runs daily at nooon. once, i used this other program (ashampoo i think) and it cleared my that my system restore? i hope not…thanks for your help. jo3y in baytown.

  213. OMG… my computer got the security tool.. im trying to download the spyware doctor but the security tool is blocking it. what should i do? help me please,,

  214. I have this on a computer at work so it’s pretty important that I fix it… I can’t use task manager and I can’t use safe mode. I can hardly even get to the start bar because this virus makes my computer SO slow… how am I supposed to fix this?

    • Candance : Try launching task manager right after boot (keep hitting ctrl+shift+esc).. Virus might need time to launch. Another alternative is downloading process explorer .

  215. @jo3y So far today I’ve been able to stop it three times with Windows Defender. I, like you,would like to eliminate it completely. It’s amazing that most of the removal answers are so difficult to read. If I discover something this afternoon, I’ll try to make it simple enough for me to understand.

  216. On my laptop, the file shows up as c:/ProgramData\41818325 I deleted it there, and in software in Defender, and from desktop. It hasn’t shown up for about 3 hours now. Windows Defender seemed very successful at temporarily stopping the file. I ran two other anti-virus programs and they didn’t recognize it.

  217. my desktop is blank i almost always get the stop screen ( the blue screen ) and i cant take this “tool” off!! Please help me get this thing off! Thank you.

  218. The best thing to do is use Norton Antivirus. Spyware doctor is great and all but it’ll detect things on the computer that isn’t there. If u can’t buy the full Norton Antivirus or Internet Security get the trial version and it’ll find the security tool and delete it for you.

  219. You know, me and my wife just spent the last few hours trying to get this mess removed from our desktop. To who ever the person is who wrote this mess, please pray that i dont find you. The painful things I want to do to you are massive.

  220. My husband was able to get the virus deleted and it looks like it is gone for now. However, if the pop up appears again what is the very first thing we should do at that point in time? Thanks so much and Happy New Year.

  221. I think this worked for me on my wifes laptop… I disabled her wireless connection to stop ST from updating or getting out, restarted her computer and interrupted the boot into safe mode. When windows launched, I started task-manager immeadiately, which was up in the back ground, even though ST was still giving messages, Task Manager stayed up. I found the numeric dll process and ended it, then I was able to get into her system menu to restore to an earlier checkpoint. I installed malwarebytes on my computer via flash and transferred to her via flash, allowed it to update and it ran great, it is running now, and working like it did before the virus. Maybe this helps, It did for me.

  222. A couple months ago I purchased Spyware Doctor onto my computer but somehow it is not getting rid of this “Security Tool” that has been popping up the last few days. (As someone suggested above) I was able to delete a couple of folders with an 8 digit name but one remains unable to be removed. Anyway i’m doing all the possible scans on Spyware Doctor yet it still is not removing this darned Security Tool. what to do? what to do?…

    • Nina : Have you updated Spyware Doctor? This is weird, because I am possitive that Spyware Doctor removes most of the versions of Security tool. Try doing update (in safe mode with networking) and performing full scan.

  223. Pls help me..

    I have downloaded Malwarebytes until I can’t open this file bcoz security tool blok my desktop icons and I get just black background. when I open Malwarebytes from document, I can see just malware icon but, I can’t run this..
    How can I do?

  224. I got this stupid security tool thing, too and was at my wits end trying to get rid of it. Believe me, I am not a savvy computer user, just a 67 yr. old grandma so if I can get rid of it, you can, too. I truly had to shut down my computer by hand as the Sec. Tool wouldn’t even let me close it down normally. Once it started booting up, I just kept clicking control/alt/del until the list of processes appeared. I searched for the one which had 8 numbers in it (hides the Sec. Tool app.) and clicked to remove it. Bingo! Worked like a charm and it’s now gone.

  225. @Randy
    thanks for the tip on ctrl alt delete when its starting up!!! i couldnt access anything bc this stupid thing would prevent anything from opening. so getting it to stop in the set up before it was running helped at least to get into a program and online. so now im going thru one of the free spyware thats supposed to catch this one. wish me luck!

  226. i just got this stupid virus like 8 hours ago.
    im in C:/Users/Linda, but i cant seem to find App Data. nor i can find the file in C:/Program Files/. please help. im very new at this stuff..

  227. i recently got this shit on my comp. i followed everything but the only problem now is that when i open firefox, explorer etc it all runs really really slow! i’ve been scanning my computer every hour and its getting really irritating anyone can help me with this?

  228. Thanks to all the helpful hints in this thread I was able to remove Security Tool but now my computer is REALLY slow. Any advice to bring it back up to what it was before? Thanks in advance

  229. What i did was restarted my system and wile it was starting up in windows i pressed Alt+Ctrl+Del and stopped the service. It was under some Number 364…. I just stopped that and after that i was able to run a normal Cleaning program. Try that.

  230. Got this on my PC today, here is what I did:
    (I use vista)
    Somwhow it downloaded itself from a website (laaame)
    And it tried to launch “CMD” several times, but vista will block any action (first time im greatfull for it)
    So I disabled my internet connection, then I restarted my computer (removing the power) restarted in safemode, followed the shortcut on my desktop (SecurityTools) and it led me to the .exe which I deleted and now im letting AVG do a linescan before I restart my pc normaly.

    Seems to be gone so far

  231. omg liike the system security has like tooootally crashed my new laptop…cus liike first i was online and then the system tool popup came up and i accidently clicked ok and it downloaded a bunch of crap on my pc and like now i cant get on to itunes or anything else!!!!..this thing is really pissing me off i tried using the instructions on how to remove it but likeee…i dont wanna download anything else cus im scared ill jst break it some more….i meaan like really im like a teenager….I NEED MY COMPUTER!!

  232. My cumputer was infected with Security Tool virus. I have followed this guide:

    How to manually remove Security Tool Virus
    1.Stop Security Tool Processes: [random numbers].exe
    2.Remove Security Tool Files
    3.C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\[random numbers]\
    4.C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\[random numbers]\[random numbers].exe
    5.Remove Security Tool Registry Keys
    *HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Security Tool
    *HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Security Tool
    6.Remove Security Tool Startup Entry: [random numbers].exe

    And it seems to work okay, no sign of Security tool or other popups.
    I have one problem left and it is my google search that doesn´t work. If I search for a word in google, it just like freeze and goes no where.
    I dont no if this problem relates to security tool, but it started after i had the virus installed.

    I hope someone can help me!

    • Per : disable proxy server and empty your hosts file. Also, do a follow up scan with spyware doctor to make sure there are no additional parasites left.

  233. Oh thank you SO, SO, SO, SO much! I spent the last two hours in a fret over this horrible, nasty, headache riddled program. It would NOT let me boot up in safe mode. I used CTRL/ALT/DEL and ended the program which finally let me run the C:/Documents and Settings/all users/application data, deleted the file and emptied my recycle bin. This took care of it!

  234. hi just woundering how to get rid of this stupid thing its on my laptop i dont no how to get rid of it permanintly can you help if so can you explain it in really simple terms as i am not that good with computers thanks

  235. C:\Winsows\System32\config\systemprofile\Start Manu\Programs

    I found another one there. o.o

    what i did is Restarted my computer quickly did ctrl+alt+del ( task Manager)

    Removed stranger numbered or named exes ( that i have never seen before )

    then quickly removed security tool on desktop

    then removed 1 in

    C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data

    numbered folder

    and in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Start Manu\Programs

    and in Start> All programs on the last list . I remived Securuty tool again.

    That makes 4 Security tools files installed.

    By the way i’m not familiar with the other exes in Task manager:


    Siszyd32.exe ( i alse see it in Satart up in all praograms [ Start.All Programs)

    any 32 numbered exes ;o are they bad?

  236. I need help!
    My school’s computer is infected with the virus!
    It almost totally crashed!
    The computer can only start internet explorer and documents!

