XP Security 2011 - How to remove

XP Security 2011

XP Security 2011 is a malicious parasite and not an antivirus as it claims. It is updated version of XP Security 2010 rogue and is OS – specific. On other versions of Microsoft Windows you would get Vista or Win 7 named counterparts. It might also use other generic names, like Internet security, Guard, Antispyware or Antimalware. All of them are fake and dangerous.
XP Security 2011 enters system though fake update to Microsoft Security programs. This update might be advertised by ads in infected websites, or might be downloaded by trojans already on your system. During installation it will mess up your registry to prevent removal.
After infection with XP Security you will not be able to launch majority of legitimate programs, as it will launch its file (pw.exe ) instead. This rogue will try to bullshit you that the file you wanted to execute is infected and that you should purchase full version of this malware. To make a point, it will show various alerts about hacking attempts in system toolbar as well:

Privacy threat!
Spyware intrusion detected. Your system is infected. System integrity is at risk. Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords. Click here to perform a security repair.

Stealth intrusion!
Infection detected in the background. Your computer is now attacked by spyware and rogue software. Eliminate the infection safely, perform a security scan and deletion now.

You should be able to launch your browsers though. But XP Security 2011 will monitor your traffic and prevent you from visiting certain websites, including ones of anti-malware tools. You will get warnings that they are infected, or that they are unreachable not too different for regular messages. The single difference is that it will mention the name of the rogue antivirus: XP Security 2011.
If you think it will go away once you pay for XP Security, you are mistaken. There is no full version of this rogue, it is just a scam to make you submit credit card data to their servers. They will charge your credit card as many times as they can and run with your money. I doubt this is what you want.
It is much better to remove XP Security 2011 and update your PC protection instead

How to get rid of XP Security 2011
Update: the news is that XP Security 2011 still uses old keys used by rogues of the same family : enter 1145-17884799-7733 (for older version) as a lisence Key number and 21197673. For new version, enter registration code 1147-175591-6550. According to S!ri, the license key works. That way you will not need another PC to remove the parasite.
If this does not help, to remove XP Security 2011 you will need to download and burn into cd several programs on clean PC or Alternate OS scaner.
Here instructions how to remove XP Security using second PC:
a) Burn these programs to CD or write them to USB disk (you can use an MP3 player):

  1. Spyware Doctor ( https://www.2-viruses.com/spdoc.exe )
  2. Registry fix : https://www.2-viruses.com/wp-content/uploads/exeregfix.reg to restore normal execution of registry
  3. You might want to download Hitman Pro or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as alternate scanners. Though you are likely to be able to download them later on.

b). Boot normally. wait for XP Security 2011 to launch, and run exeregfix.reg . This should allow launching legitimate programs
c) Delete or remove the files that are mentioned in our files box. You can use spyhunter to identify the infected files and additional infections. Do not forget update it before scanning. Remove what it finds.
d) Scan with spyhunter and secondary tools and reboot your PC. This should fully get rid of XP Security 2011.
In some cases virus mutates and you cannot perform some part of these instructions. In such cases we recommend trying scans from within safe mode, or doing Alternate OS scans by tools from one of antivirus program makers, for example this : http://pctools.com/aoss


Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

106 responses to “XP Security 2011

  1. I am afraid there is a new version of this virus. Unfortunately I was not able to find an antivirus to remove it but just restored the system from backup.
    Here are is my experience with all the advice I found:
    -Spyware Doctor did not detect it at all
    -regarding manual removal of processes, files and registry entries: there was no process ‘pw.exe or MSASCui.exe’, I found another one mcn.exe but ending it did not stop the malware from running; there were no files named as listed above and as for registry entries, I found only few of them (those with [browser]override) but nothing with ‘pezfile’ and I am too weak an IT ‘specialist’ to remove anything from registry unguided
    -I tried with Malwarebytes, but as pre-warned the setup did not launch and renaming the file on another PC did not help at all
    -I tried Trojan Killer, it seemed to have detected something similar in registry so I purchased it but it did not remove it either
    -tried with few more antimalware softwares found somewhere to be supposed to be able to deal with the bug but they did not lauch or did not detect the bug

    I am writing it because most sites advertise Spyware Doctor as a perfect soluction but it seems to be too weak for the current version so some new advise would be appreciated.

