Memory Game Virus - How to remove

Memory Game is a browser extension developed to fit Google Chrome web browser. Even though it looks like a fun way to spend your spare time and also train your memory, it actually is categorised as adware infection because additional advertisements and redirects to other websites in order to make money is a feature of this tool.

Memory Game remove

How to tell if your computer is infected? Well, that’s not that hard – if you have this game installed on your web browser and you have noticed that there are additional ads appearing while you are browsing the Internet, thats’s a clear sign that your computer is infected and you need to solve this problem right now.

Even though you might think that removing such adware is easy since it operates as browser add-on, things are a little bit more complicated. Do not forget that it is a malware and developers of Memory Game will take unfair actions to keep you away from removing it.

Luckily, we have a removal technique that is effective and will help you to eliminate Memory Game adware in no time.

Malicious tool behind an image of a web game

So to begin with, we should mention that this game is actually legitimate – you can install it on your Google Chrome web browser directly from Extensions store.

Memory Game Extension

It’s a classic game where you have a table with hidden cards and the goal is to match those cards by flipping two at the time in a limited period of time. Again, the game works just fine and you can really enjoy it. After the installation a new icon in the toolbar of Google Chrome browser will be created – it can be used as a link to the game which will be opened on a new tab.

However, even during the installation of the extension you will get this notification:

Memory game installation

What that basically means, is that this extension will be able to change the data that you can see while browsing the Internet, as well as to change data that you provide for the websites you are visiting.

It is known that every 180 minutes (3 hours), this extension automatically connects to remote server in order to retrieve and send information, which will be used to display you ads or redirect you to other websites.

This adware is dangerous and unwanted for two main reasons:

  • Your information might be leaked;
  • You might end up on malicious website by clicking on ad displayed by it.

There are 3 websites related to this infection –, and It’s estimated that Memory Game virus is installed on around 30 000 computers.

It will definitely collect information about you and since this tool is managed by crooks, the information can be easily leaked. Also, redirects and additional ads are not only annoying, but might also lead you to dangerous websites. It’s a common practise for adware to monetise the audience this way – GamerSuperstar or SimplyWatch also do the same.

It’s also worth to mention that Memory Game is distributed in a deceptive manner, when it comes as a bundle to other free software and gets installed secretly – users only notice it after it is already inside.

Lastly, even if you really like this game, there are a plenty of options to play it online, without installing any useless or malicious extensions and that’s what you should do.

You should also make sure to erase Memory Game from your web browser and computer right now. Removal consists of two steps – first of all you have to navigate to extensions list by clicking Tools -> More Tools -> Extensions. When, detect and disable “memory Game” extension. You should see a new confirmation window like this:

removing Memory Game

Click “remove” and that’s it – the virus is gone from the web browser. Unfortunately, it can be easily restored if some malicious files are stored on your computer. To make sure that this won’t happen, you should scan your computer with reliable anti-malware application, such as Spyhunter. This will result in automatic removal of all malicious files from your system.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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