  237. I’ve successfully removed the security tool virus using the tutorial on UTUBE and Anti-Malware software. However, when I try to do a search on Internet Explorer, I get a blank page. If I have a bookmark, it will bring me there and display correctly, but if I do a new search a get a blank page. I’ve tried reseting I.E. I’ve tried reinstalling I.E. I’ve tried installing Firefox. No change. I’ve run Spyware Doctor and it says I’m clean. Please advise.

  238. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted you were not only helpful but some provided comic relief which was very much needed.

  239. this is annoying me. i thought it was a bit suspicious and am glad i looked it up on the net,now i just have to remove this shit.

  240. Was called this evening by a client. They were infected by Security Tool. Could not get online and their desktop was jacked. I began by starting his Windows XP machine in safe mode. From there I ran CMD and disabled ALL his Services and Start Up items. I then renamed his most recently modified files in Windows/System32/config (with old as the extension, not all modified files let me rename them.) After doing that I back to Windows and opened C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (unhide files!) and deleted two numerical files. We shut down his computer and then logged in normally. Things appear normal for now but I will check his computer again in a day or two. His desktop icons are back and he is able to get online once again. Needless to say I think that these people should be hit by a massive ‘Technical malfunction’ and their Servers be akin to a McDonald french fry, Fried Long and Hard!!!

  241. Here’s my story how to get and get rid of Security tool, if you can start in Safe mode (If you just want to know how to lose it, skip down to 20 🙂 )

    1 Download zip folder Zuma deluxe from your torrentz supplier of choice
    2 Open and click on anything that looks like install.exe
    3 Play Zuma
    4 Go to sleep
    5 Wake up and find your computer taken over by aliens
    6 Try to fix it your self
    6 Try to fix it your self
    6 Try to fix it your self
    9 Call friends and follow their advice
    10 Find this site and follow all advices here
    11 Still find your computer taken over by aliens
    12 Go to your local drugstore and buy a huge amount of alcohol
    13 Drink
    14 Pass out in front of computer, angry
    15 Wake up on floor in front of computer
    16 Puke on your spouse’s clothes
    17 Argue with your spouse
    18 Kiss and make up, have wonderful hangover/make up sex
    19 Find new solutions

    20 Start your pc in safe mode with network
    21 Go to and download Housecall
    22 Follow instructions
    23 Wait for scanning result (in my case, 4 hours)
    24 Restart, nervously
    25 Heureka! No more Security tool!
    26 Clean up some leftover files like C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data and other good adviced places recommended above in this thread (I also deleted Zuma and all of it’s content)
    27 For security, I re-installed Firefox, Msn, Msn live and other programmes using straight up internet.

    Good luck!

  242. security tool is destroying me
    i just got this laptop and now i am considering another.
    I’m not the best with computers and i dont no where to search for security tool files and how to delete them. the instructions don’t go in depth enough for someone with low computer training to follow.

  243. A computer geek since 1958. How to prevent this infection:
    Post a notice showing the Security scam page OR simply detailing what it looks like “Security Alert: You are infected with xxxxxx viruses”.
    1. STOP IMMEDIATELY whatever you are doing. It is better to redo than try to remove this beast.
    2. Disconnect physically from the internet by removing the CAT5 cable or power off the cable modem. This prevents sending an acknowledgment to the rogue server.
    3. do one of these: Power off the PC (DO NOT do a shutdown)by pulling the power cord or turning the power supply OFF. (2) Turn off the power strip, if used. (3). Turn off the battery backup, if used.

    Then power on the PC but leave the network cable disconnected.
    Enter safe mode (F8) with networking.
    Open Internet Explorer. Then open Tools/internet options/ remove cookies and temporary internet files.

    Has worked every time for me and my users….

  244. @Craig
    hi all
    my desk top was empty too, accidentally found that if you right click on the empty part of the tool bar it gives you the option of ‘display desktop’ it disappears periodically but you can just do it again to see icons again.

  245. i started following your instructions, but now when i reboot it automatically goes to the pre-screen with SAFE MODE on it. if i choose NORMALLY BOOT nothing happens, all other options start scanning driver files and get stuck on:


    what i’ve read is that i need to run a restore from the boot disc, but this is a netbook w/o a drive. any ideas before i have to turn to external/networked drive?


  246. I’m gonna SNAP. Idk how this stupid thing got on my laptop but I cannot get it off. I went into program files and deleted the numeric file in the security tool file and all the icons blah blah blah and then restarted this thing and it’s STILL here. I cannot open task manager. I have no idea what I’m doing. Can someone please explain in english??
    1) Reboot in safe mode

    then what??….

  247. So I didn’t mean to click on the subscribe button or whatever it was I clicked. That’s what i get for not paying much attention. I am in safe mode right now with network connections. When I go back to the regular settings I can’t get into anything. Not even task manager to shut anything down. Everytime I Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose task manager it flashes on the screen for a second like it’s trying real hard to start but then goes away. While I am in safe mode there are no security tool processes or applications running or at least I can’t find any of them, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. As for renaming the files I haven’t tried but I couldn’t rename anything in normal mode if I wanted to, and if I rename it in safemode will the changes carry to normal mode when I restart? Thanks so much!!

    • Renae: If you rename something in safe mode, it will stay renamed in normal.
      To start task manager, try hitting ctrl+shift+esc right after logging in in windows. Security tool might be not active then and will not close task manager.

  248. my wifes pc has this freaking virus. i run avast virus w/spybot, and windows defender. when the pc boots up, all that crap comes up. using task mgr, i noticed another window open, i used alt tab to cycle thru the windows, low and behold, windows defender found the threat and allowed me to remove all (uh huh), so, rebooted, same ole. but now i have the knoweldge to let WD shut down the sw which allows/ed the removal via the method above (manual) some of the entries, etc weren’t on the system, but most were. good luck to you..

  249. security tool interruption has delayed the completion of my grandchildren’s homework assignments. Really don’t appreciate that!!!!!

  250. I have not gotten rid of Security Tool yet, but what has helped me, so I can get in and out of programs without being over ridden by Security Tool is stopping the computer and installing the Drivers and Utilities disc that came with my computer (leave it until you find the answer). You will still get popups, but you can over ride them.

  251. i cant believe i got this too – i did the ctl+alt thingy but cant fnd the next step:- 2. Delete security tool files (see under files in our guide)

    can you please point me in the right direction

    …but so far i go tno pop ups thank god!!!

    thanks for this guide guys!!!!

  252. Philly Keith’s way of deleting Security Tool works beautifully: it’s fast, easy, and gets rid of it in minutes. One thing that was differnt I went to look for application data in documents and settings, but it was not there. For people who encountered the same problem is easily remedied if you go to the start menu and type in the address Philly Keith had put in: C:\documents and settings/ all users/ application data

  253. Por fabor remuevan su oferta de mi computer ya que esta bloqueada y no me deja trabajar por esto les p[ido que remuevan su inicio de instalacion porque no lo quiero Gracias

  254. I got a new laptop for christmas, and now Security Tool has started saying I have loads of trojans and viruses. It keeps saying stuff about: vdsldr.exe and stealing credit details or something whenever I’m doing nothing. I just want a completly FREE remover of Security Tool, because this ‘Spyware Doctor’ still makes you pay money to remove the stuff…For god’s sake…Just please can somebody just help me. GOD DAMMIT! I CAN’T DO ANYTHING!!! FFS!

  255. My sons laptop has just been infected with security tool, spent all aftrenoon trying to get rid of it. in the end i tryed systerm restore which took the systerm back 2 days and somehow it worked. all runing ok now. very easy to do and i cant beleve it worked. i hope this help someone.