  2. Ala:
    You are correct, this malware changes quite often.
    SD is not perfect, but have you updated it before scan? If not, try scanning with other removers – Hitman Pro, Emsisoft anti-malware, SuperAntiSpyware.
    I would not use Trojan Killer personally.
    Worst case? Do system restore or reinstall. A better option (but more complex) : try determine the location and file names. It is more than likely that the path is still valid, but file names differ. Most malware install in %AppData%, all users application data, or %TEMP% nowdays.

  3. The exe files listed didn’t appear in task manager but when I stopped a process listed as NYC.exe the malware windows closed. Still haven’t cleaned the virus.

  4. The codes worked! But there is still an icon of XP Security 2011 on my task bar… how can i get rid of that?

  5. Joshua: Scan with decent anti-malware tools or kill processes and delete files manually. Codes disable aggressive part of malware only.

  6. I also could not find many of the files, processes and registry enteries listed here, and Spyware Doctor did not help. Here’s how I got rid of it:

    1. From clean computer, download latest version of Malwarebytes onto external drive.

    2. Install Malwarebytes on infected computer.

    3. Change name of Malwarebytes executable so that it will run on infected computer: “mbam.exe” is changed to “mbam.com” (This was recommended at Malwarebytes site.)

    4. Click on mbam.com to run scan; delete offending files.

  7. The newest version of XP Security can’t be removed this way. My recommendation? Download the newest malwarebytes, install it in safemode (with networking), update and run… I’ve hit 250+ in less than 45K files!!

  8. dose formating the system solve the problem and rid of it ?
    or it can be found on the other volumes D: or E: ?

  9. Omer: formating usually solves it, but there are 3 prerequisites:
    There are no boot sector rootkit infection
    You do not have infected documents or files that caused the infection and you do not visit infected website again
    And other PCs on the network are clean and will not infect you through LAN.
    Typically, XP Security 2011 does not infect other disk volumes, but there might be trojan hidden in some downloads you did recently. So, you should doublescan all the executables and backup safe files only (documents, images, mp3) and not complete user account.

  10. dose formating the system solve the problem and rid of it ?
    or it can be found on the other volumes D: or E: ?

    and can it infect other files in other volumes such as small programes made by Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or can it harm or infect files in that platform I mean VS2008 because i have VS2008 on my pc ?

  11. I don’t see it any more after one reboot here what happened
    I have found it in the name of xtc.exe
    after putting the registretion code 1147… and gave me a box with continue button after pressing that button it told me the the infected files remove
    Q1. so did it remove something really ?
    I stoped xtc.exe process its icon disappeared and I searched for the files above to delet them but I did not find any one I have foune exe file its name was ModifyFlash.exe I deleted it
    and then I have found rigestry entries with xtc.exe instead of pw.exe
    I delete all the entries in this page and
    ‘Win 7/Vista/XP Anti-Virus/AntiSpyware/Total Security/Internet Security/Home Security/ Security (2011)?’ page this is its link
    “D:\Fix\Win 7-Vista-XP Anti-Virus-AntiSpyware-Total Security-Internet Security-Home Security- Security (2011) – how to remove.htm”
    then I installed malwarebytes’Anti Malware and I did Quick scann and malwarebytes found 8 objects infected I removed them
    Q2. so can I say I rid it ?
    when I tried to open Security Center form control panel it worked normally but when I tried to turn on Windows Firewall this gave me a message box I did not remeber in acurate but the message was telling me that Windows firewall will turned on in a share case with service of internet connection, I clicked yes there was no also this was the meaning of that message box
    Q3. what was that message is it danger?
    can I use firfox as before infection?
    every thing is ok?
    how can I be sure like before infection that my pc is really clean?
    can this malware Xp Security 2011 pass to other computer from infected one by USB flash? thank you so much I hope my questions help others

  12. Thanks…. This completely removed this malware from my system. I wish there was some way to go after the guys that make these things.

  13. I was infected with xp security and just managed to at least disable it.

    I’ve had it a couple of times now and know that it’s usually visible as an executable in task manager in format xxx.exe. In this case it was ‘efg.exe’. If you kill this the virus interface will shut.

    However, I couldn’t find its location using useless Windows search, and the virus stopped me opening regedit or browsing.

    To disable it I rebooted in safe mode and did a registry search and deleted all keys referring to ‘efg.exe’. Once rebooted in normal mode everything is now normal.

