Hijacker - How to remove is a fictitious search engine promoted as a utility for optimization and simplification of download/installation processes. The website is currently distributed by means of third-party downloaders (installers) that may additionally suggest a lot of other unwanted extra programs. When you deal with the most typical browser hijackers, then tend to modify a lot of important browser parameters and may additionally track a lot of personal details about the users. The research of proves that it is also involved in data tracking.

Installation of may affect Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other popular browsers. Another peculiarity of the hijacker is that it mainly attacks Mac browsers. Instead of providing the users with valuable search functionality, the hijacker literally prevents them from properly finding the required information. However, many people complain that getting rid of the hijacker manually does not always help. After restarting the browser, the hijacker reappears.

Modifications by affects the majority of important browser settings. With each successful intrusion, the following parameters are amended:

  • homepage;
  • default search engine;
  • new tab URL.

Activation of literally means that the user no longer controls the aforesaid settings. The extension gains the full control over such important values, so when the user attempts to change some parameters back to the initial preferences, the hijacker restores its own parameters when the browser is restarted. For example, if you prefer to user as your home page, the hijacker will instead set on the startup. Submitting the search queries through the built-in search box will similarly redirect them through the fake search engine. Initially, the queries will be forwarded via, but then the results will be delivered by Keep in mind that Yahoo company is not related to this hijacker. The developers of simply steal the search results from Yahoo and additionally add a lot of advertisement banners and sponsored links on top of the search results. This is done to generate more revenue for its creators. The more times you click on the supported links or ads, the more money they get.

In this, is no different than all the other fake search engines that only exist to force you to see more ads and monetize that:,,,, and many others.

Another peculiarity of is its ability to track important information about the user’s browsing activities. The hijacker analyzes a lot of strictly private and confidential details, for example:

  • viewed ages;
  • submitted search queries;
  • visited websites;
  • user’s location.

Regretfully, the hijacker not only collects the aforesaid private information but additionally may share it with third-party companies which could use it to affect your browsing experience. Potentially, the data may finally reach cybercriminals and be manipulated in an absolutely illegal manner, obviously, without the user’s direct permission. The information tracking by is definitely a sufficient reason for you to immediately remove this hijacker from your browser to prevent any possible privacy issues or identity theft.

How to remove

Based on the fact that solely attacks Mac computers, there are some important manual steps you’re recommended to follow. First of all, we suggest that you carefully examine your available applications and get rid of the items that look suspicious and the ones you don’t remember installing based on your personal decision. The next step is to access your browser settings and remove the available third-party extensions (add-ons) that may be related to The last but not least, pay attention to the available profiles in the System Preferences. Delete the profiles that may point to and result in the above-mentions browser modifications.

In addition to the manual analysis and cleanup of your Mac, we believe that scanning the device with the reliable anti-virus software is extremely important. The hijacker could be installed along with some other additional utilities that may negatively impact your system. The problem is that they may be hidden deep in the system and not provide you with direct uninstallers. The thorough checkup with the proven anti-malware tool (like Combo-Cleaner or Malwarebytes) will help to locate such concealed malware and to neutralize its negative impact on your Mac.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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