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VirusHeat (a.k.a VirusHeat 3.9, VirusHeat 4.3 and, more recently, VirusHeat 4.4) is the newest threat from rogue anti-spyware manufacturers. Easy to mistake for VirusHeal, since not only is the name different by just one letter, but its features aren’t much better either. The alerts claim that your PC is infected with various trojans, including smithfraud.G, which is a hoax used by malware vendors. VirusHeat is most commonly installed with the help of Zlob or by downloading it from ( Their website does not look like anything original, and is full of false claims. According to the content, the "company" is based in Riga, Latvia and was created in 2000. However, they fail even the basic security tests.

1. Domain bought only a month ago – internet security companies buy out their name earlier.
2. They are hosted not in the USA or Latvia, but in Ukraine together with many other rogues
3. Their payments are processed by – a carding site, its unsafe to provide your credit card details there
4. They push other rogue products like Total Cleaner.
You should therefore avoid this scam and not download Virusheat. This scamware should be removed as soon as possible, and if you have paid for it, contact your credit card company to avoid further money loss.
Smithfraudfix provides half automated removal, manual removal instructions are as follows:

Automatic VirusHeat removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove VirusHeat, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


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23 thoughts on “VirusHeat

  1. I would like to remove the Virusheat net page from my computer headings how can I do it?

    I apreciatate you instrutions

  2. Remove annoying ‘blinking’ icon from your tray…

    Delete >>>

    c:\program files\helper\txdkfh.dll

    or better…

    Delete the folder, if this is a problem, do it in safe mode.

  3. it got into my friend ´s pc,we deleted da reg via reedit,but it did not work,now we will delete the reg process and etc from his computer,will tell you if it works.THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  4. for safe mode…restart pc and press f8 b-4 windows starts (tap) select safe mode w/ network support from list.

  5. best way i foudn to get rid of it quick was a series of malware program killers. first i used spybot search and destroy, then spydoctor 5.5 and finally malwarebytes anti malware program. I had kaspersky running protection in the bakground to negate any of the trojans that kept replicating. Be careful because this virusheat thing has a keylogger program built into the trojan barrage among other things. If you use all or even the free malware one you should destroy just about everything there. If your not sure you can sue panda’s totalscan free service to check just in case

  6. My boyfriend bought VirusHeat. I already deleted VirusHeat from the computer. Is there anything we can do about his credit card and the charges?

  7. Yes, you should contact the bank and process a chargeback. Also, double check your CC statement for unusual charges- the payment system they use are one of their own, so these scammers might keep your credit card details. If there is an unusual charge or something suspicious, just tell about it your bank, and they will replace your boyfriends credit card and in many cases give money back. Just do not forget to check statements periodically.

  8. I tried deleting the folder “helper” but it says I have no access to that folder. How can I gain access in order to delete?

  9. Virus heat is one of the worst programs i’ve ever had to manualy get rid of. personaly i just used spybot to delete whatever files it could, then i’d use stop sign to locate the rest and delete them manualy. Damn you Eacceleration, back when stop sign was >$10 a month you rocked ass, Now you are just another antivirus.

  10. I didn’t even install it on my pc, i went to a website looking for information about a mmo and now have this icon on my toolbar and cant find whats causing it

  11. I still havent been able to get all of the program out…Ive tried multiple virus scans, spy ware scans, malware scans, and even tried to delete it manually…The Virus Heat program is out of there, but the underlying viruses, the Trojan ZLOB I think it is and a worm are still there..I have found the program causing the problem but cant get it removed…what do I do now?

  12. I’m sick of Virus Heat. Its really bugging me. i know my way around a computer, disabling it in MSConfig, CTL ALT Delete, ending process tree of anything not essential, BUT IT STILL REMAINS. Downloading Superantispyware now. Seeing if that fixes things

  13. Yeah the same thing happened to me I didn’t even download anything it just came out of nowhere and now I cant get rid of it

  14. I think it’s time someone found these guys and ended their little virus venture…..permanently LOL

  15. I agree … why would anybody make such a virus, or any virus for that matter. What satisfaction is in infuriating thousands of people…. truly very aggrivating

  16. Ok so i was on the net and suddenly i got this virus heat on my comp anywayi deleted it and most of its files via the search on my computer found all the files belonging to it and deleted found it installed on my comp and deleted that also i also had McAfee anti virus that said suddenly that something was trying to make changes to my comp so i had it stop but when i did that and ran a scan on it it didnt come up with anything but i still get this annoying pop up that says System Alert ect ect any one know if this virus/trogen is in my comp still or how to get rid of this im gonna try and use stop sign if any one could help id be greatfull

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