virus - How to remove is an old browser hijacker; it was first detected in 2012 and is still bothering Internet surfers in 2018. It is a product by a company named Spigot, Inc., and we have analyzed Spigot redirect in one of our articles. However, this is not the only browser hijacker that these developers have brought into the cyber world. Spigot is also responsible for and Widgi Toolbar viruses.

Therefore, using their products is not considered a wise idea in terms of your security and privacy. Since this infection is a hijackware parasite, you will notice that virus occupies your browsers’ preferences: new tab page, home page and default search provider (List of Common Malware Types: browser hijacker). We do not advise using this search platform as you will introduced with a lot of sponsored links, injected by Spigot into the results to search queries. By clicking on such links, you will allow this company to profit from advertising. Furthermore, links that are promoted by Spigot could be deceptive, or leading to low-quality services. malicious parasite will cause redirection and occupy your browsers’ preferences virus

According to reports from concerned users, people have suggested that MyBrowserBar malware (or New Tab Helper toolbar) was installed via uTorrent, and after that, a new folder named Spigot was created in User>Library>Application Support  (Warning! uTorrent Attempting To Download Malware). Therefore, this extension also bothers users of Mac operating systems. Other people explained that virus frustrated with regular redirection, and they also noticed some issues with their computer speed. Surprisingly, most of the victims who reported problems due to this browser hijacker were using Mac devices.

Victims of this virus have suggested that their browsing was constantly interrupted by redirect. In this page, people would be introduced with various types of technical support scams, suggesting that their operating systems have been infected, or that they are facing other type of cyber threats. Anyway, if you notice this link in your address bar, please do not trust its content. It is very likely that it display potentially malware-laden content, and if you interact with it, you will be infected with additional Malware parasites.

From the first glance, the virus might seem like a regular searching platform, presenting results to search queries in a page from Yahoo Search. In the Privacy Policy of this search platform, we noticed that this is toolbar guarantees not to have any features of a spyware or adware. However, the fact that people suffer from redirection and notice that MyBrowserBar malware was installed without their permission reveals that this program is not using legitimate ways of distribution. It could arrive into your device due to bundling strategies, or be installed due to drive-by installation. One victim has suggested that he/she unknowingly download the toolbar via uTorrent.

How to stop the redirect?

As it was mentioned above, virus could arrive into your computer without your knowledge. Peer-to-peer downloads have always been considered unsafe: you could download more than you anticipated. This is proven to be true in the case of MyBrowserBar toolbar (New Tab Helper toolbar) which was installed via uTorrent. Therefore, if you decide to download, please be careful not to get deceived into installing software that you do not need. Bundling is also a possible distribution method for this browser hijacker. During installations, make sure not to agree to install additional programs or toolbar.

Now, if you want to get rid of the virus, you have to follow a couple guidelines. First of all, if you notice Spigot folder in Applications, make sure to drag this folder to trash. Also, make sure you remove the MyBrowserBar (New Tab Helper) toolbar from the list of active plugins. If you are still experiencing issues, the best solution would be to run a scan with Spyhunter. These anti-malware tools have helped thousands of people keep their computers malware-free, and it is perfectly compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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