Home.streamontheweb.com virus - How to remove

Home.streamontheweb.com might look just like a regular and reliable website at a first sight. The sad truth is that it is classified as browser hijacker and will make some automatic changes on your web browser. What’s even worse – you are not going to like them.

Home.streamontheweb.com remove

If you have noticed that your Google Chrome web browser suddenly changed and www.home.streamontheweb.com appears whenever you open a new tab, that’s a clear sign that your computer is infected with this browser hijacker.

In this article we will teach you how to eliminate Home.streamontheweb.com both from your computer and web browser, as well as other valuable information about this infection.

Home.streamontheweb.com is a textbook example of browser hijacker – it gets installed secretly, without clear explanation what to expect, it changes personal settings without asking for permission to do that and it is all about monetising infected audience with spammy advertisements and redirects. Also, it can collect and sell your personal information, which is the biggest security threat of them all. Let’s talk about all of these features.

Actually there are a lot of viruses similar to this one – we have already analysed Convert-myfiles.link and Search.heasytofindforms2.com. They all are distributed the same way – as a bundle to other free software that can be downloaded from the Internet. So when you get yourself some free media player or utility tool, this hijacker might come as a free addition to your install.

The best way to protect your computer against this type of bundled installations is to have anti-malware program with real time protection feature running all the time. In case you don’t know much about such software, feel free to take a look at our reviews of anti-malware software.

To be more specific, Home.streamontheweb.com website is just a consequence of infection and the actual malware is malicious browser extension called Stream On The Web. This extension is described as “Easily search for where your favorite movies and TV shows are playing online!”. So basically, you should be able to watch various TV series, movies and sport events directly on your new tab.

Once installed this browser extension will automatically set www.home.streamontheweb.com to be your default new tab page. You might think that it is a cool feature to have such tool on your browser – ability to watch TV right away. Unfortunately, this promotional description is also misleading. All you are going to get is additional toolbar with cover pictures of various movies and TV series. However, you won’t be able to watch them – only a short description is available.

That makes this tool completely useless. Besides the fact that it is completely not worth to keep it installed, it will also bring various unwanted features. First of all, it will display various ads while you are browsing the Internet. It also presents search feature, but it only redirected users to Google. However, serving as middle man for your web searches, Home.streamontheweb.com will probably collect your personal information and this is where things get serious. If some of your private and sensitive information is revealed to the search, it can be leaked to third parties. That is the main reason why you should eliminate this extension.

Fast Removal of Home.streamontheweb.com hijacker

Removing Home.streamontheweb.com is not as easy as you might think. Obviously, you have to remove it from your web browser first – just click on the Stream On the Web icon on the toolbar of Google Chrome, select “remove from Chrome” option and then confirm your choice. Then you should see this confirmation message:

Stream on the web extension

However, that’s not it. Some of malicious files related to this malware might still be operating on your computer. They can be used to restore the hijacker or simply infiltrate other viruses, so they need to go as well.

It might be complicated to detect and remove all of them manually, so we recommend to get some help from Spyhunter. Either one of those tools should do a decent job in cleaning your system from malware like Home.streamontheweb.com.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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