Highsecureus.com Ads - How to remove

Highsecureus.com is a website that advertises various software for Mac and iOS devices. It’s problematic because it appears alongside fake virus alerts – scam messages that try to convince you (falsely) that your computer, tablet, or phone has viruses on it – and that you must install this or that app to save it.

If you encounter Highsecureus.com, I recommend just closing it. Ignore it and don’t install the apps advertised on it. Don’t get intimidated by fake virus alerts into allowing potentially unwanted apps on your devices.

Highsecureus.com pop-ups:

Threat type Adware,

potentially unwanted program.

What causes Highsecureus.com ads Fake virus pop-ups, calendar and browser notification spammers.
Problems and possible dangers Fake virus alerts cause unnecessary stress,

you might feel obligated to pay for an unnecessary app.

How to stay safe on Highsecureus.com Use anti-malware apps and ad blockers to block malicious websites,

block unwanted notifications,

use anti-malware apps, such as Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes, and others to remove malicious apps and protect your device.

Problems with Highsecureus.com pop-ups

Highsecureus.com is just a website that advertises random apps: a password protection tool for folders, a QR code scanner, or a VPN app. Sometimes, it might show a full-page ad, other times – just a little alert. No matter where on the Highsecureus.com page you click, it opens an Apps.apple.com page with that app’s page.

It seems harmless on its own. It’s the context in which Highsecureus.com’s ads start being problematic.¬†But the “ads” that cause Highsecureus.com to open are fake virus warnings, such as the “27 viruses” alert and the “Your Mac Is Infected With 3 Viruses!” warning. These warnings attempt to scare people into believing that their device is in imminent danger and that they must follow the instructions of whatever page opens next to save their device.

But it’s Highsecureus.com with its boring apps that appears. This is what makes it so dangerous – if people install the apps that Highsecureus.com recommends because they feel threatened, even harmless apps become like malware. Especially when some of them are paid.

Users should never feel pressured to install apps that they don’t want to install. They shouldn’t feel like they have to pay for them, either. But a clever chain of malicious ads can have this effect. As a result of that, Highsecureus.com is detected by a few antivirus scanners as a “Phishing” site.

Not to mention, Highsecureus.com might show you repeated ads as notification pop-ups.

There’s nothing special about Highsecureus.com as a website. It’s very similar to websites like Mybestsecureus.com, Peachlandus.com, Allbestsecureus.com, and others. That is to say, it’s very replaceable. You can block it, but the problem will still exist.

Highsecureus.com showing promos for apps.

How to avoid Highsecureus.com ads

Fake virus alerts are basically malicious ads. They almost never appear on reputable websites, such as high-profile news sites, social media sites, and similar mainstream sites. But they do appear on pirating sites, adult content sites, and various other controversial sites that have difficulties striking deals with advertising companies.

Small and abandoned sites might also be infected with malicious code, forcing them to open ads such as the fake virus alerts that lead to Highsecureus.com.

So, you might want to avoid such websites when possible. Use legal movie streaming sites, paid adult content providers, etc. And if a site that you regularly visit suddenly started showing virus alerts, you can write to the administrators of the site and ask them what happened. They might not even know what their site got infected.

Other than that, you can use ad blockers, such as AdBlock for Safari. It’s not perfect protection, as the creators of malicious pop-ups do try to find ways around ad blockers, but it’s definitely a security improvement.

You can also use a reputable anti-malware app. Some antivirus scanners detect Highsecureus.com as malicious: Virustotal.com.

Highsecureus.com gets detected by 3 scanners on VT.

Apps like Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes, and others can supplement Apple’s security features. Of course, you should make sure that your privacy and security settings: Support.apple.com.

Keep an eye on your browser notification settings, too – block unwanted sites from showing you messages.

Encountering¬†Highsecureus.com or even installing an app promoted by it isn’t that bad on its own, as long as you remove the app. What really matters is:

  • protecting your money,
  • protecting your personal information,
  • and protecting your files (photos, documents, etc.) from being lost.

Don’t even pay for services that you’re not sure that you need. Never use your payment information to sign up for free services (make up fake information if you need to). Always make backups of your data by using iCloud or other backup solutions. That way, if a malicious or potentially unwanted app gets installed thanks to ads on Highsecureus.com or a similar site, it won’t be able to do too much damage.

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