Bansomqare ransomware - How to remove

Bansomqare ransomware virus is a new example of crypto-malware. According to researchers, the ransomware uses a combination of AES and RSA algorithms to encrypt digital data. All damaged files will feature .bitcoin extension. In addition to this, specialists also indicated that the payload of this infection is disguised as a mobile application called WhatsApp. From some of its features, it is also determined that the infection copies the famous WannaCry infection.

Bansomqare virus locks your files and adds .bitcoin extension to them

Victims of Bansomqare crypto-virus will notice a bitcoin2018.txt file on their desktops. Once this file is launched, people will be introduced with these demands: “Send $100 worth of bitcoins to this address. Contact us: [email protected]”. Of course, we hope that victims won’t be intimated enough to pay the demanded ransoms. The bitcoin wallet is also include in the original message.

Bamsomqare virus

In addition to seeing this .txt file, Bansomqare Manna virus will set a lock-screen on the victims’ computers. The window strongly resembles WannaCry ransomware by stating “Ooops, your file have been encrypted!”. It is believed that this virus is not created by a hacker who does not have the best English skills as this lock-screen contains a lot of typos and grammatical mistakes. Bansomqare ransomware does not appear to be very rapidly-spreading infection. However, if you notice Whatsapp.exe file in your computer, you might have become a victim of this cyber threat.

How to protect computers and files from ransomware attacks like Bansomqare virus?

First of all, it would be best to back up your digital files in storages. In case the original versions are no longer available, you will have a chance of retrieving copies from well-protected sources. You can also avoid selecting an online backup service and simply put your files in USB flash drives. However, make sure these drives would not be transmitting malware. Also, do not keep them plugged into your computer device. In some cases, ransomware viruses are able to lock files of every connected device.

Of course, it is also very important to have your computer device protected by anti-malware programs. There is a great variety of applications that you can select from. However, we recommend getting Spyhunter. Both of these tools will detect sources of malicious activity without any issues. In addition to that, you will be able to regularly scan your operating system if you start noticing any suspicious symptoms. For the removal of ransomware, please take a look at the guidelines for a system restore.

Is there a way to decrypt files that have the .bitcoin extension?

Currently, Bansomqare crypto-malware is a new threat and security researchers have not had enough time to figure out whether it is decryptable. If the ransomware starts rapidly spreading and locking users’ files, we are sure that researchers will come to your rescue. Until then, please do not pay the $100 worth of bitcoins. It is very likely that hackers will disappear after the ransom is paid. You could also try decrypting files with third-party software. However, this might not always work. In some cases, the files could be damaged.

How is Bansomqare ransomware distributed?

Since Bansomqare virus is disguised as a WhatsApp application, it could be that hackers are offering people to try out a desktop version of WhatsApp. If you notice such recommendations, we hope that you will quickly look the other way. The malware could also be spread thru malspam. Always be attentive when you check your email account. Respond and interact with only those messages that have been sent from reliable sources. If some well-known company is sending you an urgent message, make sure that it is delivered from the legitimate support service. If not, you could be targeted by scammers and hackers.

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