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Maxdatafeed is a browser hijacker that enters computers through other programs that a user is downloading by himself. As soon as it gets inside, the program makes few changes in your browser settings. The application changes your homepage to and replaces your default search engine too. When you open a new tab, it will also open

As already mentioned above, the program uses other software to get access to computers. Basically it comes bundled with various players and other applications that you can download from the Internet for free. When you install any applications, you should always pay attention if it offers any other tools to be downloaded. If you don’t recognize them, you should never agree to install them. Usually you can choose what extra programs to download at one of the last steps of installations.

Although Maxdatafeed doesn’t damage your system and it is not considered to be a malware program, it is very annoying and it disturbs your work on computer. The programs brings lots of advertisements that are displayed while you are browsing. Also it collects information about what websites you are visiting and then uses this data for marketing purposes.

You are highly recommended to remove Maxdatafeed once you detect it on your system. To do this go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs and uninstall anything related to Maxdatafeed. You might also check your add-ons and delete any unfamiliar browser extensions from all the Internet browsers installed including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you do not know enough about software to go about deleting files in the operational folders of your computer, we recommend using antimalware tools like Spyhunter. Scan your computer and the program will find any threads and remove them. Upgrading your security tool to its newest version is essential in order to get rid of every single threat.

Automatic Maxdatafeed removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove Maxdatafeed , such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


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