WhiteRose Ransomware Virus - How to remove

WhiteRose is a new ransomware virus that can hit your system, lock personal files and then ask for the ransom to be paid. Even though it does not belong to any known ransomware family, there are some traits that are very similar to BlackRuby2 virus, which we have discussed earlier this week.

WhiteRose Ransomware Virus remove

Obviously, encryption extension for this ransomware virus is “.WHITEROSE”, so after the encryption file named “file.txt” will look like “file.txt.WHITEROSE”. If you have noticed this on your computer, it is a clear sign that it is infected with ransomware virus and you should do something about it. In case you have no idea what to do – please proceed reading this article and learn the best possible methods to eliminate the infection and restore locked files.

Poetic, but lethal virus

After successful infiltration into your system, this infection will begin to scan all files stored on your hard drive and will try to encrypt the. Unfortunately, this virus is capable of encrypting most of file types – it can lock photos, videos, text documents and so on.

Once the scan is done, it will apply specific cryptography to your personal files and from that moment, you won’t be able to open, read or use those files in any other way. Also, they provide unique instructions about your situation and what you should do. This is where it gets funny – this so called ransom note is very poetic, filled with various deep thoughts. That’s definitely not usual for ransomware infections. Take a look at it yourself:


The singing of the sparrows, the breezes of the northern mountains and smell of the earth tha t was raining in the morning filled the entire garden space. I’m sitting on a wooden chair nextto a bush tree, I have a readable book in my hands and I am sweating my spring with a cup of bitter coffee. Today is a different day.

Behind me is an empty house of dreams and in front of me, full of beautiful white roses. To my left is an empty blue pool of red fish and my right, trees full of spring white blooms.

I drink coffee, I’ll continue to read a book from William Faulkner. In the garden environment, peace and quiet. My life always goes that way. Always alone without even an intimate friend.

I have neither a pet, nor a friend or an enemy; I am a normal person with fantastic wishes among the hordes of white rose flowers. Everything is natural. I’m just a little interested in hacking and programming. My only electronic devices in this big garden are an old laptop for do projects and an iPhone for check out the news feeds for malware analytics on Twitter without likes posts.

Believe me, my only assets are the white roses of this garden. I think of days and write at night: the story, poem, code, exploit or the accumulation of the number of white roses sold and I say to myself that the wealth is having different friends of different races, languages, habits and religions, Not only being in a fairly stylish garden with full of original white roses.

Today, I think deeply about the decision that has involved my mind for several weeks. A decision to freedom and at the worth of unity, intimacy, joy and love and is the decision to release white roses and to give gifts to all peoples of the world.

I do not think about selling white roses again. This time, I will plant all the white roses of the garden to bring a different gift for the people of each country. No matter where is my garden and where I am from, no matter if you are a housekeeper or a big company owner, it does not matter if you are the west of the world or its east, it’s important that the white roses are endless and infinite. You do not need to send letters or e-mails to get these roses. Just wait it tomorrow. Wait for good days with White Rose.

I hope you accept this gift from me and if it reaches you, close your eyes and place yourself in a large garden on a wooden chair and feel this beautiful scene to reduce your anxiety and everyday tension.Thank you for trusting me. Now open your eyes. Your system has a flower like a small garden; A white rose flower.


[Recovery Instructions]

I. Download qTox on your computer from [https://tox.chat/download.html]
II. Create new profile then enter our ID in search contacts
Our Tox ID: “-”
III. Wait for us to accept your request.
IV. Copy ‘[PersonalKey]’ in “HOW-TO-RECOVERY-FILES.TXT” file and send this key with one encrypted file less size then 2MB for
trust us in our Tox chat.
IV.I. Only if you did not receive a reply after 24 hours from us,
send your message to our secure tor email address “[email protected]”.
IV.II. For perform “Step IV.I” and enter the TOR network, you must download tor browser
and register in “http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion” Mail Service)
V. We decrypt your two files and we will send you.
VI. After ensuring the integrity of the files, We will send you payment info.
VII. Now after payment, you get “WhiteRose Decryptor” Along with the private key of your system.
VIII.Everything returns to the normal and your files will be released.


What is encryption?

In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it, and those who are not authorized cannot. Encryption does not itself prevent interference,but denies the intelligible content to a would-be interceptor. In an encryption scheme, the intended information or message, referred to as plaintext, is encrypted using an encryption algorithm – a cipher – generating ciphertext that can be read only if decrypted. For technical reasons, an encryption scheme usually uses a pseudo-random encryption key generated by an algorithm.
It is in principle possible to decrypt the message without possessing the key, but, for a well-designed encryption scheme,considerable computational resources and skills are required. An authorized recipient can easily decrypt the message with the key provided by the originator to recipients but not to unauthorized users. In your case “WhiteRose Decryptor” software for safe and complete decryption of all your files and data.

Any other way?

If you look through this text in the Internet and realise that something is wrong with your files but you do not have any instructions to restore your files, please contact your antivirus support.

In case you are not in a mood to read all this fiction, just scroll to the part where they talk about recovery instructions. Recovery process for this ransomware is unusual as well – WhiteRose ransomware is indeed very unique.

Usually ransomware developers wants you to contact them directly via email dedicated to this cause or they even code an automatic submission system where you only have to pay and the files are decrypted automatically. However, WhiteRose wants you to contact cyber criminals behind this infection via qTox instant messaging platform. This way your should be provided with the information about the payment and decryption process.

If crooks fail to respond you within 24 hours, you can try to send them an email at [email protected]. For this purpose you will also have to download TOR browser to access .onion websites and create email account there.

Either way, we do not recommend to contact cyber criminals in any case. It is not known how much you will be asked to pay and even if the amount is not that big, you can get scammed. Also, you would support cyber criminals by paying the ransom, so that’s not a good thing to do.

Instead of that, we suggest to select alternative methods to solve this problem. First of all, eliminate the WhiteRose virus from your computer. You can do that by scanning it with Spyhunter. Either one of those programs should be able to detect and remove the virus instantly.

Sadly, removing the virus itself won’t decrypt your files. Since there are no free decryptor for this extension available at the moment, the only way to do that is to restore them from a backup. If you have a backup copy of your hard drive that was made before the infection and it wasn’t corrupted by this virus, follow these instructions and restore your encrypted files.

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