  256. hey David, I got rid of security tool on my pc by 1st rebooting your computer, pressing F8 as the computer starts back up BEFORE the windows screen with the blue loading bar begins. then scroll to SAFE MODE.Then press enter. when your normal screen pops up, click on the start menu, then control options. double click on file options, it should be on your left in the first row. scroll down and click show hidden files and folders, click apply, then ok. Right click on start menu, click explore, click on documents and settings, All Users, the first file on the list should show 8 digits. this is the file you want to delete.right click on it, click delete, it should disappear right away. then reboot in normal mode, and download a free antivirus to find and uninstall security tool or manually do it from your files.

  257. Thanks for all the good infos. In my case, in safe mode there was no process running. All I had to do is to delete files and entries in the registry named “94754837” and shortcuts to Security Tool. I ran CCleaner after to remove remaining spyware traces.

  258. I would just like to repeat Ben’s message above … i used that method successfully …a bit of searching but pretty straight forward

    MANY MANY thanks to u guys and gals who contributed

  259. people, help me! my laptop worsen. my folder option is missing, my task manager has been disable, cant do system restore, cant boot in the safe mode. when i choose to boot in safe mode windows will turn back to the safe mode screen again and again till i still have to chose start windows normally. i follow the step above, but i cant do anything. people help me. 🙁

  260. i have 2 diff. kinds of security tool warning popping up on my lap top how do i get this off i have tried alot of stuff .. dont want to spend money that i dont have to get it fixed..

  261. had security tool on laptop with windows 7. spydoctor said it removed it. when i rebooted still there. I then right clicked on security tool shortcut went to target file in the open folder location then deleted it. it said C:program data 71113244 not C:\documents… before rebooting ran spy doctor it did not find the virus. rebooted with no problem. I did notice that while trouble shooting the virus seemed to counteract whatever i did. I was able to get into safemode at first then i was blocked.

    • crewchiefvh60 : Do you have a firewall? I would guess it is either an infected computer on your network OR a new rootkit/trojan that redownload security tool. Do following :
      1. Delete your internet cache in your browser.
      2. Scan with spyware doctor again, do a full scan (not fast one)
      3. without reboot, scan with some other anti-malware ( malwarebytes is ok, superantispyware, etc).
      4. Reboot.

  262. thank you so much for the information guys, angel you got the best way to remove the security tool virus. thanks thanks so much

  263. HELP!!!! I have Vista, I had Security Tool virus.Thanks to #248 King Timmy,I was able to get removed. Then I ran my BObit Security 360 & clean programs & cleaned the registry & files. I had disconnected my AirCard(wireless) while I was doing this. I got a new AirCard from Sprint Mobile. We’ve spent two days trying to get connected. I have turned off security programs & firewall but cann’t connect to internet.Get error ” wizard cann’t connect to internet” Did I turn off IE some way??? PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Katie : Do not use IOBit Security. They use a stolen database from other security manufacturer, so I would guess they are not too reliable on updates themselves.

  264. Please HELP!!!!! I have a desktop with Vista. I had Security tool virus but thanks to KingTimmy #248 his easy to read & understand directions,I got it removed. I ran IObit Security 360 & also cleaned the resitery. While I was doing this,I uninstalled & removed my mobile broadband to be sure it won’t sneak back in while I was working. After when I tryed to reinstall Mobile broadband it won’t work. I got a new AirCard & been working with Sprint. We disinabled the security program & firewall to be sure “Sprint SmartView” was getting in. But cann’i connect to IE,say’s “wizard cann’t connect to internet”

  265. i don’t know what to do. i went on my face-book today, and Security tool just popped up and started ruining everything. I can’t do anything. I’m totally lost. i don’t even know where to start.

  266. the security tool blacks out my background and eliminates the icons. it also disables many programs such as windows media, word, internet explorer, and even my antivirus program. what should i do?

  267. admin. yes i have a firewall my wife got security tool from facebook pop-up. since removing it from the folder no more problems

  268. Security tool is very annoying – wouldnt let me download any spyware programs.(not too mention annoying popups) If having this problem….when booting up computer press F8 and select safe mode with networking. You should be able to download spyware doctor or use windows defender to eliminate effects of security tool. A computer repair center wanted $150 to fix problem but i purchased spyware doctor for $29.95 and it fixed the problem within minutes. Simple and fast – Highly recommended!!!!

  269. Your website rocks. My sisters computer got security tool and I thought it was toast. Did philly’s version in safe mode and it worked. It wouldnt let me pull up recycle bin in safe mode, so after I deleted nos. I shut down/rebooted and deleted recycle bin after normal restart. It worked. Thank you for having a site like this.

  270. I got Security Tool on my laptop yesterday and I’m tryin Keith’s idea I have windows 7, When i try to browes my documents and settings folder is locked any ideas. Please if anyone can help. Thanks

  271. I too was picked up the “Security Tool” virus. I installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, and it rid my laptop of the menace,

  272. @Philly Keith

    You are the man!!!…Thanks so much. Your instructions was right on. Didn’t have to download anything. I just followed your instructions. Had two set of 8 digit random numbers attached to a folder. I Deleted them and I am as happy as can be. Been at this now for three hours. I am praying it holds. Thanks.

  273. @kody112
    thanks my pc stock 3 months ago for having this bad boy virus, and suddenly i found your post which i follow your instruction and it works… well done to you guys, as well as philly, good job….

  274. reboot in safe mode -when restart your pc press f8 continously
    when already in safe mode, right click the security tool icon, find target or open folder then delete, then empty recycle bin

  275. I had to tackle this last night. I wanted to say two things: first, several other sites recommended that after you enter safe mode, to go to System Restore and turn it off until after the virus is removed. This makes sure the virus is not saved in a restore point in case you need to go back later on. Secondly, if you use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (I did and it worked great), you NEED to update it in order to catch Security Tools. Make sure you are running in Safe Mode with Networking, and if you are running on a laptop, your WiFi will be disabled in Safe Mode, so plug it directly into the router. Hope that helps! We ended up with 6 other trojans as well as Security Tools, so be on the lookout.

  276. @kody112
    Everyone listen to kody112 instructions. This virus plagued my computer and was driving me abolutely nuts. I tried everything, was ready to buy a program to rid my laptop of it, take it to a professional at the tune of $200.00. Kody 112’s suggestions were easy and it worked in a flash. Thank you kody112. you saved my day….My hero.!!!!!

  277. After getting this virus, my computer will not reboot at all. I’ve tried rebooting it in safe mode, etc and it lists a bunch of files to halfway down the screen and then freezes. Is there anything I can do?

    • Angela : repair instalation with rescue disk. If you can’t or it will not help, you will have to bring PC to techs or backup data on another pc and reinstal windows.

  278. So glad I found this site. My computer became infected a few days ago. Followed kody112 instructionS above which got rid of it entirely. THANKS SO MUCH!

  279. @Philly Keith…thank you so much for the info…it worked on my vista^^, …thanks to this site as well…more power y’all ^^,

  280. @ATL Thanks so much ATL this worked so good for me I got this fuking mess by watching music videos in yahoo I spended a good 8 hours trying to fix it till i found your advice, my god what a relief u rock, thank you, thank you, thank you. my computer is nice clean and working in full capacity yea once I deleted all those folders with the numbers and started my computer the only thing left over was a icon in my screen I inmidiatly sended that sucker into the ricycle bin and emtied jaja yeaaa. put my screen picture back and good to go. jaja how you like me now mr. security tool,kizz my ss.

  281. I am so tired of this security tool thing because it itself is a tool. I want it off of my computer NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone please help me get this off my computer… It is not allowing my to use my magic jack and it wont let me access my files for school… I have downloaded spy ware doctor and that didnt work and I dont have a credit card so i am screwed there. I need some answers.. I cant afford some fancy puter cleaning system or any house calls… Please help!!!!

  282. I tried to do the process of removing Security Tool but I only went to the stopping the numerical processes part. Should I just skip that step and move onto removing Security Tool files?

  283. I’m not really sure how it works, I downloaded the intelliscan, but I still have a lot of infections, how do I get rid of them? And, security tool goes away each time I scan, but when I didnt scan it, it stayed there, so how am I just entiltled to scan each time I log in to the computer? And how do you remove files?

