Reimage Repair

Reimage Repair is MS Windows and MAC repair tool that we classify as emergency scanner. Like other tools from this category, it is aimed to solve computer problems after they happen and repair computer to peak performance.

This emergency scanner is available on all most popular platforms, including Windows OS, Mac OS and even Android. Using Reimage Repair repair as a Windows OS problems fixer might be the best solution – it can restore and/or fix damaged or poorly modified Windows files.

Since a lot of users get frustrated because of the problems caused by bugs in Windows OS files, Reimage Repair can be used instead of reinstalling entire operating system. However, it is important to know that this repair tool can not fix problems regarding software, it is only effective towards OS.

Warning about Reimage detections (2019-12)

Currently, Reimage Repair is detected by several tools as PUP. While some of the detections are not very concerning, one tool detects it as Trojan. While I am personally quite sure that this is false positive, this might cause problems with other programs.

Thus currently, We do not recommend installing Reimage Repair. Reimage for Mac is not detected. If you are concerned, you can uninstall it normally, or scan with Malwarebytes. I would use uninstall personally, as it is safer option.

Reimage repair scan

Reimage Repair is an all-around tool, so when you download free version of this tool and run a quick scan, it will indicate all viruses, malware, missing and damaged files on your system. If the problems you are having with your computer is due to something that can be fixed by this repair tool, you will be offered to purchase a premium licence which comes at $37.95 a year for all available functions and features.

In case the problem is related to the software or other factor that is not available to be fixed by Reimage Repair repair, you will be notified about that as well, so it is a great time saver. Quick scan only takes around 5 minutes (depending on the quantity of files and programs you have on your system) and at the end you will be provided with a comprehensive report of your computers’ health.

Trial version of the program is free for unlimited time, so in case you only need the scan feature it won’t cost you a penny. Premium version features a 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results, thus it’s definitely worth to give it a try.

Speaking of malware detection and removal – other Anti-Malware tools like SpyHunter or Plumbytes can offer you a higher detection rates as their virus databases are bigger and updated more often. Regardless that, Reimage Repair is still capable of dealing with most of malware infections effectively.

Reimage scan

Reimage Repair scanner goes through three stages: Hardware, Security and Stability. At first, the program checks the situation with your system’s memory, hard disk speed, CPU parameters, etc. Reimage Automated PC Repair can help you fix some Windows errors, computer freezes, corrupted DLLs and similar damages. Then it starts security check, where it detects all kinds of threats, such as adware, spyware, rootkits, trojans, worms, etc. and helps to remove them. At last, it monitors system stability and identifies which programs tend to crash.

No false positives can be noticed in Reimage Repair scans. The only thing that might be disappointing – better detection algorithm used by the paid version of the software. That is kind of unfair for users deciding whether to purchase the program or not, since the end product will be different (promised to be better).

One of the biggest advantages over other similar tools is a dedicated version for Mac. Reimage Repair is a great option if you are looking for a software for Mac. It will easily get rid of all unwanted applications which were either installed by a user intentionally or accidentally.

Additionally it cleans browsing history, fixes errors and helps users to get rid of cached space. You can use this tool daily to check your system and keep it running fast and smooth. Reimage Repair for Mac does not provide security service. Therefore, you should get a reliable antivirus too. Also, not every system repair tool can offer you help with Android OS, but that’s not the case with Reimage Repair.

Reimage scan result

The program is able to help users who have Android devices. If you are worried whether all apps that you have installed on your device are safe to use or not, you should consider getting Reimage Repair for Android. Once installed, the program will scan your device and identify problems. It detects malicious apps and helps to clean what occupies much memory on your device, like call/texts history, cached memory and so on.
The good thing about Reimage Repair for Android is that you don’t need to pay anything for using its service. So if you are tired of having problems with your phone or tablet, do not hesitate and go for this tool.

Probably the weakest link in this software is a poor customer support. Compared to the support of SpyHunter, Reimage Repairrepair has some space for improvement. Basically all you can do to get in touch with professional technicians is to submit a ticket with their support help-desk and hope to get the answer anytime soon. However, it should be sufficient if you are not expecting someone to answer the same minute.

Other not so bright point – automatic scans every time you launch the program. Yes, it won’t cause you any problems to check the state of your system that often, but it’s really unnecessary. Luckily, the program doesn’t require a lot of CPU resources so it won’t hurt the performance of your system.

Overall, it’s a good product for the decent price. It is a head of majority of competition with an ability to solve all-around problems and cross-platform availability makes it even more attractive to everyday users.


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