- How to remove?


If your anti-spyware or anti-virus informs you about infection, consider changing security tools on your machine. is supposedly detected by fake security programs. This threat is not even real. Rogue security tools report various fake infections to make people interested in buying the rogue programs. Security alerts displayed by those programs are simple commercial pop-ups and they have nothing to do with computer security. is usually “detected” by Pc Protection Center 2008. This fake security suite may cause more problems to convince people that Adware.Porn-tool.win32.Agent is a real threat. It may change desktop wallpaper and screensaver and it can make a computer run really slow. Victims of this infection should keep in mind that Pc Protection Center 2008 (or some other rogue program) is causing all the problems. Pop-ups reporting are gone after removal of corrupt applications.


Automatic removal tools

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November 25th, 2008 10:10, November 25th, 2008 10:10

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