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DisplayUpdate stands for a new adware-type program belonging to the Pirrit adware family. The research of its activity reveals that the software was specifically developed for the purpose of installing other adware tailored for Mac computers known under the name of MacPerformance. This software is also the part of the Pirrit clan. Once installed and activated, these programs hijack browsers and start randomly displaying intrusive pop-up ads and redirecting to many random pages. This process cannot be controlled by the users. They would like to stop the suspicious browser behavior, however, the browser redirections to random pages keep taking place.


In addition to unwanted pop-up ads with subsequent browser redirections, DisplayUpdate performs the spying functions about practically all user’s activities. Furthermore, the intrusion of the software is done without the user’s direct permission or consent. It essentially slows down Mac performance and results in continuous system freezing. There are many other valid reasons why DisplayUpdate should be immediately uninstalled. This guide will provide you with more detailed information about this software and will furnish you with step-by-step guidelines to remove the aforesaid adware from your system.

Purpose of DisplayUpdate software.

The presence of DisplayUpdate in your Mac is bad news, in fact. You don’t need to panic, the program does not belong to the category of serious malware or ransomware that can damage your data. However, considering its detection as adware by many anti-virus programs, the software is associated with specific advertising companies that aim to promote their content through your device. DisplayUpdate performs the following functions:

  • displaying numerous coupons, banners and ads not related to the websites visited by the users;
  • forwarding the browsers to many third-party websites;
  • running stealthy scripts that download and install other unwanted software.

No matter how exactly DisplayUpdate works on the specific device, its actions are extremely malicious. Therefore, clicking on its ads or tolerating its presence is extremely dangerous. Your computer may eventually get infected with a lot of other malicious utilities without your knowledge. For example, adware is known for advertising other adware — like AssistEngine, StudyDisplay, or Top Results.

DisplayUpdate represents other danger for the Mac owners when it regularly tracks all the browsing activities. The software, in fact, spies about the browsing habits, tracks the information about the submitted search queries, visited URLs, IP addresses and geographical settings. The data collected in the browsing history is also under continuous inspection and analysis. The information submitted by DisplayUpdate may also be granted into the hands of online frauds who may easily manipulate it for illegal purposes, mainly for generating the revenue. This data leakage may result in serious privacy issues and identity theft.

Detection of DisplayUpdate by anti-virus programs.

There is no doubt that this application should be immediately uninstalled. This conclusion is made based on the detection of the DisplayUpdate installer on VirusTotal. For example, Avast reports it as MacOS:Pirrit-AT [Adw], whereas Avira identifies the adware as ADWARE/OSX.Pirrit.shppx. Other reputable security scanners similarly identify DisplayUpdate as the software that deserves to be immediately deleted.

DisplayUpdate detection on VirusTotal

The fact that DisplayUpdate got installed in your computer means that your anti-virus software actually failed to protect your device from the adware installation attack. It’s a good reason for you to reconsider your choices and switch to another more reliable software that can provide more effective protection and prevent malware attacks in the future.

How to remove DisplayUpdate effectively?

Even though DisplayUpdate provides you with the option to move the program directly into the Trash manually, there are many additional traces left by the adware in the attacked system. As a result, the adware may continue its negative impact on the functionality of the device and keep causing other negative side effects that may be reflected in the unusual browser behavior. Thus, we strongly advise that you scan your system with the proper and more powerful anti-malware software — like Combo-Cleaner — that may carefully examine your Mac, locate and delete other infections and protect your workstation from other similar adware attacks.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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