PC Antispyware 2010 - How to remove

PC Antispyware 2010

PC Antispyware 2010 is a fake anti-spyware which must be removed as it is detected on your PC. Claiming to solve all the computer problems, PCAntispyware 2010 is not able to remove any kind of virus. What is more, it can become the computer problem by itself.
PCAntispyware2010 acts identically as its predecessors PC Security 2009 or Home Antivirus 2010 and seeks the same goal which is to swindle the money from unsuspecting computer users. Firstly, unregistered version of this software infiltrates computer secretly after misleading websites are entered. Once on board, this rogue displays fake alerts and bogus system scans about the infected files which are actually harmless or non-existent. These pre-arranged reports are designedto come up continuously every time the computer is logged in. The trap is to scare trustful computer user and make him buy PC Antispyware2010 โ€œregisteredโ€ version. Do not purchase this malicious stuff and delete all the files, connected to PC Antispyware 2010 immediately after detection. All the recommendations are listed below:

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

70 responses to “PC Antispyware 2010

  1. I’ve been working on trying to uninstall PC Antispyware 2010 for more than 10 hours.
    I have not found your manual removal helpful in the least. Without direct paths to the DLLs or the file locations, your recommendations are useless.

    If you can’t list these in a ‘how to remove’ webpage, how can I believe your product will work at all?

  2. Paths change depending on your OS, installation, and batch of Trojans. Thus providing exact directories in many cases would be a lie or misinformation. Good places to look are your windows install dir, your user directory and root directory your os installed in (C:\ ). And you can always use windows search functionality.
    The product is not purely ours. It is product of our choice. I am using Spyware Doctor (of PCTools) myself when I have to clean friends PC. You can use other product as well if you want, I can recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (however, they even hide exact names of infections found, so you can not check if something is left on your system manually when using it) , ESET NOD32 (full antivirus protection as well), and couple other products. I have best experience with Spyware Doctor though.

  3. i have ran all i can trying to get this out of my computer and it has shut off restore and all the other ways of getting this off my computer it has also shut off my computer so i cant even reinstall the xp os

    what can i do i have no way of paying for a program to get rid of it any help would be just great

  4. i have malwarebytes,i scan my pc and find many trojans of antispyware 2010,delete and quarantine them,scan again and find again.antispyware 2010 comes again every time

  5. I would use Spyware Doctor instead of Malwarebytes anti-malware. Apparently Malwarebytes misses some trojan/rootkit and fails to remove everything from PC on restart.

  6. Andre : apparently, there are different strains, As malwarebytes worked in both modes for aggel. Or, it could mean that there is a process that is not executed in safe mode, and malwarebytes still cant detect it.

  7. Please help D: It wont let me download any program to get it gone. its realy weird and i would realy apreaciate it if someone could help me. If i cant download any program i have to do it manuly, and i have no idea where to find the folders there located in. PLEASE HELP

  8. i just open my pc and antispywrae 2010 comes again,third time.i will go for cleaning with spyware doctor

  9. I had trouble cleaning this off of a customer’s computer this evening. I couldn’t find half of the files they said to delete. I cheated: I looked at the date/time stamp of PC Antispyware 2010 installation folder. After killing the processes with task manager, I did a search by date. Be sure to enable searching system and hidden folders. After the search ended I sorted all by date & time. In this case 8/20/09 12:28AM was the time to search for. I deleted all files created at that time (after reviewing the file names). I then removed the registry entries mentioned. I had to delete e.exe, braviax.exe also. This thing had brought a couple of it’s buddies in also. Reboot, it was clean. Those are nasty things to remove. Hopefully someone can find who writes this stuff and beat them to death over a 3-4 day period!

  10. After i delete AV2010,It reappears on restart.I an downloading your software now lets see what can this do.


  11. Yeah me too! I can only use the internet for about 10n min until the 2010 antispyware tells me its unsafe and blocks me from everything!!@aggel

  12. i went (regedit)to registry delete some of the above registry entries(that admin says)for now i dont have problem with antispyware 2010.i restart my pc 2 times the only virus that appears every time is adware.agent.zo. i work it out longer

  13. aggel : adware.agent is one of the programs that displays popups. Aparently, there is some other trojan or rootkit in the system that protects its from deletion or redownloads. Try scanning in safe mode.

  14. Spyware doctor has free scanner, remover is commercial. Most of good anti-spywares has no fully functional free version, though I would check malwarebytes anti-malware ( free remover, no real time protection, does not output real names for infections), SuperAntispyware (there were limits how much infections free version removes).

  15. Leiif: I would use scanner first to check if it catches your batch of trojans. the remover is 29 USD, however pctools10 coupon should take 10% off from the price.

  16. I have the pc-spyware 2010 virus and it erased everything from my desktop and restarted my computer so when i log in all it says is my apllications are infected and then the pc-spyware pops up wanting me to buy it. what can i do? i cant acces any of my files either (this is friends lap-top)

  17. when i click the link to buy it there is no browser and i restarted the computer and pressed safe mode with networking a whole bunch of multi disk file stuff went down the page and then the computer restarts it self and the page comes up again asking if i want to do safe mode (with or without networking) or regular.

