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King Translate is a translating software that lately many computer users have reported as an unwanted application. It was designed by Koyote-Lab Inc. The reason why the program is being reported is because of a bunch of problems it brings to the users. First of all, it infiltrates into computers without any warning. Usually, it is added to some legitimate application and uses simply don’t notice downloading it.

Once inside, King Translate modifies your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome settings. It changes your homepage (usually to and also replaces your default search provider. This is not only irritating but can bring up other issues. Your searches becomes less effective as the program tends to add plenty of sponsored websites to your search results. What is even worse, King Translate can record your activity on the Internet. It can easily get access to your login information (including your passwords), your IP address, the websites you are visiting and so on. Revealing this information can compromise your security and for this reason it is recommended to remove King Translate.

If you want to avoid installing useless applications like this one, you are are highly recommended to be more careful with your downloads that you get from the Internet for free. Always check if the program offers downloading additional components. Very often they are installed automatically if you don’t deselect this option at the steps of installation of the main program.

Remove King Translate from your computer if you have noticed its behavior on your system. We recommend following removal steps that we provide below if you want to do it quickly and easily:

  1. Try uninstalling King Translate. You should go to Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list, locate the application there and remove it. If you do not see King Translate, use Spyhunter, it will detect any browser hijackers and adware that might have come with King Translate or might have been hidden/saved under another name. Additionally, hijackers might have installed software that prevents browser settings from being changed. Such software ranges from legitimate on to trojan – based only. Make sure you scan your PC with anti-malware programs or your browser settings might revert to hijacked ones
  2. Check if there is no King Translate left among browser extensions:
    • For Internet Explorer: Go to “Tools” (or gear icon in Internet Explorer 9), -> “Manage Add-ons”. Look for King Translate and disable these entries.
    • For Google Chrome: Click on the wrench or bars icon on the top right of the screen; go to “Tools”-> “Extensions”. If you see any extensions related to King Translate, click on a trash can icon next to them.
    • For Mozilla Firefox: Go to “Tools” -> “Add-ons” -> “Extensions”. If you see any extensions related to King Translate, disable them.
  3. If your home page is still King Translate, remove it manually:
    • For Internet Explorer go to Tools ->Internet Options. Remove King Translate and replace it with your preferred webpage.
    • For Google Chrome click on the Customize icon -> Settings. Click Set Pages under the startup. Remove King Translate and replace it with your preferred webpage.
    • For Mozilla Firefox go to Tools -> Options (or click Firefox in the top left corner and click Options). Under the General tab remove King Translate and replace it with your preferred home page.
  4. If your search engine is still King Translate, reset it to the one you prefer:
    • For Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Manage Add Ons -> .Search Providers, Select Google or Bing as default engine and remove the King Translate search engine from the list.
    • For Google Chrome go to the customize icon (wrench or 3 bars) -> Settings -> Manage search engines -> select a new search engine as the default one -> click X next to King Translate to remove it.
    • For Mozilla Firefox, click on the search magnify glass icon near the search box, click Manage Search Engines. Remove the King Translate from the list of search providers by highlighting the selections and clicking Remove. Alternatively, you might have to perform these steps:
      • Enter “about:config” in url bar. This will open settings page
      • Type “Keyword.url” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
      • Type “” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
      • Type “” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
      • Search for ‘browser.newtab.url’. Right-click and reset. This will make sure that the search page won’t launch on each new tab.

If you did not scan your computer with Spyhunter in the first step, it is recommended to perform a full system scan after all the steps are completed. It will ensure all the remains of King Translate are removed as well as any viruses that might have infected your system while this browser hijacker was active.

Automatic King Translate removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure

Manual removal


Important Note: Although it is possible to manually remove King Translate, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Reimage or other tools found on


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