  14. False xp security 2011 is a total destruction for typical computer users. For windows XP users, if ur using as limited user not the admin one,you can delete that infected username from Administrator account but first back up your personal documents in desktop and in My Documents folder and put it another partition just like drive D:/ if u have then DELETE THE INFECTED USERNAME. Delete also the infected username folder in drive C:/Documents and Settings/the name of the infected user then press SHIFT + DELETE button. Thats all..

  15. Then make another new username account, and always update your anti-virus!! Thats all..

  16. I am still infected with XP Security 2011 and meanwhile it made my windows completely unusable.

    I actually fell for that shit. The laptop behaved weirdly for days, I scanned with AVG and nothing showed. Also I had a couple of unexplained system-crashes with blue screen in the past 6 weeks. Then this XP Security popped up, pretended to scan, did not let me access any webpage when opening IE or Firefox. I was not able to access anything anymore, could not google for solutions on how to remove it, so I fell into the trap.

    The only window working was the rouges form. I did not want to buy, so I sent a question by using the mail form in that window. A guy repsponded but meanwhile I had already panicked and “purchased” the SW (gave them credit card data).
    After that the sw “miracolously” entere thelicence key by itself, so I could not have entered the key you are mentining even if I knew this. Then SW did not pop up anymore. Also I could use IE and firefox again. But I still see on the bottom bar that any IE window’s name is not IE but XP security 2011.

    I installed and scanned with AD-AWARE and Spybot S&D, deleted some mnor things. They did not recognise XP Security. Same with SPy Doctor. I deleted many cookies, just in case. I tried to manually remove but I could not find any of the mentioned files OR registry entries.

    When shutting down laptop it took forever, so I took the battery out and back in. (weird). when restarting it took forever to load. (virus operating) Then I left the laptop open for like 2 hours. It completely froze, nothing responded to my mouse clicks.

    Next time I started it, I could not start ANY program. It always gave me the allert that either I am not authorised or the path could not be found.
    I could only open folders but not start applications.

    Started in safe mode, followed instructions to create and run regfix.exe (a file that adds regstry entries to fix exe files). Now it seemes I was able to click browsers and other applications but could not open Ad-Aware to perform another scan. It just gave me Ad-Aware deinstal option. Could NOT deinstal.

    Re-Started in safe mode, downloaded feesh Ad-Aware exe file. Started installing it: it said it can NOT deinstal previous version. And installer does not have all functionality under Safe mode. Was NOT able to deinstal from Ad/Remove programs.

    Now when i start the laptop, it shows me the salt-hour sign like “wait, I am loading” but Task manager shows no Programs running and CPU usage or RAM are at 25%.
    I can NOT use the laptop.

    The infection happened 6 days ago. I guess we all have the same issue with the new version of the SW.

    Anyone else, please write your experiences and / or advice.

  17. They charged my credit catrd and I had i blocked before that. Now I will dispute the transaction..

  18. istanbul : reboot, press F8 while booting, choose SAFE mode with networking.
    Update SD, do a full system scan.
    Then scan with hitman pro and malwarebytes.
    Reboot again, normally.

  19. where are you suppose to enter the license code? I got this virus two days ago and even on safe mode, it still runs. It also won’t let me download anything.

  20. Yesterday, my cpu was infected with XP Sefcurity 2011 and I tried to use AVG to remove the virus, but I’m not sure if I did. However ever since I removed it, I couldn’t access any of the files with .exe

  21. I have run the code 1147-175591-6550; everything seemed alright, but after being unable to delete xp security 2011 my computer has everything working but any .exe, including my command prompt. How do I run SD and the registry fix if I am unable to send them through cmd?

  22. Thanks for the article that got me started. I just got rid of the virus with some of your tips, like the registration code. MalwareBytes ended up doing it for me once I was able to disable the virus enough to let MalwareBytes update itself.

    You may want to mention that SpyWare Doctor is not free as it was rather disappointing installing it and having it run the scan, and THEN finding out it wouldn’t remove it until I paid for it. So I uninstalled it and worked on MalwareBytes. That program never lets me down!

    Regardless, your article was informative and got me pointed in the right direction. So thank you.

  23. Vye Brante:
    Spyware doctor provides location of infected files for free + It might block execution of malware processes in free mode. This helps during removal. Malwarebytes is ok as well, we recommend it too.

