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Search4Moviex is a browser extension for Chrome, which promises the convenience of data about your favorite movies which can be accessed straight from URL bar just in a few clicks. Movie fanatics may find this plugin extremely helpful, however, the problems it causes in the long-term are not worth the comfort, moreover, after taking a better look, the offered features are not that great either. If your search provider has been infected with Search4Moviex virus, you probably have made up your mind to remove it, and if not, then this article will enlighten you on why exactly it is such an ambiguous application and what can you do in order to get rid of it.

There are many red flags that allow users to question Search4Moviex extension’s motives even before adding it to Chrome, for example, Privacy Policy, displayed warning about the data altering/tracking, inevitable search engine changes and etc, but due to the absent-mindedness lots of those signs are missed. But for the lack of awareness users will have to pay in the future by sacrificing their personal security, safety, and browsing efficiency. Search4Moviex is a browser hijacker, which aims to control how and what you see on the World Wide Web so that crooks could benefit from it. It’s not only important to avoid this threat, but also crucial to eliminate it even if it compromised your browser, and here you’ll learn how. (How to Know if Someone Hijacked Your Browser)

What’s the purpose of Search4Moviex virus

Like we mentioned in the introduction, Search4Moviex is technically a browser hijacker. It gets in as a malicious extension, runs shady scrips and gains the power over your search engine, changing almost all default settings like homepage, main provider, and new tabs. This threat specifically is developed by Aztec Media company, that is not new in malware business, and has numerous of other hijackers, for example,,, and etc. Just like alternative variants Search4Moviex hijacker changes your preferred search into and sets Yahoo Search as the main provider, meaning that all content from the World Wide Web will be managed by the crooks.

Search4Moviex virus browser hijacker for chrome

The above-mentioned characteristics are most harmful to your machine, but there is another negative feature that Search4Moviex virus lightly admits doing in its Privacy Policy – data tracking, which absolutely puts your online identity at high risk. Although it says that only non-personal data is going to be collected for marketing analysis and record keeping, there is no guarantee that the company is fully honest about their actual behavior, also your browsing history of visited pages is a considerably private subject.

Aztec Media may use cookies on the Site. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies make web-surfing easier by saving preferences and browsing patterns while you are at Aztec Media’s Site. Like many Internet sites, Aztec Media uses Cookies to be able to analyze Site usage, improve content, customize the Site’s content and layout and for other customer service purposes. Aztec Media’s use of cookies is in not linked to any Personal Information. Aztec Media may automatically receive and record certain non-personally identifiable information on its server logs from your browser, including your IP address, browser type and version, internet service provider (ISP), cookie information, and the webpage that a user visits. Aztec Media collects non-personally identifiable information for general purposes, including but not limited to analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking user movements, ongoing research, and providing anonymous reporting to internal and external clients. Aztec Media will not link any Personal Information, including e-mail addresses, with aggregate data of its users.

All these features are meant to generate profit for Aztec Media company, so they could post their third-party ads excessively without being monitored. The more clicks/views/installs victims make, the greater benefits Search4Moviex virus is getting. Facing Affiliate programs, being constantly redirected, and even dealing with Additional malware can become your daily routine if you keep this hijacker. Not to mention how ineffective your online browsing will be when all the relevant results will be pushed to the very bottom by all these promotions. So we recommend deleting Search4Moviex hijacker as soon as possible.

How Search4Moviex hijacker infects browsers

To get all the authorization rights which enable major changes in the browser, Search4Moviex virus needs to first install as a plugin. This helps to prevent current antivirus from detecting the threat too. Knowing this, developers make sure that they have more than one trusted and successful distribution source. One of such techniques is placing tons of redirecting links on the internet which bring users to the Chrome Web Store where they can voluntarily install the extension. If advertising networks, websites or even other adware viruses are selected right, then the huge traffic can increase potential victims’ numbers too. According to the, more than 60% of visits to the site come from redirects such as,,,,

However, while the latter technique exposes Search4Moviex virus installation page to hundreds of thousands of users, that does not mean that they will add it to their browsers. For this reason, Search4Moviex hijacker proliferates via Bundles of other programs. Free software distributors are known to be compiling Setup Assistants of famous software with additional recommended apps, which are set by the default to enter the computer with the main program unless the user runs it in Advanced/Custom mode, which we always suggest. This is how without the separate proper warning Search4Moviex extension gets automatically added on Chrome, surprising you by appearing out of nowhere. In order to prevent this from happening, always get programs from their original sources.