  18. This nasty virus has wreaked havoc on a desktop I have. I can no longer get on the internet at all from this computer. I loaded both Malwarebytes and Spyware Doctor, but the program prevents both from scanning manually. Further, I cannot unregister the dll’s mentioned above in the manual removal becuase it generates a regsvr32 error which says avengn.dll was loaded, but the DllUnregisterServer entry point was not found. This file cannot be registered. I’ve tried to unregister the dll in both regular and safe mode. Further, the file cannot be deleted because it is “in use.”

    I cannot run any program to help me becuase the virus kills them and I cannot remove it manually. Can anyone help?!?!?!?

  19. I have this PC AntiSpyware 2010 virus and it is nasty. It has blocked my REstore and my registry. It has also killed my Microsoft internet browser. Do you have any suggestions on where to start to get my browser working again?

  20. Cory: I think they overdid themselves with trojans and messed system too much. Can you boot into safe mode with networking ?

  21. Kim : Try downloading Spyware Doctor from here and from alternate location (in sidebar). They are a bit different. See if you can launch them. Alternatively, you might need an utility called Killbox to stop and remove processes : http://killbox.net/

  22. Mark : Internet explorer is one of the reasons you got infected (if it is not v8, that is up to date). The problem is not PC AntiSpyware 2010, but trojans that installed it. You should scan with anti-spyware to see what you got besides PC AntiSpyware. If you are clean, I can help you to look for registry fix to enable IE again, though usually Anti-Spyware handle that as well.

  23. I got the virus last night and now my computer is completely shut down. I have tried to run it in safe mode with networking but i tether with my blackberry and the application is not working and keeps shutting down. Any suggestions?

  24. I have picked up PC Anti Spyware 2010. I have downloaded and registered Spyware Doctor and have done several scans. When the scan is finished it says to reboot. When I do the virus keeps coming back. What can I do?

  25. Phillip : Have you ran an updates for spyware doctor? Maybe there is a new strain of trojans that re-download parasites. Typically, this is solved with updates.
    Also, a followup scan with malware bytes anti-malware wont hurt.
    If the problem persist, contact PC tools support.

  26. Tyler: spyware doctor is a scanner and remover. Remover is commercial. If it can not find anything with free scanner, it will not remove with paid version. However, in my experience it is better than malware bytes at detection ratio.
    You can try running malwarebytes anti-malware in safe mode, but I am not sure if it will help if it fails in normal mode. There is no 100% fail-proof remover in the market, neither free, neither commercial one.

  27. @Tom
    How do you know which processes to stop? Nothing with Spyware 2010 in the list but a butch of other things that look suspicious.


  28. Well this morning when I logged on, it popped up, crashed my Nod32 antivirus, disabled my firewall and kept badgering me to install it (eventually it installed itself and started a scan). Ive tried many things including downloading all the suggested programs, but it wont let me open them so I can install them. Whats worse is that manual removal wont work as not 1 of those files is present (I suspect is it renamed itself). My firefox browser works though so thats good, and there is no damage to the PC at the moment that I can tell. PLEASE HELP ME! ๐Ÿ™

  29. I too have the PC Antispiware 2010 virus. I tried removing all suggested files
    and downloaded your product Spyware Doctor. I ran the program in both SAFE w/Networking and Normal modes. After rebooting, I still have the virus.
    Any suggestions?

  30. Admin: Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn’t work. I purchased Webroot because a friend said it removed it for her. Virus killed that program too. I can’t do a system restore because it ate the partition. I downloaded the killbox program you suggested, but I don’t know what to tell it to kill. I don’t have ANY of the files on my computer listed here. I either deleted them or they weren’t there in the first instance. I have set my folder options to see hidden files and folders, and they are not there. Any other suggestions?

  31. Webroot had not killed your infection because it is different strain of trojans than your friends one.
    I suggest scanning with other reputable removers first. Spyware doctor, malware bytes anti-malware – maybe they are more up-to-date than webroot.

  32. Can you just delete any file created from the time you know you got the virus until the present? I don’t have anything to lose, because I can’t run anything. It tells me I don’t have permission to run Maleware or System Restore.

  33. I am working on a co-workers computer that was infected with PC Antispyware 2010. I have been successful at manually removing PC Antispyware 2010 from the PC. However the computer is still trying to re-install the program via a lovely little button in the system tray. This Icon is a Red Circle w/ a white X. I have tried searching Google “Red circle with white X” and have not found anything up to date or helpful. IF anyone else is having the issue or has any suggestions please let me know. Also as a side note, my co-worker and I do not wish to spend anything on a usually worthless “fix-it” program.

  34. Hey ShNid
    Try opening task manager and look for processes runing under the same user (typically, these processes are executed at userspace). If you are unclear about process, google for it, or start canceling them one by one.
    Alternatively, scan with Spyware doctor, malware bytes anti-malware or superantispyware.

