Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus - How to remove?


What is Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus?

Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus is a browser hijacker that can get into your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser settings. It is an annoying application that changes some important browser preferences. The program sets your homepage and default search provider to Websearch.searchsunmy.info and subsequently makes your browsing very irritating.

First of all, you will notice that your search results will include lots of sponsored links. In fact Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus advertises a bunch of commercial websites and adds them to every search you make. It seeks to increase their traffic, but the problem is this causes lots of inconveniences for the computer users. They are constantly pushed to visit the same websites that are usually irrelevant to their search queries.

You should also know that Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus uses cookies and other tracking techniques in order to collect information about your browsing habits, such as what websites you are visiting most often or what search queries you are making. Later this information can be sent to the third parties and it can be used for marketing related purposes.

You should remove Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus from your computer as soon as you detect it on your system. Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs list and uninstall it from there. It is recommended to uninstalling ALL programs added on the same date as problems have appeared. Some versions of this virus install software that blocks browser settings from changing. To identify them, scanning with Spyhunter or other reputable antispyware tool might be useful. Then you can uninstall the extensions and reset settings in your browsers.

Special removal instructions of Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus

How to remove Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus using Windows Control Panel

 Many hijackers and adware like searchsunmy virus install some of their components as regular windows programs as well as additional software. This part of malware can be uninstalled from control panel. To access it, do following.

  1. Start->Control Panel (older Windows) or press Windows Key->Search and enter Control panel (Windows 8);
  2. Choose Uninstall Program;                                                                                              Programs
  3. Go through list of programs and select entries related to Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus

    and related parasites like Websearch.searchinweb.info virus , Websearch.eazytosearch.info virus , Websearch.webisgreat.info virus , Websearch.wonderfulsearches.info virus , websearch.searchguru.info virus , Websearch.Searchsun.info virus , Websearch.fastosearch.info virus , Websearch.toolksearchbook.info virus , WebSearch.ExitingSearch.info virus , Websearch.searchbomb.info virus .

    control panel

  4. Click uninstall button.                                                                                         uninstall CP
  5. In many cases anti-malware programs are better at detecting related parasites, thus I recommend installing Spyhunter, Malwarebytes and Stopzilla to identify other programs that might be part of this infection.SpyHunter

This method will not remove some of browser plugins thus proceed to next part of removal guide.

Removing searchsunmy virus from your browsers

Remove shortcut hijack (all browsers) (optional):

 If your browser opens searchsunmy virus page on startup only, try this:

  1. Right click on your browser icon. Choose Properties;
  2. Open Short cut tab;
  3. Delete searchsunmy virus part from target field.

How To remove Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus from Google Chrome:

  1. Click 3 horizontal lines icon on browser toolbar
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Basics ->Manage Search engines
  4. Remove unnecessary search engines from list
  5. Go back to settings. On Startup choose open blank page ( you can remove undesired pages from the set pages link too).

How To remove Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus from Firefox :

  1. Click menu button on the top right corner of Mozilla window and select “Add-ons” icon (Or press Ctrl+Shift+A on your keyboard).

    Add-ons ff

  2. Go through Extensions and Addons list, remove everything Coupon Codes related and items you do not recognise. If you do not know the extension and it is not made by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, Oracle or Adobe then you probably do not need it.

  3. Type “browser.search.defaultengine” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
  4. Type “browser.search.selectedengine” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
  5. Search for ‘browser.newtab.url’. Right-click and reset. This will make sure that the search page won’t launch on each new tab.
  6. If the settings revert and scan with anti-malware programs are clean: Close firefox, open file explorer and enter %AppData% in the address bar. enter user.js in search box. If this file exists, rename it and start firefox again. You will have to repeat the steps above.

How To remove Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus virus from Internet Explorer (older versions):

  1. Click arrow on the right of search box
  2. Do following: On IE8-9 choose Manage Search providers, On ie7 click change search defaults
  3. Remove the searchsunmy virus from the list

How to remove Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus from IE 11:

  1. Click on the Settings icon (top right)->Manage Addons;
    Manage Add-ons
  2. Go through Toolbars and extensions. Remove everything related to searchsunmy virus and items you do not know that are made not by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle or Adobe;                                                                         Disable
  3. Select Search Providers;                                                                                                                      Sarch provider
  4. If any of these search providers is not available, follow “Find more search providers” in the bottom of the screen and install Google.Find more
  5. Close the Options.
  6. If your homepage was changed, click on the Gear icon on the top right corner to open Internet Explorer menu, select Internet options and choose General tab. Enter preferable URL to the homepage field and click Apply.                                                       Homepage

(Optional) Reset your browser’s settings

If you are still experiencing any issues related to [parasite name], reset the settings of your browser to its default settings.

1. Press on the Gear icon->Internet Options.
Internet Options

2. Choose Advanced tab and click Reset button.

3. Select “Delete personal settings” checkbox and click Reset button.
4. Click Close button on the confirmation box, then close your browser.                                                                                                          close

If you cannot reset your browser settings and the problem persists, scan your system with an anti-malware program. 

Video removal instructions for Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus


Automatic Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus removal tools

  Download Spyhunter for searchsunmy virus detectionNote: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasite like searchsunmy virus and assists in its removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.

Manual Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove searchsunmy virus, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Spyhunter or other tools found on 2-viruses.com.


It is impossible to list all file names and locations of modern parasites. You can identify remaining parasites, other searchsunmy virus infected files and get help in searchsunmy virus removal by using Spyhunter scanner. 


Websearch.searchsunmy.info virus screenshots


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