Internet Security 2012 - How to remove

Internet Security 2012

Internet Security 2012 is a fake antivirus that is software, displaying lots of false warnings without actually checking your system for parasites. This rogue is related to Privacy Protection and Security Protection. This is another infection that uses generic names to prevent users from getting information about parasite and thus believing that they are purchasing something legitimate. This is simply not true, as no program that is distributed through malware and infected websites can be legitimate. Internet Security 2012 got on your PC exactly like this.

Once you get infected with Internet Security 2012, you will start seeing various system alerts and popups. These alerts might look like this :

Explorer.exe can not start
File Explorer.exe is infected by
Please activate Internet Security 2012 to protect your Computer.

Internet Security 2012 will also launch its scan, which will detect various dangerously sounding infections in legitimate or non-existing files. This family of rogues is known for trying to scare people by using names, related to “child porn” for fake infection description. So if you see scan results with descriptions like “Infected: W32/Child-Porn.PROXY/Server” and some other generic infections, don’t search for these files on hard disk to delete them or pay for a full version of Internet Security 2012. You should remove Internet Security 2012 scareware itself.

To prevent removal, Internet Security 2012 will try to block legitimate anti-malware program downloads by stopping their execution. To prevent this, you should follow these steps:

  1. Kill Malware process. To do so use any of the methods below:
    • You should go to Start->Run, then Enter taskkill.exe /F /IM isecurity.exe. “isecurity.exe” is the name of malware process, it might also be other names, such as “defender.exe” or “privacy.exe” or
    • Fake -register Internet Security 2012 by using this registration key: Y76REW-T65FD5-U7VBF5A, Y86REW-T75FD5-U9VBF4A or Y86REW-T75FD5-9VB4A or
    • Reboot into safe mode with networking.
  2. Scan your PC with reputable anti-malware program like Spyhunter, Hitman Pro or other to fully identify files of Internet Security 2012 and delete them. Full version of Spyhunter, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or decent antivirus like Kaspersky, Eset would haveprotected from this malware infection probably.
  3. This malware might come with rootkit, so running GMER, TDSS killer or other anti-rootkit tool is advisable.
  4. If Internet Security 2012 infects your c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe file, you will have to replace it with the one from backup location ( c:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\userinit.exe ).

Note: Internet Security 2012 is not related to any legitimate antivirus program. Also, it is not related to fake rogues Internet Security 2011 or Win 7,XP,Vista Internet Security 2012. These rogues belong to other malware families.

Internet Security 2012 removal video:

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

Removal guides in other languages

100 responses to “Internet Security 2012

  1. Rimba: Its command-line only tool. The single effect you will see is Internet Security 2012 window closing, which is the desired result.

  2. I followed all the steps but still see Internet security 2012 on my desktop. I used spy bot search and destroy. What do I need to do?

  3. Collin: Try other anti-malware programs. Not all include definitions for the parasites at the same time. Try Spyware Doctor, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, etc.

  4. I can’t get into the Internet to be able to download the malware detectors and nothing is working. I don’t think I’m doin something right. Please help!!

  5. Tried spyware dr but realized you had to pay for it. Downloaded and ran malware bytes in safe mode with networking but still see an icon for Internet security 2012 on my desktop, although it is a windows icon rather than the shield like before.

  6. I clicked on run in the start menu but now I just have the hourglass and my computer’s locked up. Should I restart and try again?

