Your Mac Might Be Infected! Scam - How to remove

“Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam is a fraudulent message, stating that your Mac device is infected with viruses. It is similar to fake alerts like “Warning! Windows may be infected” or “Internet Security Alert! Code: 055BCCAC9FEC”. Such scams use warnings to convince people to contact fake tech support. Technical support scams usually exploit malware in the form of script files which can show a variety of fake security notifications. In addition to that, the scripts might also display your browser on full-screen and lock your browser (Tech support scams).

“Your Mac Might Be Infected!” fake alert will urge you to download a potentially malicious program

The “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam will urge you to download an unknown program. Hackers use fear tactics to trick people into thinking that their computer devices need serious attention. In order to do this, scammers claim that the only thing that can help is the promoted software (How to Identify a Tech Support Scam). However, these programs have no resources and features that will actually help your protect your Mac from malware. In some cases, after clicking the “download” button, you will receive a malicious file. It could be a ransomware infection, or another type of malware.

It might seem that “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” security notification is legitimate, but you should never trust random pop-ups. Technical support scams have the potential to be very devastating especially since more and more people are becoming concerned about their computer devices. Therefore, if they encounter messages like “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam, people could believe them and seek for help. However, the assistance might be received from a unreliable source: the creators of the fake notification.

Once you notice this “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam, it might be that your browser will be put on a full screen mode. In addition to that, you won’t be able to close the window. It would appear that the only way to close the pop-up is to download the required program. However, you should kill the browser process. This will prevent further damage, but won’t fix the issues that your operating system might be facing. We are referring to the fact that this technical support pop-up might have been triggered by an adware or a Trojan infection Trojan infection. Therefore, you must run a scan with an anti-malware tool to figure out the truth.

In addition to that, “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam can also be fatal to your privacy. If the pop-up infects you with spyware, it will track your online activities, steal your personally-identifiable information and might even reach your banking account details. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do not click on this deceptive message.

“Mac is immune to viruses”

That is a common cliche that should be removed from public opinion. Long time ago it was at least relatively correct, but time flies and everything changes. Yes, Mac computers are a lot less vulnerable in regards of getting infected with rogue tools or ransomware, but malware like this (based on browser add-on) can infect any system, because its’ primary target is not a computer, but web browser.

If you are operating a common web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, regardless of OS you are using, it can be infected with malware.

Why is this “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam displayed on my screen?

As we have mentioned, this fake message might have been caused by a malicious infection which is already influencing your computer. However, the “Your Mac Might Be Infected!” scam will not address this issue and will only make the matters worse. Instead of having one virus, you will end up with two or more. This can severely damage your computer device, lock your files, spy on your online activities or show even more deceptive advertisements. To make sure that this does not happen, do not respond to technical support scams and do now download software from unreliable sources.

Lastly, please remember that scanning your device with an anti-malware tool will have great benefits. It will reveal whether your operating system features any type of malicious infections. If it does, Combo Cleaner will help you get rid of them in no time. In addition to that, you will be able to keep track of your device and protect your privacy from snooping. On the other hand, if you remember installing a suspicious freeware application, it is best to delete it from application list.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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