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Name: Reimage
Type: Emergency scanners,
Price: 49 USD (limited trial available)
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Reimage Review Details

Reimage is windows repair tool that we classify as emergency scanner. Like other tools from this category, it is aimed to solve computer problems after they happen and repair computer to peak performance. Reimage does not provide real-time protection.

Reimage is different from both registry cleaners, system optimization software and virus cleaners because it has cloud based driver and other file database that allows re-downloading affected and irreparable files without complete or partial reinstall. This allows fixing PCs after important file or driver got removed, overwritten or renamed. This is quite a novel service, and a big plus for using it on heavily infected machines without having all the software disks ready. In simple terms, Reimage “knows” how good PC should look like, and Antiviruses “know” the signs of bad software in PC, so they work towards the same goal from a different angle.

We have checked Reimage on both clean and infected PCs. Free version is a scanner only, however Reimage provided us with one-time keys for the software. You can see results of the scans in screenshots bellow. This is not the first time I am checking Reimage, and we see some improvements in it.

Reimage scanner goes through three stages: Hardware, Security and Stability. At first, the program checks the situation with your system’s memory, hard disk speed, CPU parameters, etc. Reimage Automated PC Repair can help you fix some Windows errors, computer freezes, corrupted DLLs and similar damages. Then it starts security check, where it detects all kinds of threats, such as adware, spyware, rootkits, trojans, worms, etc. and helps to remove them. At last, it monitors system stability and identifies which programs tend to crash.

We have not noticed any false positives in Reimage scans. The clean PC had no detections during free scan, however we are not happy with the message saying that the cleaning process (which is paid) uses different and better detection algorithm. This leaves uncertainty for end user and might mislead him or her into purchasing Reimage when it is not necessary. I am not recommending to purchase paid software if free scan does not detect problems. The scanning process takes time, as it tests both PC’s performance and software components.

The infections on infected PC were detected successfully. Reimage provides adequate log of infections on PC, thus user has opportunity to check other sources of information about particular infection. It incorporates Avira antivirus database for identifying virus and malware threats.

Overall, there are both positive and negative sides for this program. The positive side is the way Reimage repairs PC and replaces damaged files. This allows repairing damage Antiviruses or registry cleaners cannot fix.

On negative side, There were claims that Reimage is rogue tool. It is not a case, as I haven’t noticed false positives + it uninstalls normally. However, there are messages and alerts they should change.
Like with other tools, I recommend purchasing Reimage only after it detects a problem your PC is suffering.


Reimage is now compatible with Mac OS X and Android operating systems! It is designed to improve your computer’s performance by removing malicious or unwanted applications that entered your system without your knowledge. Reimage is well-known and valued for its ability to fix the issues by downloading files that are missing, corrupted, or deleted from its own database. Therefore, users do not need to reinstall affected software.

Reimage for Mac

Reimage is a great option if you are looking for a software for Mac. It will easily get rid of all unwanted applications which were either installed by a user intentionally or accidentally. Additionally it cleans browsing history, fixes errors and helps users to get rid of cached space. You can use this tool daily to check your system and keep it running fast and smooth. Reimage for Mac does not provide security service. Therefore, you should get a reliable antivirus too.

Reimage for Android

Reimage is finally able to help users who have Android devices. If you are worried whether all apps that you have installed on your device are safe to use or not, you should consider getting Reimage for Android. Once installed, the program will scan your device and identify problems. It detects malicious apps and helps to clean what occupies much memory on your device, like call/texts history, cached memory and so on. The good thing about Reimage for Android is that you don’t need to pay anything for using its service. So if you are tired of having problems with your phone or tablet, do not hesitate and go for this tool.


Reimage screenshots

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