  284. I hope I’m not past the point of saving, but my laptop won’t even boot-up. I’m running vista, and I get to the point where it says “Resuming Windows” and then no more picture. I tried putting my reinstallation disk in but it doesn’t help.
    Any advice?

  285. I with this Heather girl(woman)! These security tool people need to be shot!!!!! Quit screwing with people. This has to be one of the most inconsiderate things I have ever seen! I also can’t afford to have my computer fixed. Please send help this way too!!!!!!!

  286. Hello,
    I just recieved security tool several days ago and it has been driving me nuts everr sincee. Is there a FREE download that knocks it off of the computer? Because the information you provided is not quite working with my computer or I should say I dont understand it. Can you please write back to me a FREE recommended download that will not only kill security tool but will also not slow down my computer. I would appreciate it.
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  287. For my computer I used System Restore, wich you can acess by hitting the start button (which should still work), then going to all programs, then Accesories, then go down to system tools and you should find System Restore there.

  288. I just got this today and it is now off of my laptop…this is what I did.
    I restarted my comp….hit f8 right after the restart went into safe mode. Once logged into windows went to start….then to accessories and the to system restore. Restored to a date before this lame a$$ virus took over and wallllaaa! gone:) Hope it works for everyone!

  289. I just got this spyware today and i removed it with the steps you gave to remove it. I also have a question, after removing this program is it going to affect my computer or take any passwords???? thank you for your help…..

  290. This is hell but i recon i will just put a fresh install of windows 7 on my pc but atm malwayre bytes its workin what i did was go into safe mode and i deleted all u needed files and programs then ran 10 antivirus full scan all findin different things then using malwayre bytes in normal mode and hoping for this to work,,,,,,

  291. Picked up this virus on our home computer last night. After spending a couple of hours trying to deal with it I found this site and worked through using system restre. I am running Windows 7 and it looks like we are good. Thanks for the help in working through this. Responsible parties for this virus should be SHOT!

  292. Thank you so much Philly Keith, my daughter called and was going nuts over this for hours and I came along this site to see what we can do and you saved us. Bless you and thank you so very much!

  293. Security Tool isn’t letting me onto anything without popups for their system and everything! Its driving me inasane! And it hacked into my personal documents, saw how much I loved Germany, and now all my warnings and popups are in German! Oh, and it went ahead and deleted all my icon things on my screensaver, and it deleted my screensaver! Now its just all black! Help me, please!

  294. This realy helped i couldnt go to seconds without security tool poping up! i dont see why these hakers need to mess up ur computer it can cause the person being hacked alot of trouble. I realy hate when stuff like this happens. This happened to me befor with a program called MaCatte it was tring to descise its self as MacAffee. Thankyou for the help i appreiciated ALOT!!!!

  295. i got rid of security tool i think,i don’t know anything about computers, i read alot of remedies online to get rid of it but kept getting more confused. i went to safe mode pressing F8. i right clicked the security tool icon, went to properties and it showed the target file and name of the file i clicked “find target” and a 7 or 8 digit file popped up with the damn security tool logo with that same 7 or 8 digits next to it, i deleted it and booted up normally and it never popped back up i went back and forth from safe mode to normal…. nothing,i deleted the icon and i think that’s it. I’M A HAPPY MOTHERF…..!!!!!!hope someone else tries this, goodluck.

  296. Sharon :Philly Keith, you are a genius!!!!!! Have been pulling my hair out for days with this. Fingers crossed it stays away. Many, many thanks.

    what workeddddddddddddd? do tell me im going nuts 🙁

  297. I had the same virus. What a pain. I started up in safe mode (F8) then clicked on restore. I choose a date earlier than the date the virus took hold.
    This worked for me I am running windows 7

  298. okay this is the most annoying virus ever. i downloaded like 50 things to help but absolutley nothing is working. please help me step by step i don’t get how to remove it and im going insane

  299. Thanks for all the advice to get rid of this pest.
    Philly Keith’s method hits the nail on the head. Also, someone advised to hit “ALT/CTRL/DEL” keys twice to bring up TASK MGR (under PROCESSES) and then END the 8 digit numeric process to get temporary stop Security Tool. This worked and gave me back control of my PC.
    I fortunately had the Free version of SuperAntiVirus on my system (Win XP) and was able to run a scan and it detected & deleted 23 infections and fixed. There were several files with the 8 digit numeric names in “documents and settings”.
    I would recommend the SuperAntiVirus Free version, even though it did Not prevent Security Tool infection it got rid of it.
    Philly Bud

  300. I’ve just got rid after hours of stress……

    1) ctrl/alt/tab whilst booting to bring up task manager before security tool loads.

    2) Goto processes tab and find the process that is made of numbers and has about 10-15 processes going, select this and end process.

    3) Goto system restore (start-all programs-accessories-system tools- system restore) and follow the steps to restore to when you like. (I went 3 days!!)

    Worked for me, good luck!!!

  301. i had the sam prblem but i reboted my pc and prest F8 emidetly
    ven i did that i reinstald my software so ewry ting on my harddriwe vas delited
    its a good opsin but you will lose all your work music and game files

  302. @Philly Keith
    tried rebooting in safe mode and every time i do i am not allowed to scroll through the options to get to safe mode and am just kicked back to regular mode anyone have any suggestions?

  303. blue carbuncle :I hope that whoever creates this crap is not only sued out of existence, but also has a massive car wreck that kills them, their children’s children, and even people they sent a text to yesterday. Why would it be considered illegal to kick their teeth in?


    lisa :okay this is the most annoying virus ever. i downloaded like 50 things to help but absolutley nothing is working. please help me step by step i don’t get how to remove it and im going insane

    Amen 2 that!!! this thing is DRIVING ME FN MAD CRAZY!!!! I am going crazy 4 real!! The person who created this should b found & punished 2 the max!!!

  304. i have tried eveything!!!!this is driving me nuts!
    can someone simply walk me thur doing this in safemode.i dont know how to do that!please help”{

  305. Philly Keith you are a star. Thanks a lot. This thing was getting really irritating and would not let me delete in normal mode. I totally agree with blue carbunkle.I hope the creator of this program rots in hell. I also hope they crap in their pants for a whole year and have chilli rubbed on their private parts followed by lemon juice for extra burn sensation.

  306. @Philly Keith
    Just removed SECURITY TOOL spyware from my windows xp computer. For non tech savvy user I stumbled through the directions and removed the virus in less than 30 minutes. I spent hours researching all the tech options I found on the internet and chose Philly Keiths methods based upon favorable replies I found from users on this forum. This is the second time I have been hit with similar spyware. The first time I was tricked into purchasing a non workable spyware program. Cost me $75.00 to clean up my computer. Beware the SECURITY TOOL spyware looks so very much like the legitimate AVG spyware program I have installed on my computer, I almost fell for it. The cavet was the fake security messages would not let me exit the screen or removed the messages from the screen. I had legitimate secirity programs installed on my computer; AVG free, Spybot search & contol & Malewarebytes-anti maleware and still got the virus. Plaudits to Phlly Keith and this website – LIFE SAVER!

  307. @admin
    avast does work if u can get it on ur computer before security tool pops up. I have it (avast) on the computer I am using now and doing pretty good job so far…, but didn’t hjave avast on the other computer and have security tool and now I can’t get logged on to take my pix off:( Help anyone????

    • Lisa : Use manual removal instructions to stop Security tool processes. Also, you will have better result with any tool that targets malwares/spyware rogues than generic antivirus like avast.

  308. I had problems with “security tool” as well, it took me hours to fix but what finally worked for me was ending numerical processes under task manager, doing a search for both any files with that number AND any files named “security tool” (this part allows you to delete the desktop shortcut as well,) and emptying the recycle bin. Afterwards I used AVG free version to delete anything I may have missed, after that a reboot and everything was fine, my desktop was back to normal and all the annoying pop ups gone. I attempted Spyware Doctor first but I would not recommend it to anyone because although the free version will locate the malicious software you must first purchase the premium version for it to quarantine/delete the problematic files.

