Hopsigna.com Ads - How to remove

Hopsigna.com is an adware site posing as a news site. It sends pop-up ads to people’s browsers, where they appear like pop-up ads. The only way to stop these Hopsigna.com pop-ups is to block notifications from Hopsigna.com by changing your browser settings.

About Hopsigna.com:

Classification Adware.
Why ads by Hopsigna.com appear on your screen If you allowed Hopsigna.com to send you notifications (easy to do by mistake), it uses this access to show ads in the corner of your browser.
How Hopsigna.com tricks people It has a page with a request to allow notifications,

this page appears as a pop-up ad on other sites when trying to access their content,

impatient people follow Hopsigna.com’s instructions and allow its notifications.

How to stop ads by Hopsigna.com Block notifications from Hopsigna.com,

look if there is any malware on your device (manually or with Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, and other apps).

How Hopsigna.com works

Hopsigna.com is not a particularly dangerous site, but it can be extremely annoying. It’s a notification spammer.

Hopsigna.com is related to Thenewstreams.com, Worldbestposts.com, Sauwoaptain.com, and some other notification hijackers. Here’s roughly how these sites work:

  • A news feed as the front. After navigating to Hopsigna.com, you’re greeted with a bunch of news articles and no obvious ads.
  • Hopsigna.com may ask you to allow notifications and it may show notification-like pop-ups on the page.
  • Certain, not easily accessible pages on Hopsigna.com are dedicated solely to asking visitors to allow notifications.
  • Notifications from Hopsigna.com behave like advertisements, promoting various websites and products.

Hopsigna.com’s news posts appear to be copies on New York Times posts from 2019. And there aren’t any ads anywhere on the site. Obviously, it’s not a real news site, it’s only meant to look like one. With a front like that, Hopsigna.com appears trustworthy and safe.

Hopsigna.com looks like a news site at first.

Hopsigna.com’s real identity seems to be a notification spammer – a site that uses browsers’ notification features for displaying ads.

It makes money by flooding people’s screens with ads, even when people are not on the Hopsigna.com site. This behavior is malicious, and as a result, some antivirus scanners flag Hopsigna.com as Malware.

Hopsigna.com detected by three scanners on virustotal.

How notification spammers spread

I originally came across Hopsigna.com when I was clicking on malicious redirect links. These are usually somewhat random and you never know what malicious site they’ll take you to. Sometimes it’s a fake giveaway for a phone (Promos4you.net), other times it’s a fishy betting site, while sometimes it’s a notification hijacker.

This version of Hopsigna.com was a static white page that was asking me to allow push its notifications.

Unlike some other malicious sites, Hopsigna.com doesn’t lie about what the Allow button does. It just sort of offers it up, hoping that people will follow the instructions to press the Allow button on reflex.

It’s not unrealistic. Hopsigna.com pops up totally unexpectedly, triggered on completely unrelated sites when people who are trying to download a file, watch a video, or even open a link in internet search results. Malicious redirects can affect any website, but especially free streaming sites and pirating sites.

People who are in a rush, who don’t have the energy to deal with warnings and disclaimers, may click the Allow button without really thinking about it. Sometimes, they don’t even know what notifications are or hoe they are frequently abused for profit. They may also not know how to block notifications in their browser settings. Luckily, it’s easy enough to do.

Hopsigna.com asks visitors to allow its notifications.

How to stop ads by Hopsigna.com

The first thing to do is to block notifications by Hopsigna.com in your browser settings. Open the web browser that is affected.

  • Open notification settings.
    • Chrome – type “chrome://settings/content/notifications” in the address box.
    • Safari – in the Safari menu choose Preferences, Websites, Notifications.
    • Firefox – open Settings, Preferences, Privacy & Security, scroll down to Permissions, and click on Settings next to Notifications.
    • Edge (Chromium) – type “edge://settings/content/notifications” in the address box.
  • Find the Allow list. These addresses are allowed to show you pop-up notifications. Find those that you want to take that permission away from.
  • To the right of those addresses, click the menu button.
  • Choose Block/Deny from the options.

There you go, removing sites from your browser’s Allowed list prevents them from sending any more ads to your browser. The Hopsigna.com site can still open in your browser, though.

Besides blocking notifications, it’s advisable to scan your computer with an anti-malware program, such as Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, or another app that you trust. Sites like Hopsigna.com advertise, among other things, malicious apps and browser extensions, which are easy to install without knowing what exactly they are. Antivirus scan results will tell you if there’s anything suspicious on your computer.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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