XP Security 2012 - How To Remove?

Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware


XP Security 2012 is one of the dangerous cyber threats that come inside the system out nowhere. In most cases, this rogue relies on Trojans that come through security vulnerabilities found. Another sneaky thing about this scamwrae is that it changes its name according to OS it finds, so you can also be infected by Win 7 Security 2012 or Vista Security 2012 if you have such OS running on your machine. To save your machine, remove every scam detected and install licensed anti-spyware protect your PC against them.

Once there, XP Security 2012 application starts actively working once you reboot your computer. It displays numerous fake system scanners and then ‘warns’ you with its adds. However, none of them says the truth because XP Security 2012 has no capabilities to find and remove cyber threat. Moreover, its virus database is empty, so every ‘virus’ reported by XP Security 2012 is invented and can be easily ignored.

In most cases, scam starts to claim:

Privacy threat!
Spyware intrusion detected. Your system is infected. System integrity is at risk. Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords. Click here to perform a security repair.

Stealth intrusion!
Infection detected in the background. Your computer is now attacked by spyware and rogue software. Eliminate the infection safely, perform a security scan and deletion now.

XP Antispyware 2012 Alert
Security Hole Detected!
A program is trying to exploit Windows security holes! Passwords and sensitive data may be stolen. Do you want to block this attack?

XP Security 2012 Alert
Internet Explorer alert. Visiting this site may pose a security threat to your system!
Possible reasons include:
– Dangerous code found in this site’s pages which installed unwanted software into your system.
– Suspicious and potentially unsafe network activity detected.
– Spyware infections in your system
– Complaints from other users about this site.
– Port and system scans performed by the site being visited.

Things you can do:
– Get a copy of Vista Security 2012 to safeguard your PC while surfing the web (RECOMMENDED)
– Run a spyware, virus and malware scan
– Continue surfing without any security measures (DANGEROUS)

As a rule, these so called ‘infections’ are files created by XP Security 2012 once it manages to get inside your computer. You must ignore them and remove XP Security 2012 as soon as possible before it starts making havoc on your machine – slows the machine down and makes it possible to other threats. We strongly recommend you using XP Security 2012 removal guide and also running  spyhunter, Spyhunter anti-spyware to get rid of all infected files:

Special removal instructions for XP Security 2012

1. You can use this key to disable majority of popups: 1147-175591-6550 or 2233-298080-3424 or 3425-814615-3990 or 9443-077673-5028 (updated 2012.01.14). Enter it in its manual registration section. This will not fully remove the XP Security 2012, so continue to next steps.

1.a. You can try to change system date to 7 days in the future (doubleclick on the date in status bar). Reboot PC, then change date back. If this works, continue to step 3.

2. Reboot into safe mode with networking, download and run process explorer: https://www.2-viruses.com/wp-content/uploads/PE/eXplorer.exe (backup location). Start it and stop all 3-letter named processes, also processes named like garbage. You might need to edit out registry first.

3. Search for XP Security 2012 files on hard disk and delete them, edit registry OR scan with decent anti-malware programs :  spyhunter, Spyhunter, Hitman Pro.

4. Reboot, update your antivirus programs (preferably to internet security versions) and scan again. Make sure you got all the trojans out.

Video guide how to remove XP Security 2012

Automatic XP Security 2012 removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove XP Security 2012, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on 2-viruses.com.


About the author

 - Passionate web researcher

I have been working with 2-viruses.com project for a while now and I would like to think that our research team has managed to raise awareness about cyber security. I study the newest infections, help out with manual instructions and answer questions that our users might have.

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79 thoughts on “XP Security 2012

  1. I can not even get on to internet because XP security 2012 is blocking. I can’t download Spyware Doctor

  2. Susan: Try registration code : 1147-175591-6550 , or try changing system date to 6-7 days in the future, rebooting your pc, and then reseting the date to correct time.
    Then download and scan your PC with anti-malware tools

  3. I found that if I open explorer, then go to processes in the task manager, I could end the process for the bug. On my computer it came up “fyb.exe”. Once I ended the process I could use the internet. Cheers!

  4. Then, of course, you can download spyware doctor. You’ll probably have your web browser continually close and the xp security 2012 pop back up, so you have to keep your windows task manager open and just continually end the process for fyb.exe. But it’ll allow you to get what you need to remove the virus.