  7. Ran spyware Dr. in safe mode – found a bunch of cookies but not the evil iSecurity app that prevents me from doing anything. the taskkill didn’t kill it – must have some other name (but everything looks as described here). any other suggestions besides reformat? on windows 7

  8. So, this virus is a nasty peice of work for me, unlike what most people have been encountering it’s managed to lock out task manager, and disconnected my primary files or something. I don’t have the control panel, I can’t use the Run function, and I don’t have access to My Computer even in safe mode. managed to run an older version of Malware bytes through command prompt, but I’m doubtful it’ll find it. As of now it’s found one infected object. Full results are pending but I’d like to know if there are any other viruses that can lock you out of task manager, it’d be helpful for future refrence

  9. Did update, and did try hitman. no luck. saved off my files and am reformatting. any chance one of my docs might be compromised? thx

  10. it says one of my drives are damaged from this virus how do i go about fixing this . i succesfully removed the virus or at least i thought but my computer is still in chambles

  11. I ran MalwareBytes and it quarantined 18 files. Afterwards the computer was running fine. Went to bed – in the morning I woke up to the black screen that says “We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start successfully.” I have different choices on how to start (safe mode, safe w/networking, safe w/command prompt, last good configuration and normal) – all end up back at the same screen. What happened? And what do I do to fix it? Thank you.

  12. I can’t do any of the above steps, including anything from the Run prompt or downloading any files. I have NO Run option (all of the programs, etc. are missing from my Start Menu) and Internet Explorer won’t connect either. I tried to transfer a file via external hard drive, but I also have no “My Computer” option visible, so I cannot get to the drive contents! Suggestions please???

  13. I had this pop up and was able to remove it. Most of the issues have been resolved but I still cannot access Google or other major search engines; the connection times out on Firefox and I have similar problems on Chrome. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  14. I was able to remove this but now my computer is slow and my net keeps timing out. I tried thguide above and it still doesn’t work

  15. Also since the virus I keep getting blue screens if death like bad pool headers and irql gt at system aervice.

  16. Kerry: Scan with ccleaner and couple of anti-malware programs. Disable proxy server in your browser and clean hosts file. It looks like you still got something, might be tdss rootkit. Run TDSS Killer.

  17. I have a similar program but it’s not titled “Internet Security 2012”, it just says “Internet Security” but it looks exactly like all of the screenshots. I booted in safe mode, ran malwarebytes, removed the viruses it listed and rebooted to normal mode. When I did this, everything was fine, but when I went to log into my account, the screen turned black and said “for security reasons windows has been blocked” and they asked for a payment. Well, I could go to the network screen with Alt-Ctrl-Del, but whenever I went back to my homescreen, I couldnt get past the black screen. I knew both Run and Task Manager were running in the background because each time I logged out, the black screen would close first and I can see everything working. However, I couldn’t access them, only open their first screen.

  18. My laptop has this program and won’t let me go to Internet Explorer or even my Word docs.
    It just wants me to register to get rid of viruses detected. Waht do I do? Is my laptop a door stop now?

  19. Good help!!. I was catched by this garbage. At the end I run a Win Xp over the previous installation, so didn’t loose installed applications. It disabled my mouse ant keyboard. It infected VNC, Symantec Endpoint Protection and installed a lot of .exe files, pointed by .bat files from a root folder. It was a hard fight. Good help your comments and instructions. Ohh, after dammaging Symantec, it was not possible to uninstall it so I had to run Cleanwipe, a Syamntec tool to remove all portions of the program.

  20. Y86REW-T75FD5-U9VBF4A
    Registration key

    Run Malwarebytes anti Malware …………..all right

  21. For mine, it asks for a registration email and registration key. Taskkill wont work so what email should i use for the registration email?

  22. Olivia: Try taskkill several times, make sure you use taskkill /f /im isecurity.exe
    Note down the extension.
    If this does not work, try following : MAke sure all other applications are closed except Internet Security window. press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC . Task manager will open, ant then close. In the bottom of the window several buttons can be seen, the left one is End Task button. Position mouse cursor over it, try pressing ctrl+shift+esc with one hand and clicking the mouse with other. I managed to close it each time with several tries, through taskkill is easier.
    The registration code will work with any email

  23. I managed to get through using the fake activation key and i am now able to acces my applications, the only problem is Internet security is still installed on my desktop and I cannot uninstall it what do I do ?

