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Are you getting unwanted pop-ups labeled with “”? is a website that uses notifications to show ads on the screens of potentially unwilling users. It can affect both personal computers and mobile devices. And the ads that it shows sometimes lead to iffy, even dangerous sites.

Luckily, it’s simple to stop’s ads by blocking its notifications. in short:

Threat type Adware.
How infects browsers It’s deceptively advertised online,

it tricks people into allowing its notifications,

it sends advertisements as notifications.

Problems and issues shows unwanted ads,

the ads may lead to dangerous content.

How to stop ads from Block notifications from and other unwanted sites,

block malicious sites and ads,

use antivirus tools (Spyhunter for Mac, Combo Cleaner for Mac, Spyhunter for PC) to protect your computer.

How does work? shows ads on your screen is a notification-hijacking, ad-spamming website. It’s similar to,,,, and others.

They make money by showing advertisements online. Rather than publishing these ads on a web page, they send ads as notifications. The result is similar to spam emails, only much harder to ignore.’s ads appear on your screen when the browser is open. Rather than fade away, they might linger until you close them yourself. Some of these ads may be designed by advertisers to look like system notifications or messages from trusted websites. They lead to advertisements. is not dangerous on its own, but some of the ads that it shows may lead to harmful content:

  • fake virus alerts that lead to tech support scams, fraudulent apps,
  • fake giveaways that lead to subscription scams,
  • fake video players that also lead to subscription scams,
  • ads for browser hijackers and other unsafe browser extensions,
  • articles full of fake claims promoting counterfeit medical products, scam crypto trading platforms, etc.

It is promoted online can’t just randomly send notifications to anyone’s browser. It has to get explicit permission. How does it do that? is advertised online. It’s promoted by various websites – movie and sports streaming sites, file download sites, etc. It’s not a banner ad, rather, it opens in a new browser tab after you click somewhere on the page. For instance, you could be trying to watch a video or download a file – and then opens.

Specifically, the version of that I encountered said this:

Click the Allow button to subscribe to the push notifications and continue watching

The people who encounter this ad by might feel like they have to “subscribe” if they want to “continue watching”. Especially if they were on a streaming site when the ad popped up. This is how notification hijackers infect browser settings. asks visitors to subscribe to notifications to "continue watching".

How to block ads from

Review browser settings

All that’s needed to stop from sending you advertisements is to change a browser setting. Start by opening your notification settings:

  • Chrome – open Settings, scroll down to Site settings (under Privacy and security), click on Notifications.
  • Edge – open Settings, click Site PermissionsNotifications.
  • Safari – in the Safari menu, choose PreferencesWebsitesNotifications.
  • Firefox – open SettingsPrivacy & Security, scroll down to Permissions, and click on Settings next to Notifications.

Find the entry and click the button that is listed there. Select the Block option (Deny on Safari). This tells your browser to block all notifications from

Only ever allow notifications from trusted sites. You can also disable notification prompts in your browser. This will make it impossible to agree to notifications by accident. actually provides the instructions to unsubscribe from its notifications on its site.

Block malware and malicious sites

Antivirus programs can also help you stay safe. Programs like Spyhunter for Mac, Combo Cleaner for macOS, Spyhunter for Windows, and others. But it’s important to remember that although they can catch malware, they might not be able to stop suspicious websites.

If it’s rare for you to encounter sites like, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you’re careful and skeptical of unknown sites, you should be okay.

But if you see such sites regularly, you might want to use a malicious site blocker or an ad blocker. They can help protect you from dangerous websites.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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