  5. It says that it is the unregistered version, and I can’t find where to manually put in the code. It is also blocking things such as Solitare and more importantly System Restore. Please help me!

  6. I’ve got the xp internet security 2012 and I’ve tried putting in the registration key 1147-175591-6550 to deactivate it, but it says it’s invalid. I’ve also tried changing the systems date but it just blocks me every time. Is there another registration key that can disable enough of the program to let me run my spyware doctor? I’ve looked all over and can’t find anything.
    I’ve got Spyware Doctor, Rogue Killer, and Malwarebytes on my external hard drive downloaded from a clean computer, but of course they won’t run.

  7. My computer won’t let me do any of this. I can’t change the date, open my browser, the registration key won’t work. I have no way to download anything because I can’t search anything on my browser. I can not simply do anything you have listed! Please help!!?

  8. I’ve tried all of the above. Reg key does not work and every time I end the 3 letter process it goes but as soon as I try and upload internet (explorer or firefox) it automatically starts up and blocks it.

    Please help

  9. Ok..I can now get into firefox but even though ive terminated the process and it has not come back up firefox is telling me there is a threat to the security in my systemm and i should get it and won’t let me on any other site to download spy doctor 🙁

    Please help

  10. Hey i need help. i got this virus today and i cant do anything. i have fjt.exe and as soon as i delete from task manager it comes up again so i cant browse any file or internet. also i can not install any antyvirus. so please any one who can help me please…


  11. @Harry
    Mine is called “fsf.exe”. The name seems different for everyone. I got hit this morning at 10:01am MST. So, here’s what’s I’m doing so far. None of my antivirus software is working right now (what’s it for again???)

    I can’t run taskmgr or regedit since the program blocks these. Also the internet, although I have already disconnected the cable (who knows what it would send otherwise!)

    I am able to start the task manager by using ctr-alt-del. I killed my program fsf.exe. I started windows explorer (took several attempts as fsf keeps popping up and blocking it but it worked eventually.) Did a search for all files fsf*.*, found 2. Deleted them. Now searching for all files *fsf.* Didn’t find any. Empty recycling bin. Reboot (keep internet cable disconnected.)

    Can now run antivirus software…running now…

  12. i had this a month ago with 2011 instead of 2012 i just out it today and it wont let me do anything and has disabled all my anti virus stuff 🙁 I need help the code doesnt work, Im almost ready to smash it *crys*. 🙁

  13. same problem as Bec; I’ve even downloaded Spyware Doctor in safe mode and paid the £29, again in safe mode for the viruses etc to be removed, still without any success.

  14. yo i got it and wont let me do jack sh*t… tried everything. even tried rebootin XP but its still there!?

  15. I can get onto the internet but it will not let me into anything. I can’t change the date and i have no idea on how to stop the processes with only the 3 letters in it. What should i do?

  16. I had the problem yesterday and have been trying everything with no luck. Tonight like David above, I went to task manager, end the process of rty.exe, log off and login again. I was prompted with “System Restore?”. Then I restored it to last Monday. It seemed to be working and I am also running the antivirus software now.

  17. trying to do a date change didn’t do much. i still can’t play games. There is still some things i can’t get into. What else can i do?

  18. I’m currently working with my best friend who has inherited this problem. Does anyone know how or from where you have all picked up this virus? This is the second time she’s had it and cannot figure out how she keeps getting it. BTW, I believe her last fix involved completely wiping out her hard drive and reloading. Good luck everyone.

  19. Give that man a cigar, well done and thank you very much. I followed your instructions to the letter and it worked. Thanks again 🙂

  20. This is not a fix but I got pass most of the problem. Fisrt does the cpu has an admin account(go to it in safe mode), if so then you can access it and it should not be harm too bad. install mbam or malwarebytes(same program)on to the system, you will not have wireless if your party is using a mobile broadband of some kind. From the admin acccount (not in safe mode) create a new account the ativirus 2012 will be gone but everytime you click on a icon says open with. select the certain program from program files to operate it. That is where I am at so if anyone knows how to solve the icon problem and yes I have wireless mobile internet on the pc in use.

  21. Help! I got the XP Security 2012 this morning. I got into safe mode, completed a “system restore” to several days ago and then got Reimage PC Repair to scan for the files. But, nothing came up in the scan. I think the XP Security is still on my computer. Thoughts on why the scan didn’t detect any of the faulty files? What should I do next? Thanks.

