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RegProTech is a PUP advertised as spyware removal and computer optimization tool from Flexera Software LLC.  Regardless of all the sugar coated qualities of this security software, it is not a secret that RegProTech is just another unwanted rogue program like SafePCKit, PC Cleanup 2018 or Avanced System Care, trying to benefit from unaware pc users.

RegProTech toolkit PUP

When most of us hear words “potentially unwanted program (PUP)” our mind automatically starts bringing images of various unnecessary search engines, toolkits, scanning, registry clean up programs and etc, that at least once in a lifetime have been installed accidentally by forgetting to uncheck the little ‘install these recommended programs’ box while setting up some updates or other software into our computer.

RegProTech, despite its adaptive spyware detection and malware removal functions, ironically is one of these PUP ‘bad boys’ itself. Basically it is not a very dangerous, operating system modifying programs, but it has some qualities to be considered as an unwanted rogue software.

RegProTech – A Phenomenal Cure-All Toolkit or just another Hoax?

First concerning thing about RegProTech is the way it gets into your computer. Some users see misleading Flexera Software advertisements online and decide to download RegProTech thinking that this free pc speed up/malware removal software is going to be a useful tool, but unfortunately the greater number of installs happen without user consciously choosing this program. RegProTech can get into user’s operating system as a part of free software bundle downloaded from the internet. When you forget to uncheck optional program installation box, RegProTech makes its way into your pc and starts showing off by scanning the system immediately.

The main problem with RegProTech system optimization and spyware removal tool is a false detection of registry issues or malware. Not only this program is useless at finding malicious threats or system’s errors but it also adjusts the scan results to make it seem like your computer is in serious danger and needs a full system cleanse which is only possible if you purchase the complete premium RegProTech version. Needless to say, most likely your computer is fine and doesn’t need any super tool to fix it, and even if it does RegProTech’s premium version is not going to help you.

In a nutshell, RegProTech pretends to scan your system, shows false errors which gives users a good amount of shock discovering how ‘vulnerable’ their system, but then calms you down by offering to fix it all with their full product version (which is not free, of course). Having this type of PUP is like playing Casino Slots app games, where you have to keep pressing buttons with no actual outcome, but in this case there is no level up, you pay real money and it is far less satisfying. Even the product’s price looks fraudulent – $99.99 for a year of unlimited use.

There is not much discussion needed whether to keep this program or not. If you are still doubting look at the analysis on RegProTech. After running the main RegProTech installation set up file Virus Total showed 9 great trusted antivirus programs detecting it as a malicious PUP.  Clearly there is no need to waste your computer space, money and nerves for such tool.

RegProTech totalvirus analysis

The good part about RegProTech is that it is fairly easy to remove. Since it is not a persistent, registry modifying, hidden malware you can simply go to the Control Panel, then pick Add/Remove Programs section, find RegProTech on a list with other programs and then simply click Uninstall. This should remove this unpleasant surprise you most likely got as a part of other installation. If you feel like you do need a program to restore files, remove spyware and protect your system, we recommend our tested products Spyhunter and Malwarebytes. They have all crucial functions you need for malware detection, system clean-up and file restore, but the best part is that they detect real threats, have been in the business for long enough to earn trust from users and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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