  309. I’ve got this security tool thing. and as everybody else trying to deleted file, I did same..
    ofcourse don’t let me deleted. so I unplug from internet ( sine virus come through internet) while internet not connected,I clearn up all file everythings while internet is deseable.. and by chance it all cearn up…
    but I was allmost singe up my credit card etc..for just wanted over it..and my question is since they correct money though credit card…can we trace back them…? I know it’s not easy things as I thought..but somebody have to correct money from acount…so hope they go jail or get punish very long time!

  310. I cannot find the specified files needed to remove this Security Tool….I’ve tried everything and I still cannot find what I need to remove it.

  311. Hello everyone here
    I’ve recently been hit by Security Tool. i readed most things on the website like all of you[most of you] it didn’t work so i devised my own cure for my pc by reading some of the usefull info on here i added it to my own remedy which was get the tastbar up a second after i’ved logged in then deleted the proccessort and after it literaly nothing else worked so what i did was use the deletion of the security tool which keeps the security tool maintained untill you relog again then used the SYSTEM RESTORE to restore my pc to a date when i didnt have this sickenen virus that plagued me. Thank you all.

    • Jegan : best to my knowledge norton removes at least some of Security Tool versions. Though from experience can tell that not all. I am not a big fan of symantec, thus I use ESET Smart Security myself, which I can recommend for antivirus protection.
      The problem is, anti-malware/spyware programs are MUCH better and faster in handling parasites like Security tool, thus such programs like Spyware Doctor with real time protection saves A LOT of headaches latter.

  312. Hello All,
    I too fell victim to Security Tool earlier tonight. Like J Art above, I used the System Restore method to cure my PC. Although I couldn’t have done that without the suggestion to reboot in “safe mode”….that was the only way I was allowed to access System Restore. I then ran my McAfee full scan for good measure. Thanks to everyone for your useful suggestions…they really helped.

  313. Thanks to the input of all. It happened on my daughter’s computer last night..probably something to do with a Google website she was on all out Google! After reading this I felt “qualified” (sort of ) to tacke it. indows 7 didn’t offer the same f8 or control-alt-delete options, so it came up with a start up recovery type option, or start windows normally. I selected the start up recovery place and in there were the old options of safe mode, command prompt etc. I tried the Command prompt and dos advice, but it wouldn’t cd (change directory) to the C: drive. There was the option to do a System Restore and fortunately we had a retore point from 1 day earlier, so I went with that–do a system restore–nothing much if anything was lost. And it seems as though there never was this thing at all. Definitely EASIER than I envisioned after reading all this on your site and elsewhere! Anyone know what agencies track these folks that do this kind of thing to all of us…if they got credit card payments from some people, surely they can be tracked by someone…I am very willing to report this if anyone knows who to tell??

  314. Hello.
    my laptop unfortunately got infected. After following the instructions found here, I have lost internet on the infected pc (not the one I’m writing from). Can this be caused by Security tool? I do not get the pop ups anymore, word is working fine but I don’t have internet access anymore!! Help!!

  315. This virus completely destroyed my computer… When i had the computer on and it was working, but had security tools infecting it, i went to taskmanager and disabled it so i could use my computer without the interruptions. Later on i turn the computer off and when i turn it back on its just a black screen…. about 10 minutes later i am able to run the “Recovery System” under the choice of Operating System. This means all i am able to do is enter basic codes… and i have no clue how to do anything from that.

    I want to find whoever created this so i can personally punch them in the face and sue them.

    What the hell am i supposed to do now?

  316. I removed by using tast manager when I rebooted. Could not open in Safe Mode. Security Tool was not listed, but a 93842228 number was. I ended that task and so far so good. So frustrating. It totally disabled my computer. Any thoughts as to where this came from? It believe I got it from AOL IM. Computer crawled after opening and soon after the pop ups started. I have uninstalled. Any thoughts?

  317. @Mike Mike

    Thank you for your post. I was trying to follow Philly Keiths instructions but there was no application data file ????? Then I got to your post with the instructions to find it through run and I am free!!! Yeay!!


  318. Just an FYI…I usually use avast on my pc’s and I was downloading a new version to a laptop that didn’t have it yet when I got the security tool virus. So, be careful.

  319. Philly Keith was absolutley on target. MY dughter had it on her laptop, I followed his instructions in Safe mode and restarted and bye bye!

  320. Well I downloaded the Spyware Doctor and finished the scan, but then it says I have to purchase online?? Any help here because I thought the spyware was free?.

  321. okay i got the tool of and if you wanna know how what i did was i turned my computer on and as soon as i got loged in i pres ctrl alt delete and the task manager and then when it pops up you go to process and find it it is in a 7 digit number name click it and end process it says r u sure u wanna end process click yes (i most certainly do)then there you go you got it off

  322. I found a WAY EASIER WAY to get rid of it. I had been struggling with this problem for a long time and these annoying popups kept frustruating me. Well, fist security tool has a shortcut on the desktop so you right-click it and click OPEN FILE LOCATION. Then, you just delete the file folder. Afterwards, you just go to the recycle bin and empty it all. Finally you go to the desktop and double click the security tool icon then a message will appear that states something similar to this: “This file has been permanently changed, removed or deleted. Do you wnat this shortcut to be deleted??” then you just press OK. THE END!!!!! i really really really really really really hope this helps a lot;) wink wink

  323. I’m having this same exact problem. I’m dog sitting for a neighbor of my aunt’s. Was using their computer just fine this morning and then later in the day I somehow ended up with Security Tool installed on the computer. I was so nervous and worried about this I brought the laptop into the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Unfortunately they can’t do anything to fix the problem unless I pay $199.99 for them to get rid of Security Tool. I told the guy I don’t have that kind of money to fix the problem. Although when I asked about finding a solution online he said I should google instructions on how to fix it myself. Other than that bit of information they can’t saying anything else or they would be performing a service. I’ve looked online for solutions and found some, but I don’t want to download anything to remove security tool. Not sure I’m confident enough to do a manual removal of the items listed further up on this page. I tried to do system restore but the damn security tool thing wouldn’t let me fix the problem that way. Does anyone out there have some idiot proof ways to get rid of this? I don’t want to have to explain to the people what happened and what Best Buy said. I just know that it would get back to my aunt who lives a few houses away and then it’ll get back to my mother(who I live with). I don’t need to be reemed out for messing up the computer. I always do my best to not mess with anything when using someone else’s computer for email, etc… Wish I could go back to this morning before I even used the computer. Hell I even wished my ipod touch would connect to a network, then I wouldn’t have had to deal with this security tool crap. Sorry for the long submission, but it kind of also gave me a chance to vent my frustration.

  324. @Jessica

    Dear Jessica,

    I wish to thank you for suggesting a simple way to get of Security Tool from a computer. I was able to follow the way you went about it and it solved my problem. Just to make sure it truly worked I shut down the computer and then rebooted it. Absolutely none of the Security Tool stuf was on the computer. This makes me very very happy and also gets rid of the sick feeling I had in my stomach since yesterday. I assume when you had to get rid of it on your computer you did it in safe mode(it’s how I did it)? Thanks again!

  325. I have been struggling for the past 24 hours to remove this virus. The 10/9/09 post from Philly Keith worked like a charm. My application data file didn’t come up as mentioned, but I did a file search and found it that way.

  326. @Philly Keith
    If you have newer versions of Windows ie. Windows 7, instead of browsing in documents and settings… like philly keith recommends, you need to look in ProgramData instead.

  327. @Philly Keith
    Keith, my husband and I want to thankyou, we have been working on our computer for four days and followed your instructions and it was gone in seconds. We appreciate you giving this information, in times like this you can’t afford to go out there and buy,buy,buy. Keith you saved us alot, thankyou again.

