virus - How to remove is promoted as a website that will deliver latest weather forecast in your local area, thus users are encouraged to install “Easy Weather Access” extension in order to be able to reach this tool anytime with only a single click. virus remove

However, we are here to announce that this tool is officially categorized as a browser hijacker and you should never add it to the web browser on your own will. There is a chance that it was added without even warning you about that, so you just got infected and will have to deal with it. Please continue reading this article and we will provide you with instructions how to remove browser hijacker.

Also, you are welcome to ask questions regarding this topic in the comments section below. – malicious website from the malicious extension

We have already mentioned that is a consequence of browser extension called “Easy Weather Access”. It was produced by Polarity Technologies LTD – this company is well known for developing malicious extensions like this. We have already reviewed tools like or – both of them were developed by the same company.

The good thing is that we have a lot of experience with infections from this developer and they all work the same, thus we know how to solve the problem.

In case you didn’t install it yourself, probably came as a Easy Weather Accessbundle to some other software that you downloaded from the Internet. Bundling is a common method to distribute malware – you download some free application from the unreliable website and extension like gets added in the background.

Once added to the web browser, “Easy Weather Access” will automatically set your new tab page to That means it will appear every time you open a new tab.

This website looks exactly the same as a majority of websites produced by Polarity. It features two main things – search field and a toolbar. The toolbar is the place where they put various links. They should allow you to get promised weather forecast, yet there are other links that you don’t want to click on. Why? Because they might lead you to websites that are not reliable or even dangerous.

The same goes for the search function – you should not use it. Even though you will get redirected to Yahoo search engine, results displayed there might be customized, so yet again, you can get directed to the dangerous website.

If that is not enough, it will also track your search queries, so if some of your personal information slips in there, it can be leaked to third parties – that is very dangerous.

All in all, this is why is considered to be hijacker:

  • can get installed without your awareness;
  • makes changes to your personal settings;
  • displays advertisements;
  • promotes affiliated content;
  • might leak your personal information.

In order to get rid of it, you need to navigate to extensions menu on Google Chrome, detect “Easy Weather Access” extension and remove it.

Then, you have to get rid of files associated with this infection. It can be difficult to do manually, thus you should get yourself a decent anti-malware tool that will do it for you. We recommend to scan your system with Spyhunter – either of those applications are effective in detecting and removing infections like this.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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