virus - How to remove is a browser hijacker which can be installed together with a bunch of various extensions for Google Chrome. Our analysis revealed that this hijackware parasite is produced by the developers behind The latter hijacker has been active since 2013, and we have analyzed a bunch of add-ons that assign this search engine as browsers’ preferences. virus has the same interface as the original SearchAlgo page, and there are many other similarities. For instance, EULA and Privacy Policy are also from SearchAlgo. Therefore, there is no doubt that the same developers are behind the both Browser hijackers.

Softorama Search virus will occupy your default search provider, initiate redirection to unknown websites and track your online activities virus

The website also plays a huge role in the discussion of this browser hijacker. In the latter domain, people can download a bunch of extensions: Movie Search, Music Search, Games Search, Hash Generator, Calculator, Currency Converter and Measure Converter. During installation of all of these toolbars, people will also agree to start using the search engine from SearchAlgo. Softrama Search will be set as users’ default search provider.

Before receiving results to search queries, users will briefly notice the website in the address link. Immediately after that, the results will be shown in a page However, this means that search queries will be filled with sponsored content from virus.

Additionally, immediately after installing one of the Softorama extensions, you will be informed that that browsing might be tracked. This is a rogue message, attempting to trick you into installing an additional add-on called Safer Browser, which is related to You should not fall for this deceptive recommendation and never install pop-ups that are recommended by suspicious sources.

Knowing that virus is related to a notorious browser hijacker called SearchAlgo, we hope that you won’t decide to install any of the extensions from the page. However, most of those toolbars are also available in the Chrome Web Store. Even though some of their products might seem useful, they lack security, and could possibly expose you to malware-laden content, unnecessary recommendations to install browser extensions, and phishing scams (Malvertising Phishing Attacks Soar, Underscoring Need for a Web Filter).

Additionally, the hijacker does not offer encrypted connection. Therefore, information sent over the Internet without encryption can be seen by other people while it is in transit. The browser hijacker specifies that it uses third-party cookies, and every user agrees to this condition by installing any of the browser extension from Softorama. If you do not want to have your privacy and security compromise, we hope that you won’t decide to install unknown toolbars. malware parasite can be installed together with different Chrome extensions

The easiest way to protect yourself from unwanted search engines is to avoid unknown browser extensions. Do not install applications from developers that have a reputation for creating potentially harmful programs. For instance, SearchAlgo has bothered a lot of Internet surfers. Therefore, you should not install extensions that are related to these developers. Their aim is to profit from display of advertisements and other types of schemes.

Additionally, some browser hijackers like Softorama Search could be installed through bundling strategy. Therefore, please be careful during installation processes. Select advanced/custom modes and refuse to install additional programs or browser extensions.

If you want Softorama Search virus to no longer interfere with browsing activities, you have to complete a series of steps. Open the list of active plugins and remove all extensions that are related to Softorama. Since you might have been recommended to install other add-ons as well, get rid of them too. It could be that due to redirection to remote websites, your operating system is infected with other types of malware: adware, Trojans or etc. In order to check this theory, you must complete a scan. Spyhunter will help you to do this and will also continue to protect your device in the future.

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