  24. Mr GoodKat: delete the link and file. Scan with couple tools to check if any trojan remains, or you will get next version of the rogue when they re-release it.

  25. I did the taskkill and it worked the first time. when I tried to run spydoc it asked me to uninstall my total protection mcafee. I did not want to do that. will my Mcafee remove the problem? It poped up saying it stoped a trojan, was that it? Running a full scan now. I just want to make sure we got this thing. Also my husband try to pay for the interest security but it declined it, do you know if it is going to take or money anyway? He did it a lot before I did my research.

  26. There is an easier way, Click on Properties then go to access, cancel all access and then download the 2 virus.

    This will help, you will have to search around in properties to deny access, as I don’t want to go back into mine, as you can understand.

  27. I got this virus. THe guide works but PING.EXE is related to the virus and still executes..

  28. I hate viruses:
    Scan with couple anti-malware programs. There is a legitimate version of ping.exe, but it should not run in memory permanently.

  29. Is there any free anti-virus that can protect my pc from viruses like this one??I tried to unistall it by using taskkill.exe but when i used spyware dotor to scan my own pc it switch itself off alone so i had to do it all again…after i removed it i tried to use spyware doctor but it seems like blocked and i don’t know what to do…

  30. I tried everything and by using the second code,it allowed me to go online and reinstall AVG anti virus. Thank you!!!! PS the information on this site is the only one that worked!

  31. @admin
    I have this virus and can’t get it off my computer. I tried running the taskill but I still can’t access the internet what can I do please help…

  32. Kelz: disable proxy server in your browser. Also, after killing Internet Security 2012, you have to restart your browser (close all the windows and open it again) for it to work

  33. That shild is gone and the security scan not popping up no more but I still can’t use my internet my connections are good but can’t use the web

  34. Com nenhuma ferramenta foi possivel remover, bloqueou total, ao executar algo ele interrompe etc…
    foi possivel copiar dados de cliente e Formatar o pc e reinstalar todos os programas…
    somente 528 gb de dados.. so isso… imaginem o tempo para copiar em hd separado e depois recopiar para hd de cliente….. fora o transtorno dos programas legais, ligar para fornecedores e ainda se sujeitar a ouvir merdas dos mesmos….

  35. I can’t get the computer to start in safe mode. I downloaded the Spyware Dr on another computer and put it on a disk but can’t run it. Can’t see a run option in start. Tried the ctr,sht,esc thing a zillion times and it didn’t work. What do I do now? (apart from hit computer with hammer)

  36. right when you log on click on a bunch of stuff to cause lag then open up task manager find isecurity.exe the reason why you should cause lag is because it delays that process time to start up

  37. using taskkill several times and then deleting the file from program file worked… but I have not been able to get a program to find the rest of the corrupted files.

  38. Jen: If couple scans with different programs show that your PC is clean, then it is probably. Get a better antivirus though to prevent re-infection.

  39. I had no idea what this was, so I tried rebooting my computer, the first time it was just the same, and my microsoft security essentials told me that there was a threat to my computer. Then i rebooted again (for some reason) then it was all gone. The internet security wasn’t running, and MSE could no longer find any viruses…

    Weird right? So I’m thinking the problem’s not over, I cant find anything on my computer exept the internet security shortcut, so I deleted that but still…

  40. Nasty! Could not run anything therefore was unable to download any antimalware sw, nor run them from usb disk. I got it on a computer with no taskkill.exe (I believe only XP pro’s got that) and the tskill did not work or the virus blocked command prompt. It also blocked booting to safe mode, dammit. Luckily I found your page and the second code you provide worked so then I could run malwarebytes and that seemed to remove the virus. Going to scan it with other programs though. Thanks guys!

  41. I am not able to use taskkill command, nor can I open task manager. Any suggestions?

  42. I had this same Internet Security rogue. I was able to restart my computer in safe mode and I restored it to an earlier time, a day, before this happened. Everything seems to be working fine now. Is that enough? Do you think I’m okay?

