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Incredibar is browser toolbar that installs to all of major Internet browsers and redirects random computer systems to mystart.incredibar dot com. It badly complicates your activities on the Internet by redirecting your search results and giving you different information that you were actually looking for. It can also add some websites to your bookmark list that you never even thought of adding there. On low memory conditions, it will slow your PC as well. Changing browser settings and redirecting searches classifies Incredibar as browser hijacker.

Incredibar can get inside the system using emails that come with the advertisements. Such emails might be result of cross-promotion using other adware of this company. Once you click on them, Incredibar will be installed on your browser. This type of hijackers can collect all information about your activity and send the information to the marketing companies that later on use this data and display advertisements. However, this way the Incredibar violates your privacy. As compensation, this toolbar allows playing some “free” games, that have advertisements.

Another way to get Incredibar hijacker is installing it with various fake Codecs or similar. These programs distribute toolbars that pay for each install. This is less than honest marketing tactics. Quite often, such bundles do not provide proper uninstall for Incredibar and other software as well. Then PC owners start complaining about “mystart.incredibar (dot)com virus”, that hijacks start page and search provider, though in most cases they missed the checkbox during installation.

I would recommend remove Incredibar if you notice this add-on installed on ones PC by kids or if you installed it without knowing what this software is. Do not forget change search provider back to google or bing. Spyhunter can protect your home page from hijacking by parasites like this.

Video review of Incredibar and its detection process

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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Manual removal

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11 responses to “Incredibar

  1. Mystart has attached itself to Google and none of the programs I have installed including Spy Hunter has detected the malware. Now what do I need to do.

  2. Donnie: must be a new version. Which browser do you use? Go to tools->options->extensions and remove incredibar from there first (on IE) then Click on arrow close to search window and change search provider to something else.

  3. Keep in mind that although it performs unsavory internet practices, it’s still a legitimate product and antivirus products such as Spyhunter can’t remove it.

    Manual removal should be done using the techniques found in the video above. Or, you could call and have an experienced technician do it for you.

  4. well i dont know about firefox and others but google chrome seemed to be hosting this incredibar for me and the fix was ez..go to remove programs and search incredibar…remove the(i had two items)then search google chrome and remove it as well…i dont know why people seem to love chrome but if you have norton software…it will verify that chrome uses a ton of your pc’s resources as well as it seems to be hosting this , or, inviting this spyware incredibar toolbar on your pc…so thats it. uninstall incrediabar and chrome and your good to go, i have not seen it on my pc since…hope this helps=)

  5. there’s a much easier way to uninstall without wondering about spyhunter or another “anti-virus” software giving you unwanted junk (not saying it will)
    for google chrome users i struggled with this for a LONG time but if u click on the “wrench” in the upper right corner or the 3 lines in the top right corner then click tools. after you click extensions and it’ll bring you to a site were you can add or delete extensions just clear anything that you don’t want! This has proven a very safe way to disarm “incredibar” or any other browser hijackers without having to download and usually pay for a anti virus software! And in advance, Your Welcome!!! πŸ™‚

  6. *********: Nice name, by the way πŸ™‚
    Last versions of incredibar will not uninstall their settings from chrome though. That means : your home page and search providers will remain incredibar ones. You can change settings manually in most of the cases, though there are hijackers that will revert them back on browser restart.

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