  328. Under my registry, I had to delete any key with the following number: 96901328. Didn’t find any with the aforementioned 4946550101. Maybe that will help someone?

  329. I just got this stupid thig last night! I don’t know anything about this crazy computer stuff so none of this makes any sence to me 🙁 I figured out where to find the system restore but it won’t let me open it, it won’t let me open anything at all. I can get on to the internet but that’s about it! Is there any way to explain how to fix this that I would understand? (like you are explaining somthing to a 5 year old) because that’s about all I will understand :'(. This is so frustrating…

  330. This is a bad virus it has a new file number on my pc 05316823 I send the file to my Documents and then burn it to a DVD and it remove the virus. My pc is working ok. It was a all day project to remove. What a pain in the A@##
    FYI I hope this works for all of you. I will give update 3/11/10
    If my pc is working ok.

  331. @Philly Keith

    Hey thanks a million Philly Keith – actually thought I was going to lose my mind. Not just that but it got downloaded to a work laptop – shudder to think of the consequences of calling the I.T Helpdesk.

    If it’s any help at all if you reboot in safe mode and then right click on the desktop icon it can direct you straight to the source file and you can delete it from there.

    Thanks again mate – hate these tossers that peddle this kind of sh*t – hardly in the spirit of www is it?

  332. just wanted to say thank you to this guy. we got a new computer today and managed to get this virus straight away. really panicking but your advice did the job. a huge thank you, this is a horrible virus


  334. I follow the steps on this website and it got rid of it… im not sure if my computer is still infected but i can at least opperate like i did before i was infected. im not going to try and credit cards on here for a while just incase.

  335. Philly Keith’s method foiled security tool for me too!! If anyone knows if the rat bastards who created security tool are behind bars please post it would make my day!

  336. hey this thing is horrible. im trying philly keith’s method (thank you)
    but im having trouble browsing to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data..
    im not sure how to do it ? do i type it in my search engine ?
    im not too good with computers so if any one could help, that would be awesome !
    thank you !

  337. Never mind that last comment of mine !
    @Glengarry 76 ‘s comment helped me !! Thanks to both of you, it is really greatly appreciated.
    thank you so so so much!

  338. Our computer got hit with Security Tool this weekend. I used Windows Defender’s Software Explorer and found the file for it; under “currently running programs,” I hit “end process,” and under “start up programs,” I hit “disable.” I deleted the short cut and emptied the recycle bin. I don’t know much about computers, and this is the first time we caught a virus, but it seems like what I did is similar to the method described here to get rid of Security Tool. I cannot find the file for the virus now using either the safe mode start or the Task Manager method described here and apparently have no remaining effects from the virus. I have scanned my computer with my existing anti-virus software and new ones I just downloaded, including Spyware Doctor, and no scan has found Security Tool. Even though it seems like I got rid of the virus, I still have some reservations and am reluctant to doing anything like banking or billpay online. I would appreciate any input as to whether the method I used to get rid of the virus is a good one or should I be concerned that it is still lurking about on my computer. Also, I have the regkey for the file for Security Tool but don’t know how to go about checking my computer’s registry for it. Again, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  339. This Dam thing is put on your computer by Mcafee .Belive it they told me to get rid of pay 89.00 and they have something to get rid of it. when it shouldnt have been able to get on my computer

  340. Tiz security tool stuff appears on my screen tiz mrning..n i cnt b able to excess to any,how i get rid of tiz?it is asking me to pay $79.90 to get rid of using McAfee instead..n i dun tink im hv tat much of virus in my pc..

  341. This freakn sucks. I cant even restore it now. My icons dont show up at all. I tried to download spyware, but it wont let me get to it. I think its different and smarter. If thats possible.
    Someone help. I cant afford to pay for anything. Is there something I can do.

  342. what in the world are you guys all trying to do , all i did was do a system restore using my windows installation cd as a boot device, okay it took a while for the system restore screen to pop up …. if it doesn’t, try clicking another option and it’ll pop up … but it’s simple & it worked & that’s what really matters

  343. I got this on my Win7 laptop despite using recent versions and updates of IE/Firefox. I am a savvy computer user; even work in IT support, and no one except me has ever touched or used the computer. I didn’t approve for any malicious code to execute so I think this found its way in through some web browser security hole.

    There are recent versions of this that seem even worse than the ones mentioned in this discussion. Personally I tried automatic removers, Vipre/Norton/AVG, Windows Defender, renaming/deleting the file, cleaning away the mentioned registry keys. Keep coming back. Safe mode does not work and just ends up with a hang.

    So now I opted for formatting the computer completely, and this is what I think everyone who has gotten infected and care for their personal data should do too. Once compromised always compromised, in a way.

    I mean, people … those who wrote this program aren’t some script kiddies but HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS. They are after your money and have likely NO sympathy whatsoever, fully at the same level as violent bank robbers. Backdoors might have been opened in your computer via rootkits or whatever. These criminals are NOT likely to show any mercy if they come over data or files which can be used to blackmail or otherwise use you.

  344. I got this virus the other day on a brand new computer running Windows 7 with a wireless keyboard – it was a pain initially but I watched the security tool removal video and followed the instructions and removed it effortlessly in about 5 mins. Despite having the wireless keyboard I could still get into safemode with networking using F8 after numerous attempts. Don’t be put off getting rid of it yourself and don’t waste money on lots of malware programs – you don’t need them.

  345. after one week of nerve wracking experience with this virus, i finally have it removed…i tried everything based on the instructions of different people having this sort of problem but to no avail, probably i have the worst case here, thanks to my spanish journalist friend! she told me to create another user account, because vst virus is usually attached to the user account, so i did, when open the new user account, i didn’t encounter the virus, but just to make sure, i scanned my hard drives using malwarebytes and avast and found several viruses, after deleting the virus i reboot to my previous user account just to check if the virus is still there, thank GOD….finally, VST IS ALL GONE! hope this will work for you also….. thank you TERESA! HEAVEN SENT ANGEL.

  346. if you have another computer ..
    make shure is louded whith antivirus software.
    I have AVAST, Malware, microsoft security essential
    you have to remove your drive from your computer
    using a SATA, IDE, ATA connector ( adapter )
    you can find them at FRY’S electronics store
    conect your disk to the computer

    I recomend to use Windows vista
    go to search and select the drive letter
    that correspond to .. type Security Tool ..
    and the system will give you a list of
    whatever it might be locater
    when finish searching select everything
    that says security tool and delete them.
    take your drive to your lap top
    and load malwarebite avast update them and scan your comput

    • Oscar: yeah, right : most of security tool related trojans use random directory/file names…. Sadly you will not find them with search for “Security Tool”. There is also a problem with your approach : it will not fix registry problems, and, most likely, it will not fix hosts file or proxies and some other known configuration issues as these tools are designed to check configuration of WORKING system. That means your PC remains vulnerable to infection.

  347. hi,
    i really dont get rid this security tool in my laptop and if im doing it right and also do i have to download thr spyware doctor or buy it????/

  348. @Devin
    HI devin, i dont really have the solution for your problem, but the security tool system is also in my dad’s computer, and even though he gets rid of it one time once you reboot it again it comes back, but i recomend you listen to philly keiths and Kody168 suggestions they really helped my dad;s computer.

    try it its really good

  349. @Ashley

    hehe ..
    yeah , same problem over here ..

    unfortunately i don’t understand what application data means XDD
    Im from Norway ..
    i dont have a clue … about .. .where i should start looking for that security tool bullshit … so i can delete it ..

    im in safe mode now ..

    help anyone ?

    Norwegian please XD

  350. @Philly Keith

    October 9th, 2009 at 21:04 | #15 Reply | Quote forget all that… try this move, it worked for me after going nuts over this for a whole day.

