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Smart engine is a new nickname for My Security Shield rogue antivirus. This rogue is known of crippling user PC by blocking execution of regular computer program including antiviruses and browsers. All this is done to convince user into buying full versions of scareware Smart Engine, which will re-sell and reuse gathered credit card details.

One gets infected by Smart Engine by visiting various faked video portals or infected sites. You may be even redirected to this kind of domain without asking. Faked video portals offer “free videos” that require specific codecs or flash updates. All of updates that are not downloaded from manufacturers websites are infected with trojans. Thus instead of videos or useful programs you get popups and advertisements of Smart Engine. This malware might be distributed by fake computer scan websites too offering to download an executable. Once it gets on board, it will create fake harmless files that will be dropped in the system and later will be “discovered” as cyber threats:


On each reboot Smart Engine will produce a fake system scan that will show various infections. Although scan window is similar to system folder view of Microsoft Windows, the results are completely made up. The computer is not infected with these parasites, and most of files reported are the ones that Smart Engine invented earlier. Ignore its reported threats because they are harmless, either planted by malware itself or required for normal operation of system. Thus it is good idea to remove Smart Engine before it tries to completely brick your PC or convinces someone into paying for its full version ($49.95 for 6 Month Guard Subscription, $69.95 for 1 Year Guard Subscription, $89.95 for a Lifetime Guard Subscription).

For ripping users off, it will display tons of security alerts as well. They usually look like that:

System Alert
malicious applications, which may contain Trojans, were found on your computer and are to be removed immediately. Click here to remove these potentially harmful items using Smart Engine.

Warning! Virus detected

Threat Detected: Trojan-PSW.Win32.Delf.d

System Alert
Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet.
Internet Explorer
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Iexplore.exe
Lsas.Trojan-Spy.DOS.Keycopy is suspected to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits it to a remote server. Data interception was detected while visiting a website.

For Smart engine removal we recommend rebooting into safe mode with networking and then scanning PC with reputable anti-malware tools like spyhunter or Malwarebytes anti-Malware. If you want to delete manually, take care to edit out all affected registry keys. Smart Engine might come with several rootkits that reinstall, block internet connection and removal attempts during manual removal.

Automatic Smart Engine removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove Smart Engine, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


Smart Engine screenshots


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48 thoughts on “Smart Engine

  1. Ok, there is an EASY fix for this and for all of the rouge antiviruses. Ya, please run the superantispyware, the malwarebites, windows defender, avast, norton,pc cillin,super antispyware,live one care all you want, but NONE will get rid of it ok??
    Some of those WILL do some good and get rid of some tracking cookies and the like but as I said, those will NOT get rid of the problem!

    IF, and that is IF you can’t do a system restore BEFORE the problem begin, simply disable the restore points, reboot, then enable the restore points again, then when all is ok, create a restore point.

    Now, one other thing to do is to find a KEY in the registery, IF it is there, is… MultiPassRecover Manual Removal. Search for the KEY in the registry and if it is there, (it may not be) , then delete that key. Here is what you do…
    Press the windows key tab + (R), type in…. regedit, hit enter,the go to EDIT, click FIND, copy and paste this in the box and hit enter…


    on the right side.. you may see… MPR.DocHostUIHandler
    dont bother with it. JUST on the LEFT side (the KEY) right click it and click delete,ok to comfirm. Close registry edit and you are done.

    Any questions, you may contact me @…
    Mark the puter geek

  2. What a pain in the ass!!… thank you so much Mark, it was very hard to remove this f##”#ing thing from my laptop but your post allow me to do it.


  3. i tried with this (3F2BBC05-40DF-11D2-9455-00104BC936FF) but smart engine still there..pls help me how to remove it permanently from my laptop

  4. Mark Thank You! Lavanderleaf thank you! Norton tech support sucks! All they do is suck if they can, all the money of their customers….. They are asking me for 100 dollars and after doing the instructions here. It all worked fine. Thanks and again NORTON SUCKS!

  5. I can’t do it. I don’t understand anything you’re saying. I’m not very good with computers.
    Is there an easy way to delete it?

  6. @mark the puter geek
    I need help PLEASE I have no idea what Im doing or what is going on but I keep getting these things saying I have viruses and its detected by this smart engine! Pleasr can you help me?

  7. mark i need help if you can help me i get to the windows tab+r and then i hit search and it doesnt find anything yea and this smart engine came out of no were also i got this ms3_302.exe that is screwing with my pc in order for me to go online i have to go internet option advance reset all and i cant find that file any were help plz

  8. Chris: when searching for that file, make sure to search in unindexed locations as well. It will be hidden or system file. It is better option to do a scan with malware removers. They will find it no matter how it hides as long as they can detect the version of parasite.

  9. I had this same problem, and I ran a couple of the above programs, so detected the Smart Engine, attempted to remove it, but it was still there. I eventually ran ComboFix. It took 10 min to run, it identified all the underlying files and registry entries, deleted & quarentined, and the trash is gone.

  10. Can we track down these virus-giving koksukirs and remover their balz? I hate these kundts, and I wish I could kill them all!

