Software Protector - How to remove?


Software Protector (also called as SW Protector) is a rogue anti-spyware utility which is promoted to have various abilities, such as protect computer from malware, save important data or prevent attacks through the Internet. However, the only reason Software Protector is designed for is looking the sponsors for its creators. Just like any other rogueware, Software Protector announces some invented cyber threats and then asks paying the money for their removal.

SW Protector gets into the potential host system via Trojan virus.  Having overcome security barriers, the trial version of Software Protector keeps displaying its fake system scanners, pop-up ads, alerts and notifications. After imitating to check the system for viruses, numerous of them are announced for the user. Software Protector also claims that the trialware is not capable to delete anything reported. Malware also applies browser hijacking methods for distributing its commercial version and redirects its victims into its malicious domain where they can buy it for 49.95$.

In fact, Software Protector has no spyware detection or removal engine, so it reports only fake viruses detected. The one and only security issue is the same Software Protector, so don’t become the sponsor for its creators. No matter how it is called, Software Protector or SW Protector, remove this badware immediately. Before that, update your legitimate security software and run a full system scan.


Automatic Software Protector removal tools

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Software Protector screenshots


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