  24. Thanks very much, this worked(indows xp).
    Lavasoft AdAware has found this virus after i entered the new version key(TY!!) and then went to the lavasoft website and downloaded the definitions cause the updater wasn’t working (they tell u where to save it and all that), then restarted my computer.
    It detected it immediately and initiateda a scan upon startup. After the scan, i moused over the icon tray and the icon disappeared!!

  25. Thanks

    Going through the guide exaclty step bystep did not work for me but it did help. I used the code code 1147-175591-6550 This allowed me to quickly download Spydoctor and Malwarebytes from a clean computer (since it initally locked out my usb and cd drive) and and a few others and install them. I tried to run spydoctor but that did not help the program soon locked me out again as soon as spy doctor was uninstalled and and found that Gqf.exe was the process xp security 2011 was running on my comuter. I went to safemode with command Promp and typed in regedit (since everything was locked in the other safemodes and in the normal mode) and found every registry key that you listed and removed deleted them. Thinges stayed the same. I then went back and removed all of the files with Gqf.exe allong with all of the ones that you listed (since they reapeared in the registry once again. This allowed me to only run run malwatebites and spybot search and destroy. I am now back to normal

  26. oh on a side note I am using windows XP. The method on my Bleeping Computer did not work for me. I was locked out of everything Cd,Usb, Ie, Firefox, Most commands in the text box on the run window. all I could do was use %temp% on the run window then by replacing C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp with http://www.google.com in the folder name while keeping the task mager up to acess the internet. There looks to be various versions out there that seem to affect computers slightly differently. But what the main method seems to be is to try to get a program like malwarebites installed and run it.

  27. Hello,

    I have one question about this virus. Actually, I’m lucky since i work on my computer as a ”guest” at job and only have to delete a non-important profil. But, what I tough, was that, to get this virus, you have to install it first somehow. I believe the way i get the virus was playing flash games at dinner and the virus was already in the computer. Even if I wanted to install it, i could not since I dont have the required autorisations on this computer. So how the hell did the virus spread this easyly in the computer?

  28. Typical ways are browser, flash, javascript, PDF vulnerabilities or some downloads. One does not need special permissions for installing that virus in your user account (Application data or TEMP files) and scheduling for launching.
    Sometimes the trojans stay dormant for a while too, so you might get popups days later than infection took place.

  29. can anyone help me? cant figure out how to get rid of this thing. entered the key, and found the process to stop it. but i dont have anyway to remove the virus itself. ad-aware detects nothing. and i currently cant afford spyware doctor or anything of its like.

  30. I had that virus it stoped my computer for a day till I got pissed off. It would not let me go online or run Malwarebytes or alot of other things but it did let run panda pro 2011 but that did nothing.So I looked for a file run on my task manager XP antivirus 2011 was running under atc.exe so I Quarantine it in panda pro 2011 and sent it to them but it left 9 more infection but it let run Malwarebytes that crush it now my computer is back. thank you

  31. bonjour jaurais besoin daide pour xp security 2011 jai telecharla version dessaie et la maintenant il me demande de payer ou rentrer la cle produit ……. je ne peut plus utiliser mon internet je suis incapable de ouvrir internet jaimerais suprimmer xp security 2011 comment je fait quand je ne peut uliliser internet mercciii

  32. First: I don’t have Spyware Doctore or Malwarebytes, I only have Spybot SD which has proven nearly useless at dealing with this malware.
    Second: The little useability I have came from running spybot sd, then running checkdisk (which deleted several files).
    My Problem: I can download NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
    Secondary(popup)web pages come up blank and stay that way, then the main page freezes. The only solution is to bring up the task manager and stop the iexplore process which closes all open pages.
    I believe I got this puppy while trying to re-download AVG 8.5 (which can’t detect any problem on my pc) because AVG 2011 popped up an “incompatible” error message; (but it may have come from an online game ad on Puzzler’s Paradise webpage).
    It sounds like I need to go to another computer, download Malwarebytes to a usb or cd drive then run it on the affected pc. By the way, it looks like this bad boy rolled me back to ie6 (no tabs) but any browser beats no browser.

  33. ROBERT: a likely cause for blank webpages is proxy or addon in IE. Disable add-ons and proxies, preferably in safe mode with networking.

