Fzmovies.net Ads - How to remove

Fzmovies.net presents itself as “The largest collection of Movies on Internet”. It’s a movie streaming and download site that’s full of intrusive and sometimes dangerous ads.

Fzmovies.net opens new pages when you click on ads, but also when you click anywhere on the page and even when you do nothing at all. Some of the pages it opens lead to scams and potentially dangerous software. Fzmovies.net is very frustrating and even dangerous to visit just because of its ads.

Fzmovies.net in short:

Classification Adware.
Pirating and infected files Fzmovies.net allows users to download files. There’s a risk that the files are infected.
Ads and redirects Fzmovies.net opens ads without your permission,

some of the ads it shows are potentially dangerous.

How to stop Fzmovies.net ads Use ad blockers to block ads on those sites that go overboard with them,

use anti-malware programs (Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, Malwarebytes, etc.), apps, and browser add-ons to protect yourself,

disable unwanted notifications.

Problems with Fzmovies.net

Infected files

That Fzmovies.net is a pirating site that allows for movies to be downloaded illegally is not its biggest problem, people who use the site know it. But like with most file download sites, there’s a risk of the files downloaded from Fzmovies.net being infected with malware. Mostly, it’s software torrents that get infected with malware, but it can happen to movies, too (Microsoft warns of malware-laced John Wick 3, Contagion movie torrents).

It’s important to have an antivirus program installed on your computer that can check if the files that you download are safe.

Malware might also come from the ads that Fzmovies.net shows. Really, Fzmovies.net’s biggest problem is the ads that it shows.

Malicious ads

The problems with Fzmovies.net’s ads are two:

  • You aren’t given a chance to avoid the ads. They just open on their own.
  • Some of the ads lead are for dangerous websites, including scams, problematic content (such as unregulated medicines), and adware infections.

Fzmovies.net allows you to choose between popup ads (new browser tabs that open on top) and popunder ads (new pages that appear in the background). I guess that’s something. But still, Fzmovies.net just automatically opens ads without you even doing anything at all. This isn’t how ads should work.

What sorts of ads Fzmovies.net opens in your browser depends on your location in the world. Here are the ads that I saw:

  • Gambling sites and online casinos.
  • Online stores.
  • Low-reputation crypto exchange sites like Coinsbit.io.
  • Fake browser update warnings that push malicious browser extensions.
  • Male enhancement pills, diet pills, and other suspicious supplements.
  • Fake download buttons that promote unwanted apps.

If you aren’t very very careful while browsing Fzmovies.net, you might mistake the ads for real download links and accidentally install malware. Or get convinced by a fake article to give your money to a scam. It’s potentially really dangerous.

Fzmovies.net shows some banner ads, but it also opens advertisements that are not visible on the page.

How to stop Fzmovies.net ads

Block malicious websites

Use an ad blocker. There are many browser extensions that can block ads in your browser.

Of course, it’s recommended to whitelist websites that you enjoy and that show unobtrusive ads. But do block ads on pirating websites and other sites that show redirect you to unexpected websites without warning. For instance, the way that Fzmovies.net opens unexpected websites is not an acceptable way to display ads because it doesn’t ask you for permission to open those sites.

You can also use a program to block malicious websites. Web browsers have their own filters where they block malicious sites for you. Some anti-malware programs do this. Some anti-malware programs offer companion browser extensions to help with online security.

Protect yourself from malware

It’s not always possible to avoid all malicious sites and misleading ads. As some of the ads shown by Fzmovies.net do lead to scam sites and potentially harmful programs, here are a few ways in which you can protect yourself:

  • Don’t reveal your personal and payment information to unfamiliar websites. Always read the Terms of Service first.
  • Use antivirus programs (Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, Malwarebytes, etc.) to protect your computer, phone, tablet, and other devices from malicious apps.

Disable notification spam

Some sites like Fzmovies.net, Fmovies.to, GoIncognitoSearch, and others might use notifications to show ads on your screen even when these sites aren’t open. They do this with the help of notifications. Here’s how to block unwanted notifications in your browser:

  • Chrome – open Settings, scroll down to Site settings (under Privacy and security), click on Notifications.
  • Edge (Chromium) – open Settings, click Site PermissionsNotifications.
  • Firefox – open SettingsPrivacy & Security, scroll down to Permissions, and click on Settings next to Notifications.
  • Safari – in the Safari menu, choose PreferencesWebsitesNotifications.

You might want to disable notification prompts to make it harder for ad-spamming sites to hijack your browser settings.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

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