    Reboot in safe mode0
    browse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data

    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)

    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin

    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

    dude , i cant find the eight number shit …
    damn damn damn damn .. help me 🙁

    @Philly Keith

  351. Thank You Clutch !!! i tried to do Philly Keith’s way but i couldn’t find the files that you had to click on so dont know where they are, Reboot your computer and go to ‘Safe Mode’ wait till everything loads then go to start menu or the shortcut on your desktop for ‘Security Tool’ and right click on it and Click ‘Open File Location’ this will then bring a new folder up with 8 numbers as the file name (exp. 38197937) WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN ! Then click Start > Run > type in Regedit (you may have to search your start menu for Run) it will come up with a windows message, click Continue and ‘Registry Editor’ will come up, i then clicked edit at the top and went to ‘Find’ in the ‘Find What’ box type in the 8 digit number you wrote down, this will bring up any files under that name, DELETE THEM! it will ask if your sure and of course you are :), you will need to do this a couple of times, so just keep going back to Edit > Find etc. keep typing in the number and deleting any files under that numbered name, eventually you will get a message saying that there are no more files under that 8 digit name, i did it once more after i got that message just to make sure (as you never know with viruses), then delete the shortcut on your desktop, the shortcut on the start menu and even in the start menu list of programmes, empty recycle bin ! Reboot your computer again then go back into Normal Mode. This worked fine for me hope it will work for you guys too !!

  352. My gf got that FAKE program Security Tool on her pc. I rebooted in Safe mode with networking. Opened the start menu. Typed in the name security tool under search. Right clicked on the name and opened the file location. There was a 8 digit number file I right clicked on it and selected delete. Her laptop is working fine for now so we will see.

  353. Thank you! This worked. Phew- Can’t thank you all enough. What an annoying virus. Just one minor thing…since getting rid of this my desktop remains black (the icons are still there). Any idea how I get back the vista desktop? Many many thanks

  354. this damn program got on my program last night and just ruined my report for class. thanks to all the comments on how to get rid of this shitty (pardon my french) program. i will try them and see what happens….wish me luck. and hope that no onelse gets this.

  355. ok…just got this frustrating virus this am….but mine is acting a little differently…when I go to the task manager and hit view processes for all users I don’t have any 8 digit #s..although I do have alot of svchost.exe files…when I finally found the AppData file (I had to unhide it) it didn’t have any 8 digit #s either…I can boot in safe mode with networking…I don’t have a desktop icon for this little bugger…however it is on my tool bar at bottom right of screen…wont let me do anything but click onit to activate it.
    Finally found an icon…it is hanging out in my control panel with the label Security Center…when I click on it the “fake” scan starts…wont let me delete it from the control panel…any clue as where to start with this? Any help is greatly appreciated…

  356. okie like yea i hope they do get sued for this and im having alot of trouble how do i reboot this doesnt make sence to me someone please take me step by step

  357. @Christine
    Dear Christine, you like me, have vista. Just open the pc in safe mode with networking, use system restore, and pick a restore point prior to the download of ST. When it restarts, your free

  358. @dave
    go to msconfig… any thing without a formal address… turn it off.. and when it reboots, just tell it to boot with changes. should turn off the bad programs until you turn them back on, or delete them.. once you see it is working

  359. @admin
    if you are going to go to all that trouble… just reformat and start over.. only sure way to remove a virus… most people dont know where the hard drive is.. never the less remove it and add it to another system as an outboard. r u a geek in training? or a geek?

    • Gary: Reformating PC is postponing away the solution. Geek or not, having unprotected PC means that you will get infected and infected again. Having up-to date security suites and antimalware saves these hours for other, more pleasant things in my life than formating, reinstalling PC and gathering back all the software I had.

  360. Thanks Philly Keith!!! Your straight forward instructions works perfectly on my Vista laptop. I also search the “REGEDIT” and deleted those “8 digits” bad boys. Happy Easters.

  361. @tyler
    To reboot, either press and hold the power button. Or last resort, unplug yr power cord.

    When power on, make sure your keep pressing F8 until you see a list of Windows operating options like “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”…

    Then follow “Philly Keith” & “Admin” instructions above.

    From Philly Keith:
    Reboot in safe mode
    browse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data

    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)

    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin

    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

    Admin: On vista, it is C:\Users\%Username\App Data. On XP, it is C:\Documents and settings\%username\App Data

    • D.Poon yes, I know. Also, in some cases it is in different location all together: I have seen version where it was in C:\ProgramData\[randomnumbers]. Typically, we list all possible places in top of instructions.

  362. @mother trying to fix her daughters pc
    Hi, you won’t find the browse button in Windows 7. Kody112 doesn’t mean that.

    I’m trying help you to solve the issue. Try your best to follow this step by step.
    1. To reboot: either press and hold the power button. Or at last resort, unplug yr power cord, plug it back again. Then power your pc.

    2. Once power it on, make sure your keep pressing F8 until you see a list of Windows operating options like “Safe Mode with networking…” .
    Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select “Safe Mode with networking” option. Then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard and wait.

    3. When Windows 7 should start with the “Safe Mode” water mark around the PC screen. Now open “Windows Explorer” (i.e., click “Start”, then select “All Programs”, then select “Accessories”, then select “Windows Explorer”

    4. Within Windows Explorer, use the Search function to search this name “Application Data”. That is,type “Application Data” (without quote) in the Search box.
    5. Once the Search result returns, you should see the Application Data folder displays.
    6. Double click the Application Data folder
    7. Now, you should see a folder with a 8-digit name. e.g. 91908431. It shoudl be the first folder of the list.
    8. Click once on this folder e.g. 91908431
    9. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard. Then clikc “Yes” to confirm deletion.
    10. Now, reboot your pc (same as step 1 above). When your PC power on again, you should see a black & white screen. At this point, make sure you use your arrow key to select “Start Windows Normally” option. By default, this option is selected for you. Now press “Enter” on your keyboard.
    11. Once Windows 7 started, locates any “Security Tool” icons on your desktop. If you find one, delete it.
    12.Then locate the “Recycle Bin” icon on desktop. Double click it to open it.
    13. Within Recycle Bin window, select “Empty Recycle Bin” option. Click “Yes” to confirm deletion.
    14. Your PC should be fine and your daugther should be happy.

    Happy Easters!

    “Thanks to Philly Keith’s resolutions”

  363. @Lee
    To change yr desktop background/wallpaper, just perform a right-click on a empty area of your desktop. A sub-menu should appear. Now, select “Personalize”. A window should pop-up with tones of personal prefrerence options. Click “Desktop background” to personalize your desktop background appearance…solid colours, pictures, etc…

  364. okay…please help. I dont understand the instructions listed above. Can someone please explain them differently? I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get rid of this stupid thing. Its really really really annoyinig!!! Please help ASAP!

  365. I tried this and thought I was onto something. My computer cut off all of a sudden after I deleted 3-4 ST items in my recycle bin. Now I cannot get it to cut back on. NO! The battery was not dead b/c it was charging the whole time I was working on it. I guess I will have to spend money to get it fixed now. Let me know if there is anything more I can do.

  366. Listen i found out how to do it…. go to My Computer then click Local Disck C, go into Documents and Settings click All Users the folder were looking for is hidden so go up to the tool bar and go into Tools, Folder Options click the View tab click the Show Hidden Files and Folders the go down to were it says Hide Protected Operating System Files click it, a warning will pop up click yes now go back and you will see Application Data Click it there will be a file with 8 diget number go into the file and you will see it… you cant delete it yet cause its runing so RENAME it what ever you want now reboot your computer now you will see it wont pop up any more now follow the steps again to get to it now you can delete it MAKE SURE YOU TURN YOUR SETTINGS BACK ON IN THE OPTIONS MENU!!! thats the one i had you go into and turn off settings NOW ITS GONE

  367. you have to rename it or it wont work rename it then reboot so then the program wont run cause if a program runs you cant delete it correct?

