Select Region Tech Support Scam - How to remove

Select Region (Please Select Region to Continue) is a screen-locker, which displays two messages. First one requites users to enter specific information about their device: some of it is already generated, like the name of a device, type of a operating system, while other info can be modified. After users will click the button “Next”, they will be transferred to the second screen, which will provide more information about this specific screen-locker. Select Region scam opts to feature convincing elements, which would suggest that this message is legitimate and originating from Microsoft Windows Corporation. Nevertheless, Select Region technical support is not a service that has been authorized by Microsoft. Some other parties are involved in this hoax and they have presumably designed a Trojan to trigger this screen-locker.

Select Region scam: what are scammers trying to achieve?

Once a device is occupied with a Select Region screen-locker, this technical support scam informs frightened users that Windows Defender tool is responsible for the fact that they are prevented from accessing the full system. This is explained as a necessary measure due to a malicious activity of an unidentified infection. The scam does not further elaborate about reasons for the appearance of a Select Region locker, but moves onto the solutions for a very vaguely described problem.

Before we continue to analyse the following content of the scam, we should clearly emphasize that Select Region technical support scam is not addressing any relevant issues. Yes, a Trojan has possibly found a way to your system, but this screen-locker is a consequence of this malware. This technical support service is completely rogue and you should not believe otherwise.

As we read further, we realized that users are required to enter their legitimate Windows Product Keys that they have received after purchasing a legitimate Windows operating system. This code is usually on the box that the disc was delivered in. If not, you might have received an email letter with this specific combination of characters. If you have Windows 10, users will not have a key, but a digital license instead. For people who can obtain their product keys without any obstacles, the explained solution will not seem complicated.

However, even if legitimate Windows Product Keys are entered, the Select Region screen-locker will not accept them and insist that there is something wrong. Conveniently, it features a customer support service which is to be provided via a phone number: 0800-652-8283. Desperate users might have no choice but to call this helpline and explain that their Windows Product Key is not functional. Operators which will introduce themselves as Microsoft technicians will not waste any time and quickly try to move onto an alternative solution for this screen-locker.

These fraudulent operators will have no affiliation with Microsoft and their only attempt is to sell new product keys and receive money. If you happen to be bothered by this screen-locker and you cannot access your system, this means that you are being targeted by scammers. Do not call the provided number since people who will respond are only after revenue. You are to start your device in a Safe Mode. You find a convenient step-by-step guide for this action in our Tutorials section. After that, you should run a full security scan to detect and remove the stealthy Trojan. Spyhunter, Plumbytes and Malwarebytes have earned great reviews and have the abilities, necessary to get rid of malware.

How can you become infected with a Trojan?

Trojans have been around for a very long time: some of them have a tendency of functioning as screen-lockers and rogue technical support services. But how do users encounter this malware? First of all, Trojans can arrive in devices if users download software from unknown sources. Even though you might be assuming that you are getting an intriguing application, a movie, a TV show or a game, you might receive something completely different. Trojans are very popularly distributed via peer-to-peer download. If you never wish to be infected with a Trojan, we suggest you try to stay away from unreliable sources of programs and other files.

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