West Yorkshire Police Virus - How to remove

West Yorkshire Police Virus

West Yorkshire Police virus is typical ransomware, that blocks your PC and blames you for doing some  illegal activities on your computer. Typically, it infects visitors from Great Britain, though you might get similar variants in other countries.

West Yorkshire Police virus infects out of nowhere. It tends to block you computer completely and only display one message warning that your IP has been found among the ones visiting pornographic content or other illegal websites. What is more, it blames you to spread this adult related material to other systems. By the end of the message it claims that you have to pay a fine for these actions. Unfortunately, many computer users agree to pay this fine just because they do not find any other solution. Since your computer is completely locked you are not even able to browse the Internet and check more information about it.

The fake messages look like that:

Please wait, your data is being verified!
If you enter correct code and pay the fine, you will regain access to your computer.
If you enter a wrong code, this message will reappear.
If you enter a wrong code three times, your hard drive will be completely wiped, your computer will be damaged and unusable.
Your IP-address will be stored in our databases. (If you go with your IP address back to pornographic web pages) and your case will be transferred to special task force for further investigation!
Estimated verification time 4 hours.
Your computer was used for illegal purposes. Your Windows license number has been identified.

Keep in mind that West Yorkshire Police message is just a part of a dangerous trojans that earns money for computer hackers. Just imagine what amounts of money they get if each user of infected system pays 100 pounds. You should never take this warning for granted nor reveal your credit card details.

Most importantly, you have to remove this virus from your computer straight after its detection. Here are the main steps that you should take to remove West YorkShire Police virus from your system:

1. Reboot into safe mode or safe mode with networking. Run MSConfig and disable all startup items you are not 100% sure off.

1.a If you are blocked from safe mode by West Yorkshire Police virus, use alternate OS Scanners to clean up your PC.

2. Boot normally and check if West Yorkshire Police ransomware starts. If not, you will have to scan with spyhunter, Hitman Pro and other anti-malware programs to identify all infected items and remove them.

3. This malware tends to lock files. For unlocking, download and run this tool by Kaspersky.


Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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Manual removal

Removal guides in other languages

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  1. This virus disables all safe modes and not one site i’ve been to has ANY information on that, simply typing use an alternative OS to scan your computer is fucking retarded and shows just how little you know. Well done on stroking your ego though.

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