Www-mysearch.com hijacker - How to remove

Www-mysearch.com search engine looks reliable and useful, but in reality it is just a malicious tool officially categorised as browser hijacker. It is operating as browser add-on and once installed on Google Chrome web browser it will automatically change some of your personal settings right away.

Www-mysearch.com hijacker remove

Luckily, it is not very difficult to diagnose this virus, you can do it yourself – if www-mysearch.com website appears every time you open your homepage or new tab page, but you haven’t done it yourself, it is a clear sign that your system is infected.

Don’t get too scared – browser hijackers are not very dangerous, yet it might cause some cyber security problems that will be hard to deal in the future if you don’t solve this problem right now. Keep reading the article and learn all about this infection and how to get rid of it effortless.

Www-mysearch.com – redirecting users and collecting private information

Www-mysearch.com is a typical browser hijacker – it is distributed using deceptive methods and performs actions that are unwanted to say the least.

Speaking of distribution, it is being delivered to computers as a bundle to other free software that can be downloaded from the Internet. It is a really common method to distribute malware – bundling is employed by browser hijackers like Home.streamontheweb.com or Go.zipcruncher.com. So when you download some free software, Www-mysearch.com is offered as an additional tool. Since it is presented as efficient and advanced way to search the web, a lot of users fall for this trick and agree to install it. Basically, they let this virus to be installed by themselves.

As we have already mentioned, once added to the web browser it will automatically set your homepage or new tab page to be Www-mysearch.com. From this moment, you will be visiting this website more than often.

It looks very similar to other hijackers like www-searching.com, so it’s safe to say that functionality is also not that different. Obviously, the main function of this tool is web search. Just to be clear – there are no unique search engine provided by this website, it only redirects users to Bing.com.

So what’s the point of this website? To you, as an user, there is absolutely no point to use it, since it serves as a middleman between you and legitimate search engine. Vice versa, it can be dangerous, because the main goal of Www-mysearch.com is to display sponsored content in search results and collect your search queries.

The biggest problem with this particular infection is its’ removal. Even though it might look like an easy job to remove malicious browser extension, but in reality things are much more complicated. Even if you remove Www-mysearch.com extension from a web browser, it might still be restored later on because it can place some malicious files directly on your computer, dedicated to this cause.

It’s extremely frustrating to see the virus coming back over and over agains, so here’s what you should do – first of all, navigate to the extensions list on your Google Chrome web browser by clicking More Tools -> Extensions and then locate Www-mysearch.com extension and disable it.

After that, scan your computer with Spyhunter. This way all files associated with this infection will be detected and removed automatically. It is also recommended to keep one of those applications installed because it will provide you with real time security.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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