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Apogee PC Pro rogue security tool features a bunch of functions: removal of tampered, corrupted or unwanted files in Windows Registry, prevention of freezing and crashing, protection of data, malware removal, internet optimization and clutter reduction. While all of these convenient capabilities sound practicable, we have heard similar promises from developers of such potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) like Tweakerbit Registry Optimizer and SPC Optimizer.

Security researchers have emphasized that purchasing or downloading free trials of system-optimizers won’t have any positive results on your operating system. In reality, you will waste money on redundant purchases of software programs since they won’t scan or fix your computer device properly (Microsoft support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities).

Apogee PC PRO unwanted program

In addition to this, after an explicit analysis of ApogeePCPRO.exe Setup file, it has been labeled with the following names: Trojan.GenericKD.6230057, Hoax.Win32.DeceptPCCLEAN and so on (VirusTotal scan). Also, we noticed that the certificate for this program is out of its validity period

Do not waste $119.99 on a rogue system optimizer called Apogee PC Pro

Apogee PC Pro rogue system optimizer is definitely suspicious because of a couple of reasons. First of all, the input sample is signed with an invalid certificate. It drops executable files to the Windows system directory, creates a scheduled task trigger, writes data to a remote process, and references BIOS/BOOT related strings. This information was derived from a thorough scan of the Setup file. Therefore, we hope you will select a different program for your computer management and protection (Hybrid Analysis).

We can reassure that this Apogee PC Pro potentially unwanted program is not the only unreliable security tool around. We have investigated rogue software apps for a while, meaning that we have encountered more than a few. Our security team has written articles about such rogue tools like MacShiny, PCBooster and Smart PC Mechanic.

However, this does not even cover the half of such tools. A tendency of producing low-quality system managers and offering their free trials has become a rather successful scam, tricking thousands of people. Free trial programs do not initiate genuine scans and frequently indicate false positives.

We also found that Apogee PC Pro rogue optimizer can be purchased for $14.99. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7. There is no indication about to whom this application belongs to. In addition to this, we also found no Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions documents.

Apogee PC Pro virus

Since the unknown authors do not introduce themselves nor they explain usage conditions of the optimizer, we recommend you to stay away from this tool. It could be that the program will function very badly, and the owners won’t be offering any type of refunds.

We found that (877) 518 6912 is a phone number, meant to serve as a technical support service for users Apogee PC Pro program. However, we doubt that respectable help is going to be offered via this helpline. A default destination folder for this program is C:\Program files\ApogeePCPRO. It could be that you have installed this tool without your knowledge. Therefore, check this folder or take a look at the Windows Control Panel.

Distribution of potentially unwanted programs like Apogee PC Pro rogue system optimizer

Apogee PC Pro program might have been installed together with other freeware application. For instance, during installation process, you might have missed checkboxes with propositions to install additional tools. Therefore, we hope you will be hope attentive during the next installation process. However, it also could be that you decided to try out the free trial of this PC optimizer voluntarily. You should have noticed that the tool slows down your computer instead of managing it.

If you wish to clean your operating system from Apogee PC Pro unreliable optimizer, we can offer you two options. First of all, you can remove the application from Windows Control Panel. However, a better decision would be to install a reliable and legitimate anti-malware tool. For instance, both Spyhunter can protect your operating system from inconveniences and viruses. You will be able to run regular scans and determine whether malicious files have slithered into your device.

How to remove Apogee PC Pro using Windows Control Panel

Many hijackers and adware like Apogee PC Pro install some of their components as regular Windows programs as well as additional software. This part of malware can be uninstalled from the Control Panel. To access it, do the following.
  • Start→Control Panel (older Windows) or press Windows Key→Search and enter Control Panel and then press Enter (Windows 8, Windows 10). Open Control Panel by searching for it in the Start menu.
  • Choose Uninstall Program (if you don't see it, click in the upper right next to "View by" and select Category). In Control Panel, select Uninstall a program.
  • Go through the list of programs and select entries related to Apogee PC Pro . You can click on "Name" or "Installed On" to reorder your programs and make Apogee PC Pro easier to find. Find the program that you need to uninstall.
  • Click the Uninstall button. If you're asked if you really want to remove the program, click Yes. Click the Uninstall button after selecting the program to uninstall. Then click Yes.
  • In many cases anti-malware programs are better at detecting related parasites, thus I recommend installing Spyhunter to identify other programs that might be a part of this infection. Spyhunter marking a program and its components as low-threat malware.

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