  11. I just tried what mark said and i got nowhere. The registry wasn’t able to find anything. Help Plz!

  12. Was hit by this Smart Engine virus as well, only my girlfriend thought she would help. Paying the 89.95 for the upgrade. Gave out our credit card number, address, cell phone info etc. Even had a online chat with a customer service guy for Smart Engine. He told her that a e-mail would be sent with a pin number that would allow them to install the Smart Engine. After waiting the 1/2 hour without a e-mail, we had a friend restore the computer back to a better date without the virus. The Icon was found on our main page. Even though we never completed the the alleged pin that was to be sent as confirmation.
    Calling the bank to freeze the account.
    Now we will have to change all our passwords, pins, etc.
    Haven’t seen any details/feedback on bank accounts being emptied, or over charged credit cards, but still will have the bank freeze the account.
    NEXT will be cleaning the cleaning the computer.

  13. I’ve downloaded spyware doctor and it now won’t open to scan and remove smart engine or any other infected stuff. I’ve been hit with viruses before and have been able to remove. I can’t get rid of this one. Please help! It has now become annoying!

  14. hey mark I was able to copy and paste 3F2BBC05-40DF-11D2-9455-00104BC936FF ad I saw MPR.DocHostUIHandler but it’s not there anymore and I have no idea what to so next

  15. mary: Rightclick on executable and choose run as administrator on VIsta/windows 7. On all windows versions you can try launching it from safe mode or from task manager.

  16. Please remove this Smart Engine warning alert off my computer. It keeps popping up on my desktop. I need it remove. I have my own virus alert that I use.

  17. I have no idea what I am doing and I need help. How do I get this off my computer. I tried using marks explanation but I dont understand it, urg. This thing is driving me up the wall.

  18. @Nicole
    What is the KEY that I am suppose to delete. I dont understand there is a whole punch of stuff on the left whats safe to delete and whats not.

  19. Please remove smart engine from my computer, I can’t access anything without constant pop-ups and it blocks certain programs. I have my own virus protection.

    Please do so ASAP.

  20. mark i did as you said. i found MPR.DocHostUIHandler and i erased it but when i restart my computer this smart engine scan starts all over again i cant get rid of it, it wont allow me to go online and the worst part is that we payed for this crap! please help me please!!

  21. cecy: Use safe mode with networking. Disable proxy server, or try to move TDSS Killer using usb drive/cd and scan with it. Then scan with Spyware Doctor or Hitman Pro

  22. Michelle: Use spyware doctor to identify exact file names. Most of malware names files randomly, and anti-malware tools use different ways to identify malware, thus they help.

  23. I am trying to remove the Smart Engine virus and delete is not highlighted, so I can’t delete the file. Please help me to remove it…thanks!!!

  24. grrrrrrrrrrrr………… how the f… did smart engine land on my laptop????? What can i do to avoid such popups in the future??? and the same old question.. how to get rid of it?? Read what mark wrote and it went right above my head!!! Can someone HELP!!!!

  25. I got this succer on both my laptop and my ‘floor’top, the only way i manage to get rid of it was by a total recovery from buttom up. It should be quite easy to track these bastards since someone here obviosly has called them?

  26. It is not so easy to track them, as there are more than one person worldwide working on distributing malware. Do not forget to scan your PC to make sure restore was full. Sometimes it leaves the underlying cause for infection (trojan downloader or rootkit).

  27. hi i need your help please.. i also got tis smart engine on my pc, and its been blocking me to even use my windows defender. also the microsoft security essential’s not working. please help me how can i get rid off.

  28. reshmi: reboot into safe mode with networking. If it still popups, press ctrl+shift+esc and check process tab for their processes. Then I would recommend doing scans with antiviruses and Spyware Doctor

  29. ive tried everything you said but it still wont go away. i cant download any malware software or anything. HELP!!!

  30. So I followed all the instructions, but this virus is still lingering. I delete all registry keys and files and I try to access task manager, and it’s disabled. Shortly after I get another popup from smart engine. I will search more but I have already spent quite a few hours on this. Any new information would be very helpful!

  31. I’ve been reading through the posts and questions. I’ve been having the same problem. Trouble is, I never see it scanning, or pop ups. How long it’s been here, I have no clue. It was discovered by a scan I did, because computer was acting awful, and was in the process of trying to download another antivirus. It stopped it from installing. Tried several times. Have seen it listed in different places on the computer, looked because I never tried it that I’m aware of. Yet it’s here. Not sure exactly what your instructions mean, but going to give it a try. I’m desperate now. Glad I found you here. Oh btw, when I check my security settings, it’s made itself my antivirus, and firewall. ???
    Won’t allow me to change it ?

  32. The easiest way to remove this rogue antivirus is to restart your computer in safe mode with networking. install superantispyware and then do a full scan with that. remove all the files that it finds. Then you should be good to restart and the issue should be resolved.

  33. Stephen is right, but one added step might be needed. I found that the computer that I was working on to remove this would not allow any downloads as well. What was needed was to download the program to a flash drive, boot the infected computer into safe mode and then install superantispyware. I then ran it from there and found approx 1900 traces that were associated with smart engine.

    After a reboot and a second scan the system was clean and internet connectivity was restored as well as the use of several other components of vista that was shut down by the malware.


  34. Mark please i need your help. I want to take off this system from my pc but i can’t.Can u tell me how to uninstall this thing?

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