Smss.exe - How to remove

If you notice Smss.exe process currently running in the Windows Task Manager, do not be hasty to panic. What is this file? What does it do? Actually, this is a regular procedure in Windows OS devices and if the legitimate version is present in your system, there is no need to express concerns. However, malicious processes can be using the same Smss.exe name to conceal an actually detrimental procedure. The reliable sample of Smss.exe will be responsible for managing your sessions and help out in the process of launching different applications. A bunch of different malware variants could be concealing their presence behind a Smss.exe process. If you wish to check whether this procedure in your Task Manager is legitimate, continue on reading this article.

How to separate a legitimate process of Smss.exe from a fake one?

A rogue Smss.exe entry in the Windows Task Manager can be recognized according to one specific feature. The location of the file is a crucial element and it will determine whether your operating system has not been influenced by malware. Also, depending on the location of Smss.exe file, the level of severity can also be drawn. Where will the legitimate file be found? If Smss.exe is a part of the operating system, the process will be placed in the C disc, Windows → System32. Every other place should be treated as a red flag. One of the most dangerous locations to find Smss.exe process is Program Files folder. Do not be tricked if the process is found in Windows→System32→drivers. This also suggest that the process is not completely harmless.

If Smss.exe process turns out to be malicious, it can act as a spyware or a Trojan, both engaging in similarly awful activities. This means that a harmful procedure can be used against users for the sake of collecting sensitive information about them or inserting additional malware parasites into their devices. If Smss.exe process is duplicated by hackers and automatically runs in the background, your online activity, browser history is also in jeopardy.

On the other hand, If a Smss.exe process is concluded to be secure, we advise that you would not touch it. If you interfere with it, you might disrupt essential elements that help your device launch. You definitely should not blindly remove this process from the Task Manager or affect it in any other way. These actions are only suggested if Smss.exe process turns out to be malicious. All sorts of malware samples could be inserting Smss.exe process to do their dirty work.

The harmful version of Smss.exe file should be removed. In order to do this, you should run a scan with an anti-malware tool and figure out if there is any more malware. If this process remained in your Task Manager for long, it might have inserted multiple malware parasites that were interested in more than management of your user session. Spyhunter are the possible anti-malware tools to choose from. They will efficiently take care of your computer system and clean it from malicious processes and applications. This is the most optimal decision that you can make and we suggest you do it. Protecting yourself from malware is an essential part of browsing and users need these tools.

How was the fake Smss.exe process inserted in your Task Manager?

Smss.exe can be delivered by various types of malware. You can download it from random sources or be tricked into downloading. How? Hackers can distribute applications while promising other types of software, but actually spreading malicious content in this way. For users that have no wish to encounter malicious applications and battle them out, we suggest to keep themselves away from all sorts of dubious online material. When you install programs, always, and we mean, always, select advanced/custom modes and never allow that additional applications would be allowed to enter your system. Fake smss.exe file could also be distributed as a Trojan, so please be careful.

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