  34. Usr ComboFix to cure this. You will need to run the EXE registry fix afterwards.

    One other “trick” is to create another profile where you can freely run apps without the malware popping up, it seems to affect the main user account only originally.

  35. Every time i try to delete a registry entry, there appears a pop-up that says “Unable to delete all specified values”, what gives?
    Also, what happens if i dont have a Pezfile entry?
    Please help :[

  36. I ran into the same crap, I uninstalled MS Security essentials and reinstalled from a thumb drive and the scan caught it immediately. If anyone knows how to track the origin I think the web page I got hit on is wixecyhobovy com I was some how linked to this page from a Yahoo search.

  37. istanbul :They charged my credit catrd and I had i blocked before that. Now I will dispute the transaction..


    If they charged you then you should have their business info. Publish it so we can go after these people.

  38. i’ve entered code, and ran anti-malware which removed the problem. yet when i restarted the icon is still on my task bar? does that mean i’m still infected??

  39. I can find none of the above mentioned files………
    can not get online even in safe mode…….thankfully this computer is not affected……this internet security 2011 is driving me nuts…. even tried putting malwarebytes on a jump drive to put it on the affected computer and that is also a no go…….suggestions please

  40. The registration code worked for me. How long will it last? Not sure what the end result will be but for now it works. Thank You for providing us with this information.

  41. thankyou! it is finally gone and now i’m aware of nastys out there! when my credit card statement came through it was billed to ‘ultimsecurity .com baku’ and was also charged for an overseas tax payment. i’m disputing everything, and printing out as much as i can find about this group.

  42. Mark: Scan with anti-malware programs. Registration code does not remove trojans, only disables some of the popups

  43. So This virus was on my aunts computer and i thought i got it off. But its still on the taskbar and i know its still screwing with stuff. How do i completely annhihilate errhhmm get rid of it?

  44. Thank you so much, the registration key worked. It saved me so much trouble, Just can’t get rid of the XP security 2011 popup on my task bar. any ideas?

  45. Being the only ‘PC’ sage in my small group of friends- I got 1 of these to cure today. The xxxx-6550 code did stop the pop-up (claimed successful key entered) but still needed to change mbam.exe to mbam.com as per Barb’s post earlier, (so bug still ‘exists’) This allowed mbam install and update/ scan. Scan currently running- will update my progress. Note- I backed documents/favorites/desktop to a thumb drive first, in case a full install was needed and is a good idea anyway. Have found mbam to be good in past uses- but personally use Ubuntu cause I got tired of this crap.

  46. I tried a system restore and that worked. But I also deleted the registries you outlined although I couldn’t find the files you mentioned. Thanks for the info!

  47. I have very little computer know-how. I used the product key mentioned above and it said it was successful and then said it removed the malicious files. I restarted and it is still there. My McAfee tells me my firewall is off and when I click on it to change settings, the xp home security pops up telling me it the firewall is enabled. Can you tell me what to do now?

  48. Robin : The key disables majority of XP Security 2011 popups. It will not remove trojan itself – you need to scan with legitimate anti-malware programs.

  49. I got charged and having a heck of a time disputing the charge. But anyway, Visa could only give me the company name: Bogema Security, web site is www. bogemasecurity. com

    Doesn’t help much seeing as you can’t get a hold of anyone on that site. I requested that Visa “flag” this merchant but they have refused. Said I have to prove they are a scam. Uggh.

  50. I’m a little confused I tried mbam but it wont let me open it to start the scan process. The Xp Security 2011 doesn’t popup anymore but I can’t access anything in my computer but the IE. Please help me get rid of this nasty thing.

  51. @Michael
    I just went through a similar ordeal, though I’m confused whether this bogemasecurity is seriously responsible for all of this malware fraud, if so, they are stupid if their information is correct, because if you look up bogemasecurity it also lists the complete information for who it is registered for…
    Joseph Whiting +1.6052240161
    Joseph Whiting
    410 W. Sioux Ave.
    Pierre,SD,US 57501

    Domain Name:bogemasecurity. com
    Record last updated at
    Record created on 2011/3/2
    Record expired on 2012/3/2

    Domain servers in listed order:
    ns61334.bogemasecurity .com ns12114.bogemasecurity. com

    name: Joseph Whiting
    mail: tel: +1.6052240161
    org: Joseph Whiting

  52. @SS
    oops, that comment was in reference to you. How do you report this, and wth is this boegmasecurity and this Joseph Whiting?!

