Customer Service Survey Scam - How to remove

In case you are experiencing notification that says something about “Customer Service Survey”, chances are that your computer is infected with some kind of potentially unwanted program. If it’s not and you just happen to visit websites that display this message, you are still in danger of getting scammed, because Customer Service Survey is nothing more than a filthy scam.

Dedicated 2-viruses team seeks to inform all users about possible threats, therefore we feel that it’s important to provide our readers with the information about this scam and possibly save a lot of your money.

It’s a smart phishing technique that might get even very smart computer users. Lately, we have noticed that technical support scam campaigns are getting really popular, but in this case, cyber criminals behind the scam campaign are using other techniques. Nevertheless, it’s still very dangerous and you should not fall for this trick.

As we have mentioned before, the reason why you are seeing those notifications is some kind of malware operating on your computer. It’s very important to figure out whether your computer is infected or not because it can lead to even more dangerous consequences.

All About Customer Service Survey Scam

customer service support scam

Customer Service Survey Scam is a phishing strategy that was designed with only one goal – to lure some money from naive users. It was discovered recently and it seems like they are phishing for data instead of money. However, the stolen data can be converted to money later on, so that’s basically the same thing.

If you have completed Customer Service Survey by yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose your money. There might be other consequences – your computer might get infected with various browser hijackers or adware infections or your personal information might be used against you in another phishing attack.

Customer Service Survey is spreading worldwide, so literally, anyone can encounter this scam notification. It’s extremely complicated to track down person or organization that is standing behind this campaign because they smartly change their domains, IP addresses, signatures, and text in those scam pop-ups.

This is how the actual message from this pop-up looks like:

Welcome to recruitment shoppers.

We have a customer service survey assignment in your location,
and we would like you to participate and complete the assignment.
Once you register, you will receive instructions about the job, and access to training materials from us.

Should you interested, we will pay you $450/ assignment, (available two assignment/weeks),

Provide the following information below to continue sign-up, and you will have access to training materials from us.


Thank you for your participation and being here with us.

The MS applications team.

If you are familiar with social engineering and basic psychology, you will soon notice what they did there. They are trying to seduce users with money – $450 should be paid for every assignment/survey. Obviously, that is not true and you won’t receive any money. They only want you to provide this personal information – name, address, phone, age, and gender, which is actually very valuable.

It is dangerous to reveal such data to cybercriminals, so you should never respond to messages like this. Moreover, they claim that this message was written by the Microsoft applications team, so that’s just another indicator that it is a scam – Microsoft has never done anything like that.

Why You Are Experiencing Customer Service Survey Scam Messages

This message might be sent directly to your email. In this case, that could mean that your email address is included in some kind of database or list that was leaked to cybercriminals or they just managed to find it randomly.

Thanks to the high-level technologies used by email service providers, most of those letters should end up in a spam category, which you should never open. All you should do in a situation like this – simply delete the letter and don’t respond to them. If you are worried that something bad could happen to your computer, you can scan it with anti-malware software to make sure that there is no malware operating on it. Please take a look at our reviews section to find the best anti-malware tools available.

Customer-Service Survey Scam message

However, if those messages are bothering you on your web browser while you are browsing the Internet, chances are that your computer is already infected with malware that causes scam messages to appear. If you have experienced Customer Service Survey Scam message on your web browser more than once, it indicates that you should protect your computer better and remove the viruses that are already inside of your computer.

We have reviewed other similar scam campaigns, such as Your McAfee Subscription Has Expired TodayPlease Report This Activity pop-up, or Yahoo Customer Reward Program, so we definitely know how to solve those problems effectively.

How To Deal With Customer Service Survey Scam

Customer Service Survey Scam can be caused by various unwanted programs, so we can’t tell you how to remove the infection manually – removal instructions vary depending on the specific viruses. The best decision in such a situation would be to get yourself a decent anti-malware tool and let it do the job.

If you are just a regular computer user, try scanning your system with Spyhunter. Either one of those programs will automatically detect and remove all viruses and unwanted programs from your computer, so the Customer Service Survey Scam problem should be solved automatically.

In case you still have some questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will do our best to answer them all.

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