SearchPlusNetwork Virus - How to remove

SearchPlusNetwork Virus

SearchPlusNetwork Virus is a browser hijacker that, once installed to a computer, changes its home page and default search engine to The website is related to and promotes Messenger Plus! Add-on Windows Live Messenger and Skype as well as various deals and coupons for SearchPlusNetwork interface is made in 19 languages. Although the design of this search engine looks very simple and reminds those of Google or Yahoo!, it works under a different scheme. The company behind the webpage Zone Media Ltd earns its money from advertisements and traffic generated. Every click a computer user makes means more money for it therefore it’s no wonder that SearchPlusNetwork owners are motivated to have as many users as possible.

If you never choose to have this website as your home page you must have become a victim of browser hijacker distributors. One of the widest used tricks is to bundle the application with freeware or shareware. For example, you wanted to install a free video file converter and selected an automatic installation option. Of course, you did not bother to read what this installation wizard wrote and missed the line writing that SearchPlusNetwork will be installed as well. It is a legal way of adware and browser hijackers’ distribution because you were informed about the additional software and could have chosen not to install it. Be very careful and attentive when installing anything free on your computer.

Once SearchPlusNetwork Virus is installed, it is very difficult to remove it. Its developers earn money from people who are forced to use the search engine therefore uninstall wizards are either missing or incomplete. It might be that you will not even locate the name in Control Panel Add and Remove programs because it will be hidden. Resetting your Internet browser, uninstalling and re-installing the browser itself often does not help. One might choose to look for any files related to this browser hijacker manually and delete them but this will be a time consuming way. Re installing of your operating system might be an option as well. Please note, that instructions available on forums might not necessary work for you because the creators of browser hijackers tend to change names and location of their product. SearchPlusNetwork redirection might be caused by other toolbars, not necessary named similar to the website itself. For example. Goonsearch webpage redirects to the search results of

The wisest and safest way of removing SearchPlusNetwork Virus and any other adware or browser hijackers that came with it is to use antimalware programs. Spyhunter is one of such tools that removes the threat automatically. Moreover, it will also detect and remove any other virus or infection. Please note, having SearchPlusNetwork increases a risk of your computer getting infected with viruses because some of the search results it displays are promoted links rather than the actual results. These might lead to corrupted or malicious websites. If you choose to remove the browser hijacker manually, do not forget to scan your computer with the antivirus you have.

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