  53. I just got the new version today! *HATE* I have had the older version in the past on my laptop. I was able to delete certain files to get rid of it last time. But this time it’s sticking around on my home PC. I promptly removed my landline, and started looking for suspicious files with Panda Anti-virus and manually. Panda just like last time found nothing >_<. I found some folders that were Evil looking but when I delete them they respawn. I'm hesitant to restart my computer because last time I couldn't access any programs and was floundering for hours.I am running XP and Have a laptop that could download useful stuff. This is the MS Removal tool 2011 incarnation.

    I haven't restarted yet, the internet is disconnected and I am able to open programs and open TaskMgr via Run, However I can't seem to end suspicious processes…

    So what is the best plan of action?

  54. Katie: boot in safe mode with networking. Try fake-registering it and scan with anti-malware programs. Launch msconfig to disable unknown startup entries.
    Consider upgrading your antivirus afterwards.

  55. My computer was infected with XP internet security 2011
    I called McAFee , because my computer is installed with McAfee internet security 2011 but somehow it did not work, they gave me Stinger to run but it did not get rid of the virus
    I follow the registration code below and it worked
    I had this code from the instruction above
    I paid $59.99US to internet security from the pop up, hope that the virus will go away, but after the money paid but I did not receive any thing , any code, nor email to confirm, I realized it was a scam
    Beware, never pay from the pop up

  56. The registry key worked, but it’s still blocking spyware doctor. I can’t find it manually either, so I don’t know how I am going to get rid of it. Help me please.

  57. admin :
    Nelson: you will have to edit registry to fix file associations OR there are still infections present./

    I purchased two times in different credit card win 7 antispyware at last night (17/05/11, which was amount 59.95 US Dollar.I did it twice because of I was unable operate my laptop, they said that inflected of virus.I was wondering after bought this antivirus I could not use my laptop, not only fully hacked my laptop.I must say its fully fraud.And i want to back my money please.I dont need any antispyware from you.I want to get rid of from hassle.

  58. amana:
    Contact your bank and ask to reverse the charges. Win 7 Antispyware is a fake antivirus, so you paid (and supplied your credit card info) to the scammers.
    To remove this malware, read the guide.

  59. You’re a lifesaver, the second registry key worked an absolute treat. I’ll be toasting to you tonight!

  60. Second Key worked! 1147-175591-6550

    No other action needed but I am running a deep scan with Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware as a precaution.


  61. Actually, these codes just partially disable the part of malware that shows advertisements. You have to do manual or automatic removal of whole parasite.

  62. Malwarebytes require both a product ID and product key…Please advise of both separately as this is very frustrating. If I overlooked it, I apologize. :-/

  63. We do not post registration codes for legitimate security software. The codes above are for fake-registering XP Security 2011 to ease its removal.

  64. Ok everyone i got this stupid thing to and it took all about an hour to deal with it. Go into safe mode and do a system restore to before you got the stupid thing. Worked the first time and have not had any problems since.

  65. It looks like I was able to remove the virus with SUPER AntiSpyware Free Edition, but now I cannot open any program at all. It gives me this error when I click on anything like Internet Explorer or Firefox: “The File does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel.”

    Please advise. TIA!

  66. I cannot do a system restore either after removing this thing. It looks like it might have affected the execution of any application. Please help!!! πŸ™

  67. Yes, Don, after unsuccessfully using the code, running the scans and still not completely resolving the problem, I merely did a system restore to last Sunday and voila, the problem is fixed. Duhh. Thanks!!!

  68. “Update: the news is that XP Security 2011 still uses old keys…same family : enter 1145-17884799-7733 (for older version) as a lisence Key number and 21197673. For new version, enter registration code 1147-175591-6550”

    QUESTION. How and where to use these key Numbers? Help please!!

  69. I know some people have asked the same question, but I still don’t know where to use it. Thank you and bare with me.

  70. Kaliman :
    I know some people have asked the same question, but I still don’t know where to use it. Thank you and bare with me.

    Hi Kaliman! I understand your frustration as I couldn’t figure it out either. Until someone provides u with steps on how to use the keys, you may want try a system restore or http://superantispyware.com/. SuperAntispyware Free Edition did remove the virus, but then I had to do the .EXE reg edit fix (from above). HTH! πŸ™‚

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