  22. guys, I think I fixed my problem. Now computer is back to normal. First I went to task manager and checked all three letters’ files online. the one I had named “jvr” was identified as the problem one. Then I searched all files in my computer(using advanced search, check system files,hidden files) found two files named jvr and deleted all. But all my exe files were corrupted. I had to download file to fix my all exe files. that is it.

  23. Two days ago, my desktop got infected from XP security 2012, try everyone I can but not success. My IT friend told me to use Combofix, so I download it from my laptop. I started safe mode on my desktop and open Combofix, the program is so good and takes 15 mins, now the virus is gone. You can search Combofix on internet, guarantee it will fix the virus.

  24. windows xp system restore will remove this problem immediately, run your malware afterwards. In my case malwarebytes.

  25. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…YOU ARE A LIFESAVER! I started getting the “XP security 2012” pop up warnings yesterday. There were a couple at first, but they quickly became more varied and aggressive; I couldn’t even get on the internet to see this, I used my laptop! I followed the above steps, and within minutes, my computer was functioning again! This was the first solution I tried, and it was very easy!
    Thanks again!

  26. The XP security 2011 really got me scared but I was relived after getting explaination from you. I am following the instruction given.

    Thank you so much, you are a life saver.


  27. Thank you for this timely article! I was able to get on my husband’s laptop as the xp 2012 completely locked me up. The only problem I’m having now is that my add-ons are disabled, though everything in my “Manage Add-ons” list is enabled. Any suggestions?

  28. For what it’s worth, the miserable “XP Security 2012” suddenly appeared on my machine and I found this website. Fortunately, I have several computers and that makes it a lot easier when one of my machines is infected! I got the bug calmed down a bit with the second registration code above. Back in SAFE mode, I purchased Spyware Doctor, which found nothing. I tried StopZilla, it wouldn’t install (even in SAFE mode.) It was 3 in the morning, I went to bed.

    After a few hours sleep, I purchased Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware, installed and ran it in SAFE mode – and it found 6 nasties – apparently at least one of them was the target. I re-booted in normal mode and THEN, SpyWare Doctor found about a hundred threats of one type or another, all “low risk”.

    Anyway, I think the point is: Don’t give up. If whatever you’re using doesn’t work, try something else. The most important tip: Once you know you’re infected, power down that machine and stay out of “normal” mode until you’ve run something that removes the bad guys! The longer you fudge around with the machine in “normal” mode, the more damage the malware will do.

  29. Richard: never purchase program before it detects parasites. Also, some of the people do not wait to update before scanning with SD – the rogues change all the time and it is critical to have latest definitions. In worst case, SD provides free support for paying customers 🙂

  30. @Elissa
    I got hit with this today. I had the vista before and have had to remove this program several times. one of my fav tools to use to help get rid of this is r-kill. It will stop the process of this and allow you to download new programs/ surf the web/ basically shuts down the program so you can remove it alot easier.
    Then i follow up with malewarebytes and then spyware doctor. I have seen this so many times on peoples computers i have a special flash drive dedicated to removing it.

    R-kill Download links:

  31. i got hit a little while ago, and while my security(ESET) got rid of the maleware something’s wrong and all of my icons have been dissabled. i have to use a seperate file that somehow still uses internet. when i select what program to run the internet(internet explorer) it opens for a second then closes. i can’t download anything and i can do very little.. what should i do

  32. I got invaded by this July 18th right after I uploaded Mcabee Security system through Verizon.
    I was on the phone with Mcabee for 3 hours and ran a 10 hour scan it did nothing. I had to use my daughter computer to find this web site. Thanks for the tips I will try some of them now.

  33. Dennis: safe mode does not load internet drivers. Use fake registration keys and use safe mode with networking. You might want to use usb drive to move process explorer to infected PC. Then kill XP Security 2012 processes. This might be enough to repair internet

  34. OK I’m back again “Winning”.
    I used some of tips you guys provided which gave me time to analyze the situation and find a solution. Here is what I have concluded:
    1) Mcafee security system is for Virus only
    2) Mcafee Stinger is for Fake Virus (free download)
    3) Malwarebytes is for Malware (free download)

    I ran Mcafee Security system full scan and came up with nothing
    I ran Stinger and found the FAKE VIRUS

    Now I have access to my security shield in my control panel and I shut that sucker down since I already have Mcafee watching over me.

    anyways I periotically review my task master to things like cns.exe fyb.exe
    and close those processes.