  368. In addition to all of the other problems listed above, my computer backgroud is black and i no longer have any shortcuts because of the virus (which claims to be going through skypenames.exe. it will not let me play music or even raise the volume which it muted, it brings up a pop up saying that i have a new infection or something every time i try. It will also not let me get to a cookie debuging program on my computer because when i search for it and click on any one of three i can use the pop up comes up making me have to start all over. I am using windows 7.0. I am going to try your way now.

  369. HERES SOME POTENT ADVICE PEOPLE : Way back at the beginning of all these posts about this hellish “Security tool” virus – there are 2 very important posts by “Kody112” and “philly Keith” (See October 9th and 12th 2009). They tell you step by step what to do whilst in safe mode. I JUST DID IT. IT TOOK ONLY A COUPLE OF MINUTES AND IT WORKS !!! (See also Angels post on 13th October 2009 for more info regarding this method). My computer is back to normal. I have switched off and back on twice and everything is functioning as it was yesterday before that nasty little worm struck.

    I’ve eliminated it for good. I suggest you all try to do this before anything else.

    Thanks so very much Pilly Keith, Kody112 and Angel. I’m over the moon. I can’t afford to pay to have my computer fixed and I am so happy to have come to this website and found a quick and easy answer that I could do myself in just a few minutes. I am no computer whizz and this was soooo easy. Good luck everyone.

    I wonder how much $$ those crooks have fleeced from unaware people. Cyber Crime is no Joke. Lock ’em up and throw away the keY !!!

  370. OMG! Thankyou i was panicking i thought this virus would never go away and my laptop is brand new! Its pretty easy im 15 and i got it i feel so relieved thankyou!

  371. I recently got this virus and have been to MANY sites listing how to manually delete this virus and all of them list the virus under the “Application Data” folder. I don’t know if it’s different since I have Windows Vista, but that folder doesn’t exist on my system. I did a whole computer search for the random # as a file and “No Search Results Found” keeps coming up…. I know how to get rid of it once I find the files… can anyone PLEASE help me locate the files???

  372. so i have this virus.. i really cant get rid of it.. ive tried alot of things.. im computer but id just like to say, i hope theres a special place in hell for ppl who invent these damn viruses

  373. im having a difficult time. this thing is on my laptop and i dont have an internet connection on it anymore and i dont know how to get rid of it. i have very important things on there so it cannot crash. i’m such a clutz and i get instructions mixed up and whatnot so would it just be better to call in a professional to look at it? im just afraid to mess with it…these instructions are confusing for 14 year old…

  374. please tell me how to remove the black displaying on my screen. it happened after being infected by the security tools. i would appreciate it.

  375. The company is Russian based known as Browsing Solutions!
    They have no contact details and are based in….guess where????
    Why have the Credit Card companies not got together and banned this company from allowing it to scam people. The Bank will not refund you and it’s a well known con!

  376. in safe mode do a date modified search when you think you got securty tool virus and the numbered file pops up with the securty tool icon just delete and bye bye virus

  377. hi i found a very easy way to get rid of this piece of shit virus. i went into safe mode then i did a system restore 2 days prior to getting this virus and it work got rid of it very simple and easy way of doin it

  378. this crap got on my laptop and woudnt let me run anything. i had to reboot get task manager open and termanite the random numbers process. i then found where it lived in the ProgramData folder. i then deleted its files

  379. Thank you SO much for this info last time I never thought of checking how to do it & it cost me $60 for my computer guru to fix it. One last duh question this happened when my computer was off do I have to leavy my computer on 24/7 so that the Security Tool won’t “invade” it again.
    Thanks again.


    MEGHAN: TRY THIS TO FIND THE FILES: right click on Security Tool whilst in safe mode and then click on “open folder location”. This will take you right to its location and you can delete it to recycle bin and empty the recycle bin in safe mode too…….hey presto…………gone !!! it worked for me.

    Reboot in safe mode (to do this constantly press F8 key after turning computer on…. black screeen will eventually come up…. use arrow keys to choose safe mode)

    browse to C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data

    There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)

    Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin

    Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.


  381. @Philly Keith thankyou so much, I’m not so good on the old pc but did just what you said and it worked. Next time your in northern ireland I’ll buy you a beer.

    Cheers again and to this site owners Cheers

  382. have done eveything suggested… removes the peice of ca ca… but it comes back after reboot… what am I doing wrong… somebody, anybody?

  383. Philly Keith your a god!!! Thank you for helping. This does work!!! If you have the security tool shortcut Right click on it and click on file location. The number is there. Delete number than delete shortcut. This worked for me.

  384. I ran into this nasty virus ‘security tool’ from whatever jerk created it and it pissed me off for 2 hours! For anyone interested, try running ‘system restore’ in ‘safe mode’ it seems to have worked for me. I restarted my computer three times just to make sure all was well and no signs of those annoying pop ups. Hope it’s done for good.

    • James : Do a free followup scan with some good anti-spyware programs instead rebooting 🙂 No signs does not mean there are no hidden downloader, which will reappear after a while

  385. Here is how I got around it.

    1. Boot into Safe Mode – turning your PC off incorrectly should display this option if your having problems using the normal solution of pressing F8 as the PC posts etc.
    2. Install Malwarebytes (*MWB)
    3. Run MWB – quick scan will do the trick (if you prefer run a full scan)
    4. Remove any traces using MWB
    5. Do a full scan
    6. Re-boot your pc
    7. Don’t click on strange pop-ups on the web. 🙂

  386. Thanks Philly Keith. That works. You have to do it somewhat quickly. Even in safe mode the darn thing will start running and then you cannot delete the file.

  387. Just did a system restore whilst in safe mode, back to yesterday morning (only option available in safe mode.) System restore took a couple of minutes to come up. Seems successful so far. Good luck. This virus is a bastard.

  388. @Azz

    One of my client’s computers got infected with Security Tool, and he was using AVG Free with ZoneAlarm Free Version.

    As good as the free versions of AVG, AntiVir or Avast might be (in the sense that they work very well for the price :)), they are not as effective as other products. I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and can tell you that it is far better than these free products. It’s not perfect, none of them are. And I’m sure that some people might have a story about how it failed to detect certain threats. However, for the most part, it is much better. You have to ask yourself, “do I go with something that is 85% – 90% effective, or would it be better to opt for the product that is 95% – 98% effective?” I’m just estimating here, but I think my numbers are good ball-park averages. Kaspersky is also very light, not really a resource hog (unlike Norton products).

    Every now and then Best Buy and Future Shop (here in Canada, where I live) have Kaspersky Internet Security on sale. The regular price is $80. However, the sale prices are either $20, $30 or $45. I picked up a few 2009 boxes last year for $20. The nice thing is that the 2009 license can be used on the 2010 version, therefore in essence the company doesn’t differentiate between the two versions. The license number can be used on 3 computers, and it is valid for 1 year.

  389. I need to help to remove the system tool program.

    well, because my computer is being stupid that i can not get into safe mode.

    is there are any way that i can delete the program completely in the regular window mode???

  390. I did what Paul Mx suggested, worked great (so far so good). Is it really true that security tool can start up even in safe mode?

  391. i can not run spyware.i need desctop is now black and can not see any thing .i tryed to go to recovery manger i did not get it whene i press f11 i got the same screen as f1

  392. This got my computer but i did the rebbot one to disable and now im still happy but i know it is still here somewhere

  393. @Chuck Eames
    Right click the security tool icon and then if you are on vista you should be able to select ‘location of file’ then delete the two numbered files (on my computer they were the same number not sure if this aplies to all cases) empty the recycle bin, next restart youre computer and delete shortcut, empty the recycle bin. Click start ~ all programs if you still see the security tool name ~ delete empty the recycle bin and restart. Keep repeating the last phew steps untill it has gone completely. I hope this works as it did in my case.

  394. So whats the best most effective way? In a detailed step by step intruction. EVERY DETAIL PLEASE</