How to eliminate Search4Moviex virus

Because of the strict and serious Google Chrome measures, Search4Moviex virus, just like many other malicious extensions have to be very careful in order not to be taken down and act as usual as any other reputable application. That is why Search4Moviex has its own removal option and all the performed actions are clearly stated before the setup, so the responsibility fully falls on the user. But that does not always mean that the elimination is effortless, so users who are struggling can look into our presented instructions. Fortunately, for those who don’t have the time nor the technical skills can terminate Search4Moviex extension automatically.

Search4Moviex hijacker extension removal from Chrome

Trustworthy anti-malware products, that can help you with Search4Moviex virus, are Malwarebytes, Spyhunter. They all offer free scan, so you can see which one works best for you, before proceeding with full elimination. The reason why it is beneficial to use security tool is that it can detect computer viruses which may not be visible for you or if during the by-hand removal some malicious leftover files managed to escape being deleted, anti-spyware applications will take care of them as well.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

How to remove Search4Moviex extension from Chrome

Here are the instructions on how very simply you can delete Search4Moviex extension from you Chrome. You can either access the installed plugins panel as shown below or by entering ‘chrome://extensions/’ into browser’s URL bar. Moreover, Search4Moviex virus can even be terminated by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Remove from Chrome’ option from the popped-up list. If this browser add-on has been in your system for quite a while, then we highly suggest scanning the computer with an anti-malware tool, just to make sure that no other threats managed to sneak in using your system’s vulnerable state.

TopHow To remove Search4Moviex virus from Google Chrome:

  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines icon on a browser toolbar and Select More Tools→Extensions
  • Select all malicious extensions and delete them.
    Remove extensions
  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines icon on a browser toolbar and Select Settings
    Open settings
  • Select Manage Search engines
    Manage search engines
  • Remove unnecessary search engines from the list
    Delete search engines
  • Go back to settings. On Startup choose Open blank page (you can remove undesired pages from the set pages link too).
  • If your homepage was changed, click on Chrome menu on the top right corner, select Settings. Select Open a specific page or set of pages and click on Set pages.
    Set pages
  • Delete malicious search websites at a new Startup pages window by clicking “X” next to them.
    Delete start pages

(Optional) Reset your browser’s settings

If you are still experiencing any issues related to Search4Moviex virus, reset the settings of your browser to its default settings.

  • Click on a Chrome’s menu button (three horizontal lines) and select Settings.
  • Scroll to the end of the page and click on theReset browser settings button.
    Resset settings
  • Click on the Reset button on the confirmation box.
    Reset approve

If you cannot reset your browser settings and the problem persists, scan your system with an anti-malware program.

TopHow to remove Search4Moviex virus from Google Chrome on Mac:

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Enter in the url field “chrome://extensions” address and hit Enter.
  • Find  Search4Moviex virus on the extensions list and click on the recycle bin icon next to it. Open extensions
  • Click on 'Chrome' button at the top left corner. Select 'Preferences' on a drop-down menu box.Open preferences
  • Find 'Search' options on Settings tab. If your search engine is changed, click 'Manage Search Engines' and set your preferred search engine. Set search engine preferences
  • On the same page find 'Show home button' checkbox and change your homepage. Show home button
(Optional) Reset your browser’s settings If you are still experiencing any issues related to Search4Moviex virus, reset the settings of your browser to its default settings.
  • On the 'Preferences' menu window, scroll down to the bottom and find 'Reset settings' button. Click it. Reset settings
  • Confirm your selection and click 'Reset' on the following window. Reset settings approve
If you cannot reset your browser settings and the problem persists, scan your system with an anti-malware program.
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