    I have learned alot over the last 100 hours.

  35. Hi All,

    I too had this issue to deal with last week – very frustrating having my system (Windows XP) hijacked and ransomed at $59.95. I absolutely refused to pay it! After hitting the web and seeing that it was a serious issue, I look for a solution. Although I am tech savvy, I found the solutions to be too intense for me, in fact, I almost considered taking it to my computer guy. Well, I used some common sense (no offense IT guys) and I was able to fix my problem.

    I remind you that I do have a comfort level in deleting and installing stuff so please only do this if you know what you are doing.

    NUMBER 1

    I did start with the Task Manager and closing all the .exe that started with 3 letters as the forums stated. I had 3 or 4. That did not work and I did not know which was the culprit.

    NUMBER 2

    I got tired of closing the windows when they popped up so I minimized them. At that point I realized that the flashing window displayed OAP, which was one of the processes I had disabled. BECAUSE I STILL HAD THE TASK MANAGER WINDOW OPEN I NOTICED THAT THIS OAP PROCESS KEPT POPPING BACK UP SO I KNEW THIS WAS THE CULPRIT.

    NUMBER 3

    I did a search on my C drive for the oap.exe file and located it. There was another OAP file that I also deleted (there were only 2).

    However, I could not delete the files because they were being used (SAID ACCESS DENIED, FILE IN USE or something like that). It then occurred to me that I had a timeframe of about 5-7 seconds to close the OAP process and then jump back to the file location and delete them. And that my friend did the job.

    NUMBER 4

    I did have a problem opening .EXE files so I repaired my registry with the WINXP_EXE_FIX.REG but I have no idea where I got it so you will have to do a search on how to fix this should it be deem necessary.

    My system has been working fine since. I truly hope this works for you.


  36. I have a netbook that was infected with this nasty virus–xp version. I was able to run my PC Doctor, and among many low rated spyware infections, I also removed 7 trojans. However, my pc is still not able to execute any programs. I have no 3 letter processes running, when I go to pctools registry editor or file locator, I have none of the files you list above for removal. What must I do next to get my pc in running order and how can I know if I have all of the infection cleared up? This is the nastiest computer problem I have ever encountered. I empathize with everyone’s frustrations. Please help me finish this out!!! You are so appreciated!!!

  37. A tricky virus to remove from certain PCs but a good article and worth reading. Also it is worth mentioning that occasionally removal will cause a problem with automatic Windows Updates – if you find you cannot re-enable auto updates use dial-a-fix (free software tool) to rectify this.

  38. Thanks to your stupid spy doctor nothing works as it should. Any time I try to open anything since getting your stupid spy doctor I am prompted to open it with a program of my choosing. Even if I select Internet explorer and tell it to open it with Internet explorer, it doesn’t. It prompts me to download something from your website. So then I try and everything just closes out. Thanx a lot for making a bad problem worse!

  39. David’s advice worked up to allowing me to run symatec. Running now and is detecting trojans. Internet and programs are now working. Thanks David.

  40. Thanks for the help! My computer has gone through so much I thought this would be the end of it, and that nothing would fix it short of another system wipe~

  41. I had Internet Security 2012 for a couple of days and it has been very frustrating trying to figure out how to fix my laptop. I tried bleepingcomputer’s way of getting rid of this virus by adding files to the registry, using iExplore, and scanning for malware with Malwarebytes. All these programs were saved previously since I had a similar problem that needed these devices. For some reason my internet still won’t work so I cannot use Spyware Doctor and whenever I try to go on safe mode with networking, there is just a black screen. So I do not know what to do! As of now the virus seems to be gone because malwarebytes seemed to remove the 7 items, but I still cannot access the internet both on firefox and IE and it makes me sad. Please help! Thank you =).

  42. I have XP Security 2012 for three days now and I am pretty proficient at taking out viruses but this is what I have found that it has disabled my taskmanager even in SAFE MODE it also will not allow me to do anything in SAFE mode which is weird to me any ideas guys. I am at a total loss and really can’t afford to send it for repairs we just had XMAS for crips sake.

