Your Personal Files Are Encrypted Virus - How To Remove?


Your Personal Files are Encrypted virus is a ransomware program that can be installed to random computers with a help of Trojan viruses. Trojans are known to install malicious programs to PCs without user’s consent. Once inside, the program is also set to be started automatically every time you restart your computer. Basically, the virus states that your personal files have been encrypted and you have to make a payment in order to decrypt them.
Your Personal Files are Encrypted virus completely locks the system and does not allow using any programs. It displays a message saying that your files are encrypted and you need to obtain a private key in order to decrypt them. The price of this private key is approximately 100 euros or 100 dollars depending on what currency is used in your country. Here is how the notification message looks like:

Your personal files are encrypted!
Your important files encryption produced on this computer: photos, videos, document, etc. Here is a complete list of encrypted files, and you can personally verify this.
To obtain the private key for this computer, which will automatically decrypt files, you need to pay 100 USD / 100EUR / similar amount in another currency.

Your Personal Files are Encrypted virus also gives a certain time to make the payment. Usually it is about one hour and after that times passes, the program says your private key is going to be destroyed. This really makes computer users rush. However, you shouldn’t fall for it as it’s a scam only. Computer hackers who created this virus are only looking for new ways to earn money easily. You must remove Your Personal Files are Encrypted virus straight after its detection on your computer.

If you get infected with a ransomware virus, never pay the demanded fee for the decryption. It will do you no good as you will waste your moment. At many times the provided decryption is not even functional or might not even arrive at all.

Distribution Methods of Your personal files are encrypted virus

At the time that this crypto-ransomware haunted various places of the Internet, it targeted people from different countries and caused dangerous to their personal files. However, we first noticed this variant in 2013 and we think that this specific example might not be as widely distributed as it used to be. There is one main reason for this: a lot of new viruses have been released and they can be constructed by the same people that generated Your personal files are encrypted virus. On the other hand, there is a possibility of getting infected accidentally but we hope that this won’t happen. To avoid ransomware viruses, clean up your email inboxes from junk and bizarre letters and never visit domains that might involved in some bizarre activities.

If your PC has more than one user account and not all of them are locked, scan whole PC with anti-malware programs, e.g. Spyhunter, by logging to the account that is not blocked. Another option is to use system restore. If none of these methods worked for you, do the following:

  • Restart your computer;
  • Press F8 while it is still restarting;
  • Choose between safe modes in following order: Safe mode, Safe mode with command prompt

Then follow the guides below:

If your computer runs in Safe mode or Safe mode with networking

  1. Launch MSConfig.
  2. Disable startup items rundll32 turning on any application from Application Data;. Note, that these are typical locations for Your personal files are encrypted virus but some others might be used.
  3. Restart the system once again.
  4. Scan with to identify Your personal files are encrypted virus files and delete it.

Here is a video showing how to complete the steps:

If your computer runs in Safe mode with command prompt

  1. Run Regedit.
  2. Search for WinLogon Entries. Write down all files it references that are not explorer.exe or blank. Replace them with explorer.exe
  3. Search registry for Your personal files are encrypted virus files and delete the registry keys referencing the files
  4. Try to reboot and scan with Reimage, SpyHunter.
  5. If this fails, try doing system restore from safe mode with command prompt (rstrui.exe)

If none of safe modes could be launched

Some versions of Your personal files are encrypted virus disable all safe modes, but give a short gap that you can use to run anti-malware programs:

  1. Reboot normally.
  2. Start->Run.
  3. Enter: . If malware is loaded, just press alt+tab once and keep entering the string blindly. Press Enter.
  4. Press Alt+tab and then R couple times. Your personal files are encrypted virus process should be killed.

Here is a video detailing this approach:

Hitman Pro USB disk

If you did not succeed using any of the methods above, try scanning PC with a bootable USB or DVD disk. These should be able to remove all versions of Your personal files are encrypted virus, but will not work if your hard drive is encrypted.

For that, we recommend using Hitman Pro Kickstarter USB.

  1. Download Hitman Pro on uninfected PC.
  2. Run Hitman and ask to create Kickstarter USB (option on initial screen)
  3. When USB ready, reboot infected PC with USB attached and press DEL
  4. Choose USB as primary boot device.
  5. Boot normally.
  6. Run Hitman Pro and . One of these programs should detect and remove malware from your PC.

Automatic Your personal files are encrypted virus removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove Your personal files are encrypted virus, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


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