  43. I connected it to internet secruity and used my email. But my internet won’t work on my computer, it saids “Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings” can someone help?

  44. This “internet security” thing popped on me. It wouldnt let me open ANYTHING. I only have Trend micro and it wouldnt let me open that. I tried rebooting into safemode but that didnt help me because I didnt know what i was looking for nor what to do. So i opened in normal mode and opened task manager. I closes after like one second but using click – del – enter i managed to end the process before it closed, now everything opens normally. I havent restarted since. What do I do next to get rid of it for good?

  45. @enja
    Thank you for your response. I ran a full scan with my Kaspersky 2012 while the Internet Security was still there, before I did the restore, and it said there were no threats. I obviously knew there was a threat, and that’s why I proceeded with the restore. I did run the scan again afterwards and it came back okay again. It says components are enabled and the databases are up to date, but I don’t know if I can trust it anymore. 🙁

  46. quiana : Contact your bank. You might get reinfected eventually, but they have reached their goal (aka to get your credit card details).

  47. Tasskill didn’t work either. I can get into safe mode but can’t get on line from there. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  48. I worked with it a little while and I was able to stop the process by using the task manager. I had to hold ctrl-shift-esc buttons down due to the malware trying to keep it from functioning, and ended the task. I was then able to download a free copy of malware bytes. I have trendmicro anti-virus but it sucks. (Company installed.) I was going to run it in normal mode, but my bother said that it’s best to run those type programs in safe mode, which I did. That seemed to do the trick. Again, thanks for the advice given and I hope what I learned helps anyone else who has this problem.

  49. KRA : contrary your brothers advice, it depends on program. Run either in safe mode with networking on in regular mode, usually. Some programs (namely, malwarebytes) work poorly while malware process are active. Spyware Doctor, contrary, requires to be run in normal mode usually (it detect really well fresh malware from multiple signs if updated, and does not allow to kill its process once running). Spyhunter and Stopzilla manage to disable Internet Security 2012 and similar itself and does not require safe mode.

  50. if you are having trouble opening anything. Try this, it works like a charm for me! You can try reseting the computer and hope to quickly catch it off guard by immediately going to task manager and ending process. BETTER YET, right click the icon at the taskbar and click on “help and support.” While it sends you to its website, it is vulnerable for a while and wont close any programs. So while the website is loading, go to task manager end process. Thats how i am able to type this message out right now 😛

  51. Thank you so much! The codes worked fine. I used an old email address and used the second code and “voila” it was fixed!

  52. my task manager was locked up, but i did the taskkill.exe /F /IM isecurity.exe
    several times sutting down my computer for about ten times until it final removed it. Thanks alot. If anybody is locked out of task manager like myself, just run taskkill.exe /F /IM isecurity.exe once and shutoff your computer and try again and again until it works. Thanks again so much.

  53. Please help i tried to delete with taskkill and i did remove it but it keeps coming back and i scanned my computer with the free trial of spyware doctor and it’s says i have 8 threats and 60 infections, and it says i need to buy spyware doctor to remove them but it says i need some sort of license and i don’t have one and i tried clicking on the “Need hep registering?” thing but it won’t load the page where it helps me.
    what do i do?

  54. I’M SO DUMB i put for the spyware doctor to allow one of the programs without noticing but then i fixed it but how do i know if i permanently deleted it?

  55. I have the above mentioned problems with Internet Security 12 on my laptop. It was working fine yesterday albeit slower and today I can not access internet explorer. I have windows 7 and a dell laptop. I do not know where to go to start and run. I also tried thecontrol/shoft and escape at once and I got to the taskmgr screen andtried several times to hit end task while holding everything down but it still did not work. What else can I try? If I can”t get into internet how can I type task kill? I am using my desk computer to type this. Please help ASAP. Thank you.

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