  35. Hey
    Thank you so much i rebooted into safe mode and i was able to get to the internet and downloaded malware thing and i was able to save my computer. Sorry it took me so long to comment back on this ( had to catch on work) but again TY

  36. Have already got Spyware Doctor and this does remove PC Spyware 2010 but each time the PC is rebooted it comes back again. Spyware Doctor does not remove the red circle icon with white x and pop ups are continous even after scan and fix.

    If money is being paid to these people who iniated the trojan can they not be traced and stopped.

  37. Annabel : contact PC tools support if it still returns after you download updates. There might be a new re-downloader trojan.

  38. Brittany : Yes, you should contact your bank and talk with them. You need to explain them that you havent downloaded the program voluntary, but you were scammed into buying it.

  39. whtshouldi do i payed them for 2 years for this pc antispyware 2010 and i didnt get it to stay on my computer i cant find it any were how do i get my money back would you let me no how i can

  40. antywirusapc – Is this a valid service/program, or not?
    It is definately trying to scare me into buying. It does a quick scan (maybe 20 seconds), and then displays by drive hundreds of infections/trojan horses, etc. I have been able to close it via ‘task manager’, but it will run you around in circles when you attempt to cancel it from one of it’s pop-up screens.
    Only one pop-up screen shows a name – Antywirusapc.com. I googled this name & didn’t find anything specific. Hope this helps someone!

  41. David C—anytime a program tries to bully or scare you into buying into it, its BS. and not legit.

  42. I got this antivirus thing a few days ago. Luckily i can still use the internet but this malware wont even allow me to run programs such as games and even simple programs like paint or volume control claiming i dont not have permission. Im afraid to delete the files manually fearing i could severley damage my system. I cant even run spyware doctor so any suggestions?

  43. Also i forgot to mention that before the only thing i could see is just the backround. No icons, taskbar or anything. Another strange thing is that my internet page and desktop seemed to be zoomed in for some reason

  44. Hey guys i got rid of it

    Get Spyware Doctor through InPrivate on internet explorer then buy it (its worth every penny)

    Let it scan and remove.

    For the program ossociation for exe and stuff you have to run as adminitrator untill spyware doctor removes it then your free from this horible virus thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. i can’t find the processes it says to delete. i knew it was a bug as soon as i started getting the pop up windows for XP Antispyware- Unregistered version. is this something different? all its really done so far is the pop-ups every 10 seconds with windows that look like windows security center and change my default browser to explorer.

  46. thnx i’m going to try that and that antispyware is so anoying i’m playing modern warfare 2 and every time i try to play that massages pop up and it exits mw2 and i have to run again.

  47. This program seems to have learned a new trick recently i haven’t seen or heard of before, It has imbeded itself into the control panel in the security center (thus disabling all of its components) as well as disabling Adaware and a few several malicious program removal tools.

  48. Jack,
    I can’t even get into the website. It is blocking access to it. How do I get into Internet Explorer.

  49. ok i need some MAJOR help …. i have this stupid virus on my laptop and i already have malwarebytes AND symnatec …. yet for some stupid reason, they both cannot find the XP antivirus pro virus! ugh this is majorly affecting my studies because i cannot go on the internet because this stupid virus keeps blocking the page saying “Internet explorer alert! visiting this page may harm your system!” and it keeps prompting me to buy the software! if there is ANY way that you could help me then it would be GREATLY appreiated ๐Ÿ™ help me please!

  50. JO: Symantec is quite bad against fake antiviruses, as it is updated a bit slower. Try spyware doctor or manual removal instructions

  51. I downloaded Spyware Doctor but i can’t purchase the remover. Can i merely delete the files that Spyware Doctor has detected as harmful manually? Is this safe to do? If not i will just use the instructions you gave above. Thanks

  52. I haven’t purchased Spyware Doctor yet, but the free scan isn’t picking it up!!!! Has the virus evolved or something??

  53. Tom: Update it, do a full scan. If virus evolved, contact PC Tools (creators of Spyware Doctor) support- they will help.

  54. I copied your instructions and will try it this evening. My daughter has this on her computer. One question I have is ‘how do you disable a dll’? Also, what do you think of SPYBOT? Thanks.

  55. Hi All,
    Had the problem you all had earlier on and managed to fix it w/o spending a penny.
    If you sign up to my program now for just $10 a month you can… only joking.

    To get rid of it I downloaded both the malware thingy and spy doctor. Restarted my computer in safe and network mode, ran the checks simultaneously and quite literally its the only reason I’m talking to you now.

  56. hi, i also have this virus. it wont let me use internet explorer, wont let me open any programs, such as killbox or the malware one. It keeps opening fake porn sites too! helpppppp me please

  57. Maggie: Reboot, press F8 couple times till menu appears. Choose safe mode with networking. Try running antispyware programs in safe mode.

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