  43. I can’t get Malwarebytes to run on my computer! My computer is in safe mode, and I’ve successfully put in the registration key into XP windows security 2012. I’ve been trying for the past few days to get something to remove this nasty thing from my computer. What can I do?

  44. thank you so much for your input, it gave me the idea to open task manager (after 4 hours of trying everything to remove it) i even try to download avg virus protector, and several others. all i had to do was open task manager and go to APPLICATIONS and highlight XP Security 2012 and and click END PROCESS and it worked like a charm!!! thank you soo much!!
    to open task manager click and hold Ctrl – Alt – Delete, and it will open task manager

  45. I encountered this on my wife’s laptop. I just set the date 8 day’s ahead, re-started my system. Was able to get chrome loaded, went to filehippo and downloaded avast virus protection and spyblaster with no problem. Avast is running at the moment without any interruption issues.

  46. So I followed the instructions and that worked great. My only concern is there is still an icon in bottom screen bar w/the four coloured shield symbol that was on the XP Security 2012 pages/pop-ups/etc. Is this something of concern? Help please. Thanks.

  47. I got rid of it, I think……
    I used Malwarebytes to remove it….had to download the program from another comp, save it to disc, and rename it…..then opened it on my infected comp and run the program.
    Some files must’ve been deleted, because I then had to download Internet Explorer 8 onto disc, and run that to get my internet working, then I had to re-install my Security Essentials to get that back on.
    I am running OK now….
    BUT looking for final removal instructions that don’t involve me messing around in registry….don’t wanna f### it all up after the progress I’ve made. Just want to make sure it’s completely gone…..

  48. Meredith
    Scan with couple programs to make sure that malware is fully gone. As long as all malicious files are gone, malware should not come back (except if you get reinfected).

  49. I’ve had some luck turning the computer off at the first sign of the virus. But is still got me, and I did a system reset a couple of times to prior dates while in “safe mode.” That worked for awhile, then I got it again and ended up having to completely reinstall my factory settings operating system (losing all my files in the process, but that wasn’t too onerous as I don’t keep too much sensitive stuff anyway). It’s gone again, but I’m sure another one will come back. I’ve had some luck turning the computer off at the first sign of the virus. What I’d like to know is who creates these, who is looking for these jerks, and how do I get in line to kneecap them?

  50. Spyware Doctor is NOT free. it will scan for free but to use the removal function you have to purchase the software.

  51. Chris:
    Free Spyware Doctor version blocks some of malicious processes and provides FULL path /other information to infected objects for free, which is important at detecting infections that infect multiple registry keys, are hidden, or there are more than single infection. You can delete malicious files and processes yourself, or delete them with other programs.
    Best to my knowledge, there are very few completely free anti-malware programs, I would say none that provides both adequate real time protection, decent malware removal and decent detection ratio for fresh parasites. As semi-free alternative we recommend hitman pro and Malwarebytes as well.

  52. hey, your site (an many others) advertise spyware doctor as “free”. EVERY time i have downloaded it, installed it, run it the program does a great job of scanning and finding malicious/infected items. but, to use spyware doctor to remove the malicious/infected you HAVE to purchase the software key/license. so, therefore you claim that “free spyware doctor” will help remove malicious/infected is misleading, in the least inaccurate.
    i have also installed and run Malwarebytes (i have used this program successfully and too great positive results many times). Malwarebytes does not find any malicious/infected items related to XP Antispyware 2012.
    you may have experienced otherwhys, i am just sharing my experience. Chris

  53. Chris :we do not claim that it is free, we claim that it will assist in removal process for free. Maybe we need better wording for that… As I said, there are very few completely free anti-malware programs, or there is a catch, and PC tools won 2nd place in 2011 AV comparative under malware removal.
    If you have problems to delete affected files and fix registry manually (which we recommend in your case), try one of free versions of antiviruses, like MSE, AVG, etc. Some might have your version of XP Security 2012 in their databases.

  54. I got this virus 3 times.I ran my anti=virus scan.Then a pop up came up and claimed scan was complete.I hit ok ,then my whole operating system locked down,I could not access any thing exept their page that wanted 59.00 dollars.i just got adisc and replaced xp.Easy!f-em!WARNING I GOT IT FROM A PORN SITE


  56. I too have gotten it on my main computer and i also have a way to stop it before it even enters: SET ADBLOCK SETTINGS TO PREVENT ANY POPUP FROM APPEARING

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