Malware Protection ransomware - How to remove

Malware Protection ransomware

Malware Protection ransomware is a sneaky virus that locks computer and disables all software from working normally. As soon as it manages to get inside the system, this trojan displays such or similar alert:

From your computer was detected mailing (spam) sending a very dangerous polymorphic virus which contradicts law and harm other network users. Your computer has been also infected by this very dangerous polymorphic virus, which modifies itself every 24 hours and in this case virus detection by antiviruses is very difficult.

What virus do:
1. Encrypt all your important files with 128 symbols random generated password (different passwords for each computer) using AES algorithm and send this password to the hackers server. It will be done only once and there is no way to get this password back, only catch it when its sending to server.
2. Sending spam to others users and harm computers with same virus.
3. Totally block safe mode without any chance to resume.
4. Hackers require $2000 to decrypt your files.

What our team do:
1. We waiting the moment when password sending to hackers server and succesefully catch this password and send it to our server (this is very difficult because password sent to hackers servers only once time!) If you see this message we have already catch password.
2. Our Malware Protection blocked access to your computer, including networked access (except for our staff), otherwise virus can modify itself an infect your computer again!
3. Removing all virus data from your computer after payment and getting your password to unlock computer and decrypt files.

In addition, victim is informed that instead of paying for the ‘bad guys’ $2000, he should pay $300 or euros for the Malware Protection team that will help for the victim to clean up the virus. The payment should be done via MoneyPak, Paysafecard or Ukash code. However, you should never fall for paying for this rogue because you will simply lose your money.

Thanks to Xylitol, there have been revealed some unlock codes that should help for the user infected with Malware Protection ransomware. In order to unlock your computer, try entering 76557152140071780302280 or aes987156. However, if this code fails to help you unlock your computer, you have modified version of this trojan. We recommend you using these tips to remove Malware Protection ransomware from your PC:

1. Scan your PC with alternate scanners.

2. Reboot PC infected with Malware Protection ransomware to safe mode with networking and try running a full system scan with  Spyhunter or 2012 version of spyware doctor.

3. Launch anti-malware programs from your USB drive.


Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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