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Privacy SafeGuard is a browser add-on that can be installed to Google Chrome. It‘s official webpage states that the software was programmed to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet. Yet there are issues that rise suspiciousness and could be a background for uninstalling the toolbar if such is seen in your computer. First of all when you read information on the company’s website you will not find any contacts or physical address of the company. Looks like the creators of it want to hide themselves. It is not a good idea to trust your computer security for the company that is not willing to announce its credential.

Another issue that should concern you is your privacy. Privacy SafeGuard should protect it while navigating in Internet but if you read their Privacy Statement, it says very clearly:

Once you download our plugin, as discussed below, we will collect information about you, including, for example, your browser activity.

If you read further, it appears that the information collected will be used not only by the company itself but by third parties as well. For example, it might be used for targeted marketing campaigns. Your e-mail will also be used for sending spam messages having product promotions.

Computer users, having Privacy SafeGuard installed usually complain about pop-up or in-text advertisements. Some of them notice that their PC works slower than usual. It might also come bundled with other software that causes browser redirections or even injects malware.

Even though Privacy SafeGuard is not directly associated with malware or virus infection it is recommended to remove this add-on due to uncertainties it raises. A manual removal is possible only if you see this add-on in your Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list. Otherwise we recommend using automatic removal tools such as spyhunter and Hitman Pro. They will find and eliminate any other infections that came with Privacy SafeGuard. If you choose to remove the add-on manually, do not forget to